Alphabet challenge

Fandom: SyFy Alice

Pairing: Hatter/Alice

Authors note: Unashamedly fluffy, and I fear I may be out of character rather badly, but here it is. This challenge is gonna be in 4 parts. One for this fandom, one for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, one for Repo! the Genetic Opera, and one for Doctor Who, as I'm a multi-fandom-fangirl like that ;p Enjoyyy


Hatter was staring at her.

Not in a particularly creepy way, not a puppy-dog stare. Just a simply quizzical look of bemusement.

She had pretended to not notice for a while, as she was supposed to be over-looking a karate lesson at the time, but it was getting rather disconcerting by now. When the last of her students left, she closed the door and turned on him, catching him still staring. He had insisted on coming along to see where she worked. She'd had no qualms with the idea, but it had rather put her off.

"Any particular reason you've stared at me for the last hour?"

"Hmm?" he asked, as if surprised at the accusation.

"Don't play me for a fool, Hatter," Alice replied, ever the short-tempered.

"Just amuses me to think they don't know they're learning from a Legend of Wonderland, that's all."

She hadn't been expecting that, and paused in undoing the elastic band holding up her hair. "I'm not the Alice. How would they know?"

"Not that Alice, maybe," he appeared behind her, arms wrapping themselves around her waist, "Not a terribly imaginative lot, us Wonderlanders. Names aren't so varied as they are in your world, and not that many Oysters even remember their names, let alone escape." He stroked the tattoo that still christened her arm, "Can't blame everyone for thinking you were that Alice. But the Alice… hmm maybe in time you could be. Legends do grow quite quickly back in Wonderland, you know. But for now…"

She could almost feel his smile against her hair.

"For now, maybe you would be happy to be my Alice instead?"

She didn't really need to answer that.