He's always so serius, keeping his inner thoughts to himself. Rarly have I ever seen him smile and it makes me sad to think there is something preventing him from doing it. He is quite rude and tends to hit me a lot, but he doesn't treat anyone else that way. I find myself looking forward to his special actions towards me. Dispite all the times he tells me he doesn't like me or to go away, he always lets me hang around him. He maybe harsh, but he listens to my every word and answers whatever questions I may have. He pushes others away, but allows me to be beside him. When ever I'm in danger, he always comes to my rescue even at great risks to himself. He's very intelagent, but keeps his mouth shut, a hiden sence of self doubt. Even though he dislikes his nickname, he still comes to it. He's so brave, running to the front lines to lay down bridges or raze ladders. His skills are like no others. He maynot be the strongest, but his speed is matched by non and the joy I see on his face when he's out smart an enemy will forever be ingraved in my memories. Not the warmest of people, he does try to comfort me in his own round about way, truly the only way he knows how.

I have never second guessed myself for I've known since the day we met, that I loved Colette.