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"Let's go home."

Brittany's words stung deeply, almost causing me to break down right there in front of her. It was as if the word followed me everywhere now, and no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't escape anymore.

Sitting on the floor with my legs hanging at the end of the stage, facing the empty chairs where Mr. Schue stood ten minutes ago, I spoke, "I think I'll stay a while longer."

I didn't know why I had said it, and staying there by myself surely wouldn't make anything better, but I felt like I needed the time before I went back to her place. A place I had been welcome with no conditions or restrictions, a place I felt good and cared about, but it was still someone else's room, someone else's family. Someone else's home.

She sat by my side and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, allowing me to lean my head on hers. "It'll get better with time."

I sighed, "I hope so."

"You want me to stay with you?"

I allowed a small smile to show on my lips. "Thanks, but it's fine. Plus, I think Santana's waiting for you", I pointed at the other cheerleader with my head.


When I nodded and pulled away from her, she stared at me for another moment before handing me her car keys. "Here, I'll drive with her, you take my car."

I thanked her again and she left with Santana, leaving me now officially alone in the huge room. Minutes passed in the most absolute silence, until I got up and, still looking forward, closed my eyes and opened my mouth to sing. I needed the comfort, I needed to say it, even if no one would hear.

Don't blame your daughter
That's just sentimental
And don't blame your mom
For all that you've done wrong

Your dad is not guilty
You came out a little faulty
And the factory closed
So you can't hold them liable

The words poured out, and for once I barely felt like I had to pay attention to my voice, how it sounded or if it was in tune. I sang by myself, with no instruments, but in my head I could hear the rhythm, the beats. For the chorus, I nearly screamed the words.

And the song you sing today
Wasn't always in your head
The words you're trying to say
Are the ones you shouldn't have said

They're glistening like diamonds
Go out and find them
But don't blame your daughter

Singing the last words, I instinctively brought my hands to my growing stomach, where the little girl got bigger and bigger each day. I wondered if I would ever have the courage to do to her what my parents had done to me. Not that I would keep her, I didn't have any condition to do so, especially now, but it didn't keep me from wondering.

Read me your tombstone
Tell me your story, fax me your will
You owe some something, still

Again, the last part was sung with even more emotion. I wanted to scream that to my parents, I wanted to hate them for taking me away from my room, from the only home I'd ever known, for pretending I was never a part of their family. I wanted to hate them so much, but I simply missed it all. I wanted to go to my mom while she read on her bed and curl up against her and have her hold me, like she used to when I was a kid. I wanted my dad to take me in his arms and spin me on air until I felt dizzy. I missed them.

And the song you sing today
Wasn't always in your head
The words you're trying to say
Are the ones you shouldn't have said

My voice died out, until there was only silence again. There was no reason in keeping the tears from falling, it was just me. Or at least I thought so. One quick turn to reach for my backpack and I saw her, looking something between guilty for being there and scared that I would freak out about it. I didn't react, at first.

"I… I forgot my jacket", she pointed to it across the stage, on one of the chairs, as if to prove she was telling the truth, and walked on that direction. I nodded in silence, unsure of what to say.

"I was just leaving", I said it at last, grabbing my things and leaving as fast as I could.

"Quinn…" her voice was quiet, but it made me stop, take a deep breath and turn around.

She was holding Brittany's car keys. "Thanks", I whispered as I took them in a quick motion and headed back outside.

I was halfway through the car when I heard her hurried steps after me.

"What, Rachel?" I turned around, the exhaustion from the day finally catching up to me.

The brunette was taken aback, but only for a moment. "Are you ok? Because you seemed so…"

"I'm great. Why wouldn't I be, right?" I replied sarcastically, already used to taking out my frustration on her.

"You were singing to your parents in there, weren't you? And you're crying, so I take it that they're not taking it too well", she bit her lower lip, risking to get into the subject, "Sure, I don't think any parent would be completely ok, and things must be weird at your place, but I'm sure that once they have a chance to…"

"They kicked me out, ok?" I yelled, with the sole reason that I wanted her to shut up once and for all. She opened her mouth but, in a moment that was probably a first in the history of the universe, Rachel Berry had no words.

"They… they did that? How could they…?"

"Didn't seem like the hardest thing for them. Their perfect daughter is suddenly not so perfect. It's way easier to pretend they don't have a daughter anymore than actually deal with it", I shrugged my shoulders, trying, with no success, to pretend this didn't affect me as much anymore. "It's been months now", the words came out to show that it was old news, and make her understand that I just needed to go.

"And we've been singing about home the entire week", she spoke more to herself than to me, but it surprised me that she had gotten what this was about faster than any other person could. "And you've been staying with Brittany?" she asked, pointing to the car as I nodded.

"Now, yeah. I was with Finn until…" I stopped dead, remembering she was the reason he had found out it wasn't his baby. It wasn't my intention to make her feel guilty about it. That was in the past, it didn't matter anymore. Besides, I knew I had brought it all on myself when I started the lie. What happened with Finn was my own fault more than hers, and I had come to terms with it long ago.

Her eyes widened as realization hit her, and I could see her swallowing hard. "Quinn, if I had known, I would never… I swear, it wasn't even my business to begin with, and I'm so sorry…"

"I meant what I said that day, Rachel. You just did what I was too much of a coward to do. I was the one who lied, and the truth always comes out. If you hadn't said it, he would find out eventually, one way or another."

"Why didn't you say anything? To anyone?"

"What's the point?" I risked a small laugh, "Tina would want to beat my parents up, Kurt would take me to the mall for a shopping spree, Mercedes would try to make me see the bright side of it, and you… you'd probably corner my dad when he got off work or something, and talk the hell out until he would agree to have me back only to avoid a migraine."

"Well, I most certainly would at least…" she started in all seriousness, but soon relaxed when she saw me smiling in triumph, anticipating the huge ramble she was about to start.

"Told ya."

We both laughed softly, easing the tension considerably. "They shouldn't have done that. I mean, we all make mistakes", she was back to her serious self now.

"And that's ok with them, as long as it's a mistake they can hide and sweep under the carpet", I rolled my eyes, "This", I continued, pointing at the bump, "is a little hard to hide. I'm fine, really", I assured her when she kept staring at me.

"That would be a lot more convincing if you weren't shaking since I saw you singing."

I immediately hid my hands behind me, cursing myself for not noticing.

"You shouldn't drive like that. Can I at least… drive you to Brittany's? We live in the same neighborhood anyway, I can leave you there and walk home", she seemed to stop herself at the mention of the word, "Come on", she insisted when I didn't give an answer, "Let me try to make up for leaving you homeless for the second time in one month", she said it in a playful tone that made me smile instead of the usual knot on my throat every time the subject was approached.

I threw the keys at her. "Fine, but… I pick the music", she started whining, but I kept my serious head cheerleader face, which means no discussion, and she slumped her shoulders in defeat.

The drive was actually fun, with both of us singing whichever song came up on the radio, and forgetting everything else for a few minutes.

"Thanks", I said truthfully when she turned the car off and handed me the keys, "You're not… that bad", I admitted, causing her to roll her eyes in amusement.

"Wow! Coming from you, that's like saying I'm your best friend", she grinned.

"See? You're almost making me take that back already!"

"So close!" Rachel closed her eyes in a dramatic manner, making me laugh. "Seriously, though. If you need anything I… just tell me where your dad works and I'll take care of it."

I couldn't help laughing, but also feeling so thankful. Rachel could be a pain in the ass, but the girl had her heart in the right place. "Good night, Berry."

"Good night", with one last smile, she left. I closed the car and walked into Brit's house, and was immediately welcome by her mom with a hug. Feeling that maybe I was luckier than I thought, I figured things could get better, after all.

The world is full of diamonds
Go out and find them
But don't blame your daughter

Song: Don't Blame Your Daughter, by The Cardigans.