So, this is something a little different I thought I'd try. It's three different stories, kinda like a series of three oneshots, all of them taking place after the episode Home, featuring various characters. This first chapter is just the introduction, with the end scene of the episode, so I'll post this and the next chapter at once, which will be of Kurt and Finn talking about the situation with their parents. The next one will be a Brittana, cause they're just too cute, finishing with one of Rachel and Quinn bonding, cause that's certainly missing on the show! I hope you like it! Let me know, ok? ^^

Disclaimer: I don't own the show or any of the characters. If I did, that thing would be even gayer than it already is! =D

Find My Way Home

Quinn sang, she sang with all her heart, along with the Glee Club and April. They sang about having a new home. Home. Just as Kurt had sang about that same week. As she did, her thoughts inevitably took a direction she had been trying to avoid since before Sectionals. This time, though, it was almost impossible to escape. The word, and its meaning, were everywhere.

She looked over at Mercedes as they sang, and it felt so good to see her smiling back. The blonde knew she had made a difference, maybe for the first time, she was on the right path, helping the people who had helped her every step of the way since she had become an outcast. She felt closer to them now. They were like her family. And that meant a lot, considering, she didn't really have one now.

As they kept singing, she felt Brittany's hand reaching for hers, and held it. The cheerleader gave it a light squeeze and smiled her way, understanding exactly what the song meant to her.

People saw Brittany as the typical dumb blonde cheerleader, and the girl never gave them any reason to think differently as she talked about dolphins being gay sharks or ballads being male ducks. But as a friend, she was probably better than the rest of the Glee Club combined. And that said a lot, since they were all amazing friends.

Mr. Schue had tears in his eyes by the time they were done. None of them were surprised by that fact anymore. By now, they even looked for new ways to surprise their teacher, and make him proud of them, knowing they would always touch him deeply with their efforts. He spoke, and thanked April one more time for the amazing gesture, and then he went home. He would definitely sleep a little better that day, and not only because April wouldn't be there to kick him all night long, but mostly because that moment gave him strength to hope for something better, even though he wasn't sure what.

Kurt caught up with Mercedes as she ate a sandwich, the boy looking upset and in need of his trusted friend. Finn looked from a distance, almost positive of the reason his classmate was feeling that way. Taking a look at Rachel and Jesse and deciding hurting her was enough of a mistake, he took it to himself to be a better and more mature person, and face things head on. He did feel bad about Kurt, but there was just something when they were talking, something he felt from the other guy, that made him uncomfortable, and kept him from becoming too close with him. Still, didn't mean he wanted him to get hurt.

Artie and Tina soon left too, giggling about something Matt and Mike had been talking about on their way out. Rachel and Jesse, who suddenly seemed to move and do everything as one single person, tried to catch up with Mr. Schue as soon as the boy came up with what they thought was a brilliant idea for a new number.

Finally, Puck, noticing he was the only guy left at the auditorium, said a quick goodbye to the girls and was about to give Quinn a kiss when he noticed April leaving and followed her out unceremoniously, for no other purpose other than to look at her ass as she walked to her brand new convertible. Quinn simply rolled her eyes, too tired to keep arguing with him, or even to care about it. She had something else in her mind, that bothered her way deeper than her so-called boyfriend.

"Q?" Brittany called softly, taking her from her daze, "Come on", she motioned her head to the door, where Santana waited for them. "Let's go home."