O.M.G. How come NCIS never loses its ability to amaze me?

Though this particular intriguing twist is quite convenient and quite coincidental. I don't frigging care. I just don't.

These are my ... feelings? I don't know. This happened when I opened Word...


Pull the trigger. Fire.


He still remembers. How could he not?

One bullet, one gun, one dead. For two people.

And looking into her eyes, he knows Abby knows, too.

"Will you still love me?" she's asking, and for a moment his heart constricts for her childlike naiveté yet mature logic, and she reminds him of people he has lost, who he will never recover.

Who he's killed for.

The answer doesn't need words. He looks at her and knows she'll know, too, what he feels for her.

They are close. Their relationship is familial and amical, yet so different from any other he has.

She truly is like his daughter, and when he first met her –his mind flashes back for a moment– he knew he would need someone like that.

A woman, with a warm heart and never-ending enthusiasm for life.

Like Shannon. Like Kelly.

And though they can never be replaced –and he would never attempt to– Abby comes close to a daughter.

There are others – have been others– who are dear to him, women he feels the need to protect and take care of.

But not like Abby. She has an innocence he would never want her to lose.

And here, tonight, she is losing it bit by bit.