He was always following me. Talking my ear off about whatever popped into his little head. He was chock full of questions, begging me to answer them. When ever I'd shoo him away or say something rude, he always looked at me with his big, round, eyes and smile. Dispite everything I did, he was always smiling at me. Dispite everything I did to him, all the hurtful things I said, he always came back. Nothing would keep him away. It was weird really, the more of that smile I saw, the more I wanted it to stay. He's a cry baby though, constantly running to me when ever he's upset. Always hidding behind me in battle, shouting for me when the enemy gets too close. I always rush to his aid, putting my life on the line for him. When did I start doing that? I need only look our for me and yet, the very thought of him getting hurt sickens me. He feels to young to be on the battle field, but he is more advanced with a bow then men with twice his experence. For all his childishness, he is reliable. When an arrow needs to be shot, he's got one ready to go. His aim is true and he doesn't shy from battle. He is loyal and brings cheer to the unit. He contributes nothing to battle tactic, but he is sweet, sweeter then any wine in all of France. 'Colette' drives me insane, but my day does not feel complete unless I hear him call it.

When, I ask myself, did I fall so hard for Marcel?