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Bonus Chapter: When we met

"Why do you stay with them?" the knight asked, "I mean… if they treat you badly, why don't you leave?"

'Treat me badly?' Lelouch wondered. He could recall the night he had met C.C. and her little blonde companion V.V. only too well. He had been what? Ten? And Nunally even younger.


It was nearly pitch black. The storm clouds that had been hanging overhead all day had finally made good on their threat and rain poured down in a steady rhythm. The dim glow of a nearby street lamp was the only source of illumination.

Only a faint glow reached the narrow alleyway where two small figures hid. The light cast a slight glare on rain slicked raven colored hair. Huddled in the shadow of a rusting dumpster, a small frail looking boy allowed himself to be drenched. He sat crouched over a small bundle cradled in his arms. Wrapped in the ragged blanket he'd been lucky enough to find, was a small girl with ash blonde hair. The older boy was trying to keep the rain from getting the sleeping girl.

The boy however was far from sleep. Despite his age, the boy's mind could rival any college professor's. At the moment his mind was working full speed trying to find a way out of the predicament the two were in.

Going back was completely out of the question. Go back and what? Stay with Schneizel? No, even with Aunt Euphemia there, Schneizel wasn't going to let a couple of kids disturb the quiet life he'd made for himself. He knew Schneizel would just ship them off to separate boarding schools; somewhere overseas, no doubt. Lelouch wasn't going to allow his brother to separate him from Nunally.

Clovis? No. The artist had been out of touch with the family for years. Ever since his confrontation with their father over his sexuality and had been abruptly thrown out. Lelouch almost laughed. 'Don't have to worry about dad now, Clovis.' He thought.

Cornelia? He brought that to a screeching halt. She'd take them back to Schneizel to score points with Euphemia. Besides, who needed to be nagged at for running away the entire way back?

Lelouch carefully went through his options. He went through them again and came up with the same thing- nothing. 'Damn.' He cursed, 'What do we do? I can't let Nunally down. I'm all she's got now, but damn I need help!'

His head snapped up as snow white stilettos stopped in front of him with a harsh clack. The rain that had been pelting him relentlessly now disappeared. His intense violet eyes were met with equally intense gold ones.

The owner of said eyes was also wearing a white business suit. Lelouch recognized her because of her unusual green hair. She had passed by earlier but the boy had only spared her a quick glance and she him. The boy had also noticed a blonde haired boy following her.

Now this woman was holding her umbrella over him. The blonde boy was standing a few feet away looking impatient under his own umbrella. Lelouch could only stare at the woman. If she decided to call the authorities there was no way he could out run her.

"You look like the wrath of god is going to come down on you." The woman stated in an emotionless voice. "Shouldn't a kid like you be at home?" Lelouch was silent. "Cat got your tongue?" she asked. Violet eyes hardened in a glare.

"What does it matter to you?" he asked. He didn't trust this woman.

"It doesn't."She stated in a matter-of-fact way, "You just seem like you could use a hand." She said extending her own hand. Lelouch's eyes widened. His thoughts were spinning and each one was tainted with suspicion. Was this lady for real? Why was she willing to help him?

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt the small girl in his arms shift in her sleep. He glanced down at the girl that had put her trust in him. Even in this dim lighting he could make out her sweet heart shaped face, framed by ash blonde hair. In his mind he could see her deep indigo eyes sparkling with the innocence of youth. Now he could just make out gold dusted eyelashes fluttering slightly as she dreamed. Nunally was counting on him.

Lelouch glanced up at the woman still holding her hand out. He took a deep breath, reached out his own hand, and took it.



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