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bigger the moon

if we don't succeed we run the risk of failure

Russ likes football. Really.

He likes the throwing and the catching and the running and the slamming into people. He likes the strategy and the energy and the brutality. He doesn't mind the long practices or getting knocked down or the fact that the coach is a prick.

But eventually he gets sick of waiting so he peels his ass off the bench and leaves because Russ knows that if you aren't winning, you're losing and he hates, hates, hates to lose.

Russ is his father's son.

you can pick your nose but you can't pick your family

He wishes Nick Szalinsky was his brother.

Ron is athletic and tall and pushy. He breaks windows and gets into fights and lifts weights without being forced. He likes fishing and camping. Ron is not a disappointment.

He shouldn't have to live up to his younger brother but he does and it sucks. And he can't help but think that if it was Nick, if Nick was his brother, if Nick was the one he was being compared to . . .

He'd look like freaking Hercules.

necessity is the mother of invention

Amy is soaking wet, covered in mud, and still the prettiest girl he knows. She's also not breathing.

This is a problem.

It isn't a problem he's particularly equipped to solve. Russ has never performed artificial respiration before. He's never even taken a class. He's seen it on TV, like, once but that's going to have to be enough because it's all he's got and it's not like anyone else is leaping into action.

It's enough.

He's too busy feeling lucky to feel like a hero.

dogs are the best people

In the end it's Quark that saves them.

He hears them when no one else can, carries them into the house, and keeps Nick from getting eaten. No one else seems to recognize just how important the dog is to their rescue. They fawn over Mr. Szalinsky's machine, scratch the terrier behind the ears, and move on.

Russ brings him a treat every time he visits until the day Quark dies.

size (really) doesn't matter

. . . but it's not like he's say no to a few more inches.

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