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Haku rushed to get in the way of Kakashi's attack, thus throwing away her life. As she turned away Naruto saw tears of longing and sadness.

No. Haku. I can't let her throw her life away like this. He held sound determination in his eyes. "I. Will. Protect. Them. ALL!" With each word he spoke while he ran after her time seemed to slow down until everything seemed to be standing still. Including Naruto.

"What is your desire?" A soothing female voice asked.

"M-Me?" Naruto asked.

"What is your desire?" The voice asked again.

Naruto paused for a second thinking. His answer came straight from his heart. "I want the strength to be able to protect everyone who is precious to me. That's all I've ever wanted asides from being accepted."

"Your desire shall be yours. But there is a price." The voice said.

"Name it. I would give up my very life for them." He said without any hesitation.

"Your humanity."

"W-What would I be then?" Naruto asked in a shaky voice.

"A half-breed. Just as your ancestors were and you were meant to be." The answer came in a humored tone.

"I don't care. So long as I can keep them safe I would become the devil himself." Naruto said.

The voice was then replaced by another. A man with silver white hair appeared before him. He wore a purple coat that reached the back of his knees that was open at the front showing the black vest and white blouse. His pants were black with soft black leather boots reaching to just below his knees. Over one eye was a monocle which gave him an air of sophistication.

Naruto became unfrozen and looked at the man before him. "W-Who are you?" He asked.

The man before him laughed. "Quite simple my boy. I am your great grandfather. I am here from the afterlife to grant you the power you need and awaken your true bloodline."

"But what is your name?" Naruto asked feeling a sense of comfort around the man.

"My name, and your true last name, Naruto, is Sparda." Sparda cut open the end of his index finger and reached forward. He then drew a star design with several unknown runes upon Naruto's forehead in his blood while chanting in a guttural language. Finally he shouted to the heavens. "I Sparda name you as the last of my clan as your father before you. And to you I give all the power our family once possessed." He then looked at Naruto. "Kid, this is going to hurt. A lot." He faded away into the afterlife again.

Naruto collapsed to the ground of the time-locked Land of Wave. His hair began to get longer as its color faded to a silver gold. His face lost all of the fat it once had and the whisker marks became more feral looking and thicker, yet allowing a look of rugged maturity. Every molecule of his body was screaming in agony as his bones were crushed and his muscles withered almost to nothing. Then the real pain began for him.

Soon his bones knit themselves back together with even more density and length. His muscles rebuilt themselves and filled the larger frame of the boy. His right forearm began to coat itself in a blue and red scale and what seemed like bone. His palm and joints were left uncovered and became a glowing white. Finally his mind caught up with the pain he had just experienced and his now ice blue eyes snapped open and a blood curdling scream clawed its way out of his throat.

As he stood up panting he noticed that his orange jumpsuit was tattered and torn from the waist up. Naruto Uzumaki was dead. Now he was Naruto Sparda. His mind moved at a faster pace now which helped him decide what he would do.

As time started up again Naruto rushed to where Kakashi and Zabuza were fighting and where Haku was about to have an arm thrust through her chest. The surprised looks on both of their faces became shock. Haku's face also turned to shock as the arm that would have taken her life was now sticking out of Naruto's chest. The smile he gave her was one that was bloodied.

Kakashi, Sakura, Zabuza, Tazuna and Haku all gasped and gawked in horror. "N-Naruto? Why?" Haku asked the question going through everyone's mind.

The first person to break from their shock was Haku. Her hand found its way shakily to Naruto's face. Her tears flowed freely. "Why would you give up your life for a person you hardly know?"

Kakashi removed his hand with a sickening squelching sound before Naruto began talking. "It's because," He coughed "I know the look of a person who feels alone. I was just like you at one time."

He paused as the hole in his body began to heal and closed before everyone's eyes causing more shock and confusion. "But I also swore to my ancestor that I would protect those precious to me." He whispered so that only Haku heard him say the next part. "I even gave up my humanity for that purpose."

The group was caught off guard by the sound of clapping. They looked around and finally noticed there was a large group of about two hundred mercenaries in front of short man in a purple suit. "It seems that you failed to kill the old man. Oh well I wasn't planning on paying you anyway." He smiled sadistically then. "Kill the men but bring me the women. They will make for fine slaves and whores."

As the men moved forward Zabuza yelled at the short man. "I'm going to kill you Gato you short little fuck."

Kakashi pushed Naruto and Haku behind him. "You think you can really kill us? You have another thing coming."

Naruto glared at the group of men. He stepped around Kakashi and Zabuza. "I will never let you touch them." He growled and snarled at them. "Naruto Uzumaki died so that those he cares for would be protected. I have been reborn." Holding up his right arm he tore the fabric off revealing the change to all there. "My name is Naruto Sparda."

Kakashi and Zabuza both gasped hearing that name. "That's not possible." Kakashi said. "That clan was destroyed in the first Great Shinobi War."

"That's what all the historians say." Zabuza agreed. "But then how does that explain the kids arm and appearance?"

"Enough talking. A big bonus for anyone who brings me that brats head." Gato screeched.

Naruto's eyes narrowed. He held his right hand out as if to grasp something. "Heed my call and come to me your new master. I summon you forth from the bowels of the demon realm. With my name I bond you once more to my line. My name is Naruto SRARDA!"

There was a bright flash light that blinded everyone. When the flash died everyone stood in awe or fear as twenty-four spheres of light orbited Naruto before entering his body. Naruto smirked and clutched his hand and a large crescent blade sword that was at least six feet from end to end appeared in his grasp. "BOO!" He said and all of the men Gato hired ran screaming in fear.

Gato himself made a move to run away also but was shocked when he turned around and ran right into Naruto. "Please show mercy." He pleaded.

"Why? So you can find another place to settle your fat little ass down and rape kill and imprison even more people?" Naruto's voice was filled with venom. "No. I think not." With that he cut the man in half and kicked him off the bridge.