"…I think he's angry about something." Harry told Hermione and Ron. He had just told them about Lelouch's angry departure.

"Blimey! He's usually so….I dunno…apathetic…" Ron said.

Lelouch climbed into his bed, shutting the curtains so that it was nice and dark. He sat, cross-legged on the bed spread, taking deep breaths to calm himself. His violet eyes narrowed in anger and hate. Charles vi Britannia needed to pay. And he would be the one to make him do so.

The trio walked carefully over to the place Lelouch had been sitting in before he had stormed off. A book was just lying there, sitting innocently. The History of the Royal Britannian Family, the cover read in elegant gold script. The book itself was leather bound, made to last a long time.

Harry picked it up and casually flipped to the introduction.

It is my pleasure to record, in this book, the most wonderful history of the Royal Britannian Family. Our rulers have been most kind and we have been further expanding our territory –

"Blimey! What a suck-up!" Ron exclaimed.

Harry rolled his eyes and began flipping through the book. A word caught his eye. Lelouch.

He turned back to the page and began reading, Ron and Hermione leaning over his shoulder.

Lelouch vi Britannia was the son of the almighty Emperor of Britannia, Charles vi Britannia (see page 362 for more information) and the late Imperial Consort Marianne. He was the eleventh prince of Britannia and seventeenth in line to the Imperial throne. Lelouch was a prodigy and a master of strategy at a young age. Had he not been exiled for slandering his Majesty, the great Emperor of Britannia, he would've become a great general to the Britannian Empire. Perhaps he –

Lelouch sat up in bed. The book! He had foolishly left it on the table in his anger. He sighed and got up again, going down the stairs to retrieve his book.

He was met with the sight of the trio bending intently over the book. That book. The one that slandered his name and barely passed over his beloved mother's death and his darling sister's crippling. The one that dared defend his father.

He stalked over and tore the book from Harry's grasp who glared only to recoil at the angry glint in Lelouch's eyes. Lelouch calmly put the book down in a way that belied his innate anger. The book sat there innocently and Lelouch tore his eyes away, swearing it was mocking him.

"Er…you left this on the table." Harry said uncertainly.

"I noticed." Lelouch said icily.

"It looked interesting so we…uh…"Hermione tried to explain.

"Oh?" Lelouch's voice was now cold and mocking. "And what did you hope to see?"

"Well…um…you looked really angry when you left so we decided to see what you were so upset about. We were worried." Ron said.

Lelouch's violet eyes were bright with an almost malicious glint. "Oh? And right after you accused me of being with Voldemort? Now you're worried about me?"

Ron flinched at the name and Hermione gasped.

"Pathetic. Scared of a name." Lelouch sneered. "That's what you are. Pathetic."

"What's wrong with friends being worried about each other?" Hermione whined.

Lelouch rounded on her, violet eyes intense. "Friends," he spat, "don't accuse each other of being allied with their worst enemy!"

Hermione flinched under the penetrating gaze. "Lelouch…we…"

Lelouch stared at her. "So? What did you find?"

"Er…we only read about your namesake, Lelouch vi Britannia…" Harry faltered again as Lelouch's gaze sharpened and narrowed even further.

"Don't ever go through my things again." was all he said before he left the room.

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