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He gets four Zanpakutos. He will get four because he gets one from Yamato no Orochi, one from his father that is a special Zanpakuto the gets transferred by descendants, one he gets by almost dying but his chakra creates one for him, and the Kyuubi gives him as her powers will be transferred will be transferred to him.

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CH. 1: What is in the Scroll?

Konohagakure No Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves was sleeping peacefully. All except the ninjas. A shadowy image of a person was running tree to tree. The person had blonde hair, ocean blue eyes that can go deep than the ocean. He had a hideous orange jumpsuit. It had a white fluff around the neck with pockets everywhere it had a blue stripe going up the leg of the jumpsuit. On his left shoulder there is a swirl that went around 9 times. On his back he had the same symbol as on his shoulder.

His face was that of child with the baby fat still there. On each side of his face there were three lines. They were his whiskers. He had a foxy looking smile. Under his arm was a huge scroll. It said the Forbidden Scroll. His name is Naruto Uzumaki. He is twelve years old with a SS-Class secret that everyone who is 22 and older knows about.

He was the container of Kyuubi no Kitsune no Yoko also known as the Nine Tailed Fox. He has been beaten and hospitalized over 100 times before the age of 6. That was just the beatings. He has been poisoned, burned, almost drowned. He has had worse but it is too painful of a memory that his mind repressed it.

Naruto has become their release of their frustration. Some did it because they lost their loved ones due to the attack. Some did it because they were afraid that the Kyuubi would break free and attack again. Another group did it because they thought they could finish what their great leader could not. The others did it because they wanted to be heroes like slaying a dragon or some monster. So Naruto was the perfect target for their goals.

Yet Naruto was not a weak person. No, no he was very determined person. He wants to be the Hokage (Fire Shadow) or the leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He had a big problem. Since he was young only a very few would train him. Even that was limited. When he went to stores they would give him blunt kunai for almost triple the price. Some even kicked him out of stores when he tried to get some food. He like ramen yes but even he had a limit but ramen was all he could afford. Naruto had a pretty bad life but he always had this mask of Happiness to get back at them.

He was not stupid. In fact he can be considered a genius and prodigy. He is sufficient in everything. He was a 5 in taijutsu, ninjutsu, fuinjutsu, hand signs, kinjutsu and kenjutsu. The only exception was genjutsu in which he was a 4.7.

He was better than Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, The Three Sannin, The Professor, and the Fourth combined. The problem was he could not handle the stress of training but never being strong enough protecting the only girl that cared about. Hinata Hyuga was her name. She was always blushing and was shy around Naruto.

His smiles always made her warm in the inside. She poked her fingers to get and fainted especially when he kissed her on her cheek. She used to turn so red. She died when a drunk threw a kunai at Naruto and he froze.

She on instinct pushed him out of the way. Unfortunately she was hit with the kunai right between the eyes. Naruto eyes were in horror. Her eyes closed and she dropped backwards bled all over the floor. Naruto ran to her side crying, begging her to stay with him. But it was too late her heart stop beating. There was too much blood and she breathed her last breath. She died in his arms. He became so angry that the Kyuubi's Chakra was unconsciously leaking out. It made a fox cloak that covered Naruto. His eyes became red with fox slits. His whiskers that were small and light became long and extremely dark. His canine teeth became elongated. His hands became that of claws. In a sense he became what they wanted him to be...a demon.

He snarled at the drunk. The drunk quickly sobered up. But it was too late. Naruto came at him at incredible speeds. He punched him in the stomach. He started to claw at him. He tried to scream. Unfortunately for him his screams went deaf to the ears of Naruto as his throat had been slit.

When Naruto realized what had happened he broke down. He cried because he killed someone. He cried because he became what the villagers thought he was. He cried over the death of the only person who played with him. The only one who ever cared for him that was his age. The only one who he felt love for. He cried over the death of Hinata Hyuga.

He brought the body to the Hyuga family. That was day of mourning for both Naruto and the Hyuga family. Some blamed him for her death. Some even went as far as to say that he should be banished or executed for her death. He even with all of his abilities was not able to save her so he became depressed, apathetic and for the first time in his whole life he gave up on himself.

That was what made Naruto seal his powers. He believed he was not worthy of himself. He was not worthy of the personality he was, the power he had, or the identity he had. He sealed it and made a mask. Naruto became the Dobe.

As the two almost three years had passed he slowly forgot about the real Naruto and lived on as the Dobe who did not know anything. He stole the scroll because he failed for the third time.

The first time he didn't come to school because of the traumatic death of Hinata. The second time he did not even try because he had that mask on. Now he tried really hard as the Dobe but failed because of the Bushin No Jutsu. Mizuki-teme told him if he stole the Forbidden Scroll that contained all the jutsu, secrets and everything. Naruto with the mask of stupidity blindly followed orders.

Naruto opened the scroll and saw some justus. He say the Kage Bushin, elemental bushin, blaze elemental attacks, ice elemental, boil elemental, storm elemental, gravity elemental and so much more. The thing that shocked him was a scroll that had his name. Naruto bled a little bit on the scroll. The scroll started to flash blue and opened up. Naruto opened the scroll and it read:

Dear Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze it is I, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. I am so sorry about what has happened to you. I guess I must start from the beginning. Over seventy-five years ago there was a battle between two powerful individuals. The first was Harashima Senju the First Hokage. The second was Madara Uchiha the most powerful Uchiha to ever live.

There was a conflict over who was supposed to be the leader of Konohagakure. Madara used a special jutsu with his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. It makes the person able to summon demons. At the Valley of the End Madara summoned the Kyuubi no Kitsune against Harashima. Harashima was able to defeat and suppress the beast and was able to defeat Madara with a sword also known as a Zanpakuto. He was able to cut and defeated Kyuubi.

The name got lost in time. He gave this sword to his brother. The sword was known as The Raijin. Now I bet you are wondering what this has to do with you. Well it is because you are the descendant of 3 Hokages. You are the Great-Great Grandson of Harashima Senju, the Great Nephew of Tobirama Senju and you are the son of Minato Namikaze. Your mother is Kushina Uzumaki a Shinigami.

You are part human and part Shinigami. You have chakra and reisu. The reisu is spiritual pressure. Naruto listen you will get that sword which is in this scroll. As soon as you draw the sword your power will awaken. It will come into your mind you must say his or her name and you will get the form called Bankai.

Naruto as you know you are hated but you probably do not know why. The reason is I could not kill the Kyuubi. She was too strong to beat. So I sealed her into you. I am so sorry son. Try to forgive them for they do not know the difference. Sochi, I love you and I did it to protect those people who were precious to me. I want you to do the same Protect those precious to you.

With Love

Minato Namikaze.

Naruto was crying his eyes out. His father was the one who made his life miserable. But he saw the sheathe. The sheathe was ruby red was the front side, heart gold was on the left side, Soul Silver was on the right side, and shadow black was on the other side. The sheathe and the sword were pulsating. He felt the strength of the blade. Naruto tried to draw the blade but he couldn't. As a result Naruto slung it over his shoulder and looked at the scroll.

In the scroll he saw the infamous Kage Bushin. He saw but saw a few a different bushin. He saw a Mizu bushin (water clone), Hyoton Bushin (ice clone), Dokuton bushin (poison clone), Yougan Bushin (Lava clone), Katon Bushin (fire Clone), Fuuton Bushin (Wind Clone), Doton Bushin (Earth Clone) Kanaton Bushin (Metal Clone), Mokuton bushin(Wood Bushin), Hikaton Bushin (Light Clone) and the final Shiton Bushin (Death Clone). He was shocked at all the different kinds of bushins there were. He was giddy at all of them. He especially liked the Hikaton Bushin and Shiton Bushin.

He saw the hands signs for the Hikaton Bushin jutsu and concentrated his hands together in the form of a ram. Instead of his chakra being blue or even red from the Kyuubi his chakra was white. As his chakra aura surrounded his entire body a mini explosion occurred. He closed his eyes from the bright light. He opened his eyes to see 20 versions of himself except with white and golden wings flapping. Naruto was shocked at this seeing 20 versions of himself with wings no less. His face broke out into a huge smile.

The one in the middle got on one knee as he said a few words that shocked Naruto, "Naruto-sama, we are here to serve you as you see fit." Naruto was shocked because someone even if it is a clone was and still is treating him as a leader. He still confused about something. He asked, "Uh me or can I call you LC you know short for light clone (the clone nodded at that logic). Ok I want to know about those wings that are in your back. Are the real or what?

The light clones looked at each other and then looked at the original and their leader, Naruto when the middle light clone stepped up. He said the reason we have these wings because we are technically angels from Kami. You see we are like soulless angels. We were created for an army so no one has to die. We were last summoned a million years ago by a Sage that who was named Rikudō Sennin. Our purpose is to become that person's image and dynamics of the original. We last extremely long and when we disperse the owner gets the ability and memories of the angel who died. We also keep memories of everything.

We can do jutsu that you know and we know from our previous lives. I guess that is the gist of it. Oh yea we can be summoned (going towards the original and tapped the original Naruto on the arm and an image of angel wings appeared) by adding chakra to those angel wings and we will appear. When we dispersed all the memories that we have from our past lives will come to."

Naruto was shocked by this revelation. Naruto asked them a question. "How do you dispel?" they smiled as they said, "Yes we forgot about that. Ok what you must do is clap your hands and think of dispelling it."

Naruto smiled and he got to work until he heard his name "NARUTO!"

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