Chapter 1: A Perfect Life


" 'Did Edward tell you what led to this?' she asked, gesturing to her glorious immortal body. I nodded slowly, suddenly somber. 'He said it was close to what happened to me in Port Angeles, only no one was there to save you.' I shuddered at the memory. 'Is that all he really told you?' she asked. 'Yes,' I said, my voice blank with confusion. 'Was there more?'She looked up at me and smiled; it was a harsh, bitter-but still stunning- expression. 'Yes,' she said. 'There was more.' Eclipse pg.154


My life was absolutely perfect, according to my parents. During the Great Depression, all my middle class parents wanted was a beautiful daughter to showcase and spoil, that's where I fit in.


"And Rosalie, you can be my Maid of Honor!" Vera squealed. My best friend, Vera, was getting married. She was getting what I wanted, someone who loved her for her, not her looks. Although Vera was slightly average looking, she was still very pretty. She had long, curly dark brown hair and blue eyes that sparkled with excitement. Her personality was so bubbly, it was hard not to like her.

I couldn't help but be a little jealous.

"I'm so happy for you, Vera!" I tried hard to not show my insane jealousy.

"I think me and Benjamin were meant to be!" she continued. Benjamin couldn't offer Vera much. He was a carpenter, working off a very low salary. The house they'd picked out was very modest, just a small cottage. But I could not deny their obvious love for each other.

"Vera, I think I must be heading home now." I said. Her excitement was too much for someone who wanted the same thing so much. I wanted a perfect husband who could give me pretty little babies.

"Alright, Rose. I guess I'll see you tomorrow!" she said with a little less excitement. She could take a hint.

When I arrived home I went straight to my bedroom, and collapsed on my giant king size bed. I was exhausted. As my eyes started to close, there was a quiet knock at my door.

"Rose, sweetie, may I come in?" It was my mother.

"Sure," I said, sitting back up into a more ladylike position.

"Rosalie, I'm sorry but I forgot to send your father's lunch with him this morning as he left for the bank. Would you mind taking a quick trip over to the bank and giving it to him?" she asked with a little too much innocence in her voice. Something told me there was another reason she wanted me to go to the bank.

"Of course mother," I replied, getting up off my bed.

"Oh and Rose, could you please wear your new dress your father got you over the weekend. The white one with the lace. And do something with your hair, it looks a little plain." Now I was really suspicious. What was my mother up to? Why did it matter what I wore to deliver my father's lunch?

"Absolutely," I replied with a smile.

As my mother left my room, I dug in my closet for my new white dress. It truly was beautiful, slimming and fit my curves in just the right way. After my dress was perfect, I rolled my hair into an elegant design that perfectly complemented my dress. I painted my lips a bright, vibrant red; it was the new style nowadays.

I still had no clue what so ever on why mother wanted to put so much effort into my looks today, no one important was at the bank.

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