Card Captors

Episode 2

The great general known as Fire flew towards the wooden castle that she called home, thinking about what happened the other day. The mysterious light that had appeared on the far side of town had everyone worried about what caused it, everyone but Fire herself. She never worried about anything, or at least that's what she portrayed to everyone around her.

"Mistress." A woman dressed in all blue and had the skin color of blue as well. Fire landed on the balcony that belonged to her room and nodded at the woman. "Fight, report." The card known as Fight threw a hand to her chest and bowed. Her light blue hair that she always kept in pig tails flew in front of her shoulders.

"It seems that Wind has yet to report in. It is feared that she was… captured." Fight hesitated on the last part of her statement. Of course if it was true it would be a world of trouble for everyone in the castle. Normal humans couldn't capture a Clow Card and the only magic users that could had to be of the Blood.

"Hm." Fire didn't know what else to say. If the weakest link had been captured than it was better for the others, but Fire also knew that if one could fall, the others could follow…quickly.

Fire quickly walked down the hall to the Grand Hall to meet with her Queen and the other General, Water. Fight quickly followed behind, quickly. Somewhere down the hall they were joined by Fire's other most trusted card, Arrow.

Arrow had a think wad of hair that she kept tied at the bag of her head and the only pieces that would escape where the tuffs that she let lose at the front of her head. She was the same size as Fire and both looked to be the age of children no older than six or seven. Arrow had elbow length gloves and matching knee high boots. She constantly wore a thick over coat that had a set of coat tails. She was holding her bow in both hands and walking meekly.

"Mistress, I fear I have some news." Fire stopped and looked down at the floor. The girl never came to her with good news and she always sounded as if the world was ending, but didn't care. Putting a flaming hand to her equally flaming forehead she stole a glance at the two cards standing before her.

"It seems that we have found a pocket of humans." Fire took her hand away from her forehead and looked a little confused. Arrow continued before she could ask any questions however. "We do not know how they have survived this long, but we do know that there is a good size group of humans. We are planning a raid for their energy as we speak."

"Who is heading it?" Fire asked picking up her speed down the hall. The trio walked down the hall and ignored all the grand carvings and mirrors that lined it. The card Glow provided all the light that anyone would ever need and working with the card Mirror it made the hall look like the sun was shining at noon.

"It appears that the Queen wants Water, Thunder and Mirror to head up the mission. If I do say so, I think she has plans for you to round up the rest and put them in the… kennels." Fire sneered at the last part. The kennels were the worst part of the castle and she felt like they should have been taken out of the original plans. Sometimes she wondered what the Queen was doing, but she could never voice her own opinions, the last card that did that, well, she just didn't want to think about it.

The real question that Fire wanted to ask, but never would, was how the Queen had managed to figure out how to steal people's energy and transfer it into the cards. It made them more powerful, but it was frightening how powerful they were getting, xzellerating, but frightening.

"I guess the Queen had her plans." Fire said turning down another hall and making her way to the great circler room known as the Grand Hall.

"What do you mean?" Kibou said walking down a narrow street talking to Kerberos who was floating next to the young man. Kerberos looked at the boy with his beady black eyes and put small yellow paw under her chin.

"What do you mean, what do I mean? I thought I was plain enough!" He said in his high voice and floated forward and turned to face Kibou, floating backwards. "You have captured two cards, Kibou. The General, Windy and Float, well you didn't really catch Float, she came over, willing, very willingly." Kerberos said with a small laugh. "I have never seen a card do that before, this Queen sure has all of them scared."

"You don't know who the Queen is?" Kibou asked waving the little creature away from his line of sight. Kerberos sighed and flew to float next to Kibou instead of floating in front of him.

"Sadly, no. I kind of became a… recluse after the Event." Kibou sighed. The two have been together for two days know and Kerberos still didn't want to talk about what had happened, although Kibou put a few species together.

Lighting struck in the sky and Kibou pulled up the hood of his cape just in case it started to rain. Kibou hadn't realized that his cape had changed color when he became a Cardcaptor. Now the color was such a dark blue that it was nearly black, Kibou smiled at the thought, the two colors were so close together, but still very different.

"Kibou! I have a -" Kibou held up his hand, fist closed at the floating creature. Kerberos knew that Kibou understood what was going on. They both felt it, the energy of a Clow Card, maybe even more than one. Kibou reached inside his bag and pulled out the little dark blue key that would change into his Clow Reed Staff. Holding the key in his palm facing up he said, "Key which hides power of the Dark!" The key began to glow and float an inch above his palm, "Show your true form before me!" A bright silver magic circle appeared below Kibou and Kerberos.

Kerberos always looked at the ground when the magic circle appeared, trying to figure out what it said. Kerberos tried explaining it to Kibou the day they met, but the entire magic process was lost on Kibou, the boy just knew he was good at it. "I, Kibou, command you under our contract! Release!" He yelled as the key grew into a staff the size of the young boy. He twirled it once and clicked the butt of the staff on the ground. Looking at Kerberos he nodded and the two made their way to the other end of the alley.

As the two came to a stop they both saw a little girl run across the opening of the alley. Kibou looked at Kerberos who just shrugged. Neither one of them thought there were any more people in the city. Kibou was afraid to ask what would have happened to them and Kerberos was afraid of the answer.

Before Kibou could leave the alley to chase after the little girl the Thunder card ran past the opening. Kibou skidded to a halt as tendrils of energy flowed from the monster as it cleared the opening and Kibou just stared at the sizzling ends of his cape as they flowed around him. "Be careful!" Kerberos hissed as he stuck his head out of the alley and looked both ways, as if crossing a street. "It's clear."

Without another word Kibou shot out of the alley and ran after the little girl and the Thunder card. Kibou ran quickly and with grace, his cape flaring out behind him, staff pointing out in front of him. He quickly caught up with the card Thunder and smiled as he reached for his very own card in his back pocket. Kerberos growled at how Kibou was treating the cards, but he couldn't really say anything. Once Kibou captures them they belong to him. Kibou already said the only reason why he is keeping the cards and not destroying them is because he needs them to help save his home, maybe even this world.

Holding the card out in front of him, Kibou threw it and stabbed with his staff. A magic circle appeared at the butt of his staff instead on the ground and followed the running boy. Magically the card seemed to be staying at the place the staff had stabbed it as Kibou yelled. "Wind! Become a binding chain! Windy!" He came to a stop as Windy escaped from her card and flew towards the retreating thunder creature. Dust and dirt flew into the air as Kibou stood still after running so fast and Thunder turned its big head at the sound of Kibou's voice. Windy fully appeared and had the upper body of a woman while her lower body seemed to be made of entirely magic and tendrils of wind. She flew faster than any natural wind go blow and surrounded the beast who howled in rage.

"Kibou! You'll have to do better than that! Windy can't do it all by her -" Kerberos stopped as Windy draw in closer to the beast and its howls slowly died into whispers. Something was happening to the card that Kerberos didn't understand. Windy shouldn't have that much power, but then again, Kerberos didn't remember Thunder ever being that big.

"Return to the guise you were meant to be in!" Kibou twirled his staff in the air and stabbed it at the thunder beast. "Clow Card!" Windy disappeared and the Thunder card slowly started too disappeared into the magically produced Clow Card. A weak howl was produced as the beast magically disappeared into the magic card and finally all that was left was the memory of the howl as the card floated to the out stretched hands of Kibou.

"Alright Kibou!" Kerberos yelled as he threw a fist into the air. "That's another card down!" Kerberos flew closer to Kibou and they both studied the card that the young boy was holding. Kerberos just stared at the thunder beast with the red eyes and a lighting strike for a tail.

"Thank-you." A little voice said. Both Kibou and Kerberos looked up and saw the little girl that the Thunder card had been chasing. She looked a mess, he once bright pink jacket had dirt stains all over it and her blue jeans were frayed and washed out, dirt stains covered her jeans as well.

With capturing the card, the two forgot about the little girl. Kibou rushed over to her, putting both his hands on her shoulders. The girl seemed a little taken aback, but she was well composed for what she had just gone through.

"Are you alone?" Kibou asked looking all around, trying to find signs of any other living human. He couldn't see anything and focused his attention back on the little girl. Kerberos hovered in the air, continuing to look around, as if they were going to be attacked any minute.

"There is… was, a group of us." The little girl said in a weakly voice, she started to tear up, remembering what happened to just little while ago. "They came from nowhere. The girl made of Water and a girl that held a mirror." Kibou looked up at Kerberos and the creature nodded his head.

"Mirror and Watery." Kerberos said and went back to scanning the surrounding area. Kibou looked back at the little girl who was rubbing at her eyes, trying to get rid of the tears that were there.

"Mommy always told me never to cry. No matter what." The little girl looked up at Kibou and sniffed, more tears appearing at the corners of her eyes. "She said that they could hear you when you cry."

Kibou held the little girl, telling her it was okay to cry, just this once. "Kibou!" Kerberos hissed and the young boy looked up from the little girl and stole a glance at the floating creature. Looking in the direction that Kerberos was looking at his eyes widen at the sight.

"Oh, god." He said in a soft whisper. A huge column of water at shot up from the ground and smashed into the invisible shield that was holding him in this town. The water spread out across the shield and then rained back down. "I think there might be trouble." Kibou said and Kerberos just looked at him. The little girl wiggled away from Kibou and she ran back towards the column of water.

"Mommy!" She screamed as she rain down the road.

The General Water hovered in the air looking at the four humans that she had captured. In the back of her mind she thought about Thunder and the little girl she had sent it after. Water hoped this was the last pocket of humans out that. She hardly ever agreed with Fire, but on this object. The kennels were worse than death.

Also like Fire, Water wanted to know how the Queen did it and what's more, what is under that tiny shield.

"Please!" A woman screamed as she was pushed by a beam of water. The other three wouldn't stop screaming so Water was forced to surround them with water. The only reason Water hadn't surrounded this one was because she needed to know if there were others around and where would the girl run too?

"Thunder!" Someone yelled behind her and before she had a chance to fully turn around she was struck with a lightning bolt so strong she couldn't even scream as her body arched up. After the first attack she landed on the ground breathing hard. The world around her was a complete haze but she could feel something pulling at her, she couldn't hear anything but hums and beeps.

She felt her body slowly being pulled apart and with horror she realized what was happening to her. She was being pulled back into the realm of magic! She was being turned into a Clow Card again. No! She worked so hard and had been so close! This was not happening to her. She was going to – Her thought was cut off as she was fully absorbed by the card.

Queen Earth sat in her thrown looking at the wall on the other side of the room. Something was happening out there and she couldn't help but realize that all her dreams were coming to a crashing halt. She put a hand under her chin and a lock of her soft brown hair came loose from her tight bun that she kept at the top of her head.

A wisp of smoke appeared in the grand hall and the Queen looked up from her position. She was still trying to puzzle out all of the extra powers the cards were getting from her deal with… she didn't know what she made a deal with, she just knew that it promised that she would never be locked up again.

The wisp of smoke turned into the little girl known as Mirror. She looked shaken and her clothing looked cindered. The little girl appeared fully on her two feet but quickly fell to the ground, breathing hard. "Gone! Captured!" She screamed as the Queen shot to her feet.

Rushing to the little girl's side the Queen bent down, her regal robes gathering around her and surrounding the girl. "Explain to me." She said in a voice so soft, so elegant.

"It came from nowhere… Water, Thunder, Glow! They all have been taken!" The card said in sobs and quick breaths. The Queen put a calming hand on her shoulder and looked up at the hall around her. No one else was here, no one but… She turned to look at the pedestal and the dark dome over the top of it.

"It's all okay now… Return to the guise you were meant to be in." She said as she grabbed on tightly to the card. Mirror's eyes went wide with shock as she felt her body shift. Her body slowly fading into mist as a card appeared behind the girl's back.

"Why…" Was all she could say before she completely disappeared and formed into the card. The Mirror card slowly floated down into the Queen's hands and she looked down at it. The cards were beautiful; Earth couldn't deny that, she wouldn't treat the cards like that.

"I did it to protect you." The Queen said as she held the card up and it floated within her grasp. A dark figure appeared next to the Queen and put a hand on her shoulder. The Queen looked up at it and sighed, knowing who it was. Ever since she made a deal with this figure, she feared she might of made a bad decision, but was it worse than being sealed in a card for the rest of her life?

"You are losing." The voice said in a harsh horse voice. The Queen narrowed her eyes at the dark figure and stood up. She was taller than the dark figure, but she knew she had less power than it as well. Earth couldn't make anything out of the figure and she had no idea where it had come from, she honestly didn't know why she accepted the deal.

She had been nothing before Clow Reed made her into a card and then she was happy. That's all she knew, but this figure came from nowhere and she started have doubts. "You said I wouldn't lose as long as I joined forces with you." The figure crossed its arms in front of its chest. It looked like it had long hair and Earth that it was a female, but the figure never appeared to her looking the same.

"I told you to do as I say and you would win. You failed." The figure said and the Queen shook her head. She had done everything that this thing told her to do, everything and more. She even killed for it.

"What did I miss?" She asked taking a move for her chair, but was stopped when the dark figure took the chain instead. The Queen's anger flared up inside of her but she didn't say anything, this thing could destroy her in a moment.

"You didn't kill the creature. The one thing that could make a Cardcaptor and you didn't even search for it." The Queen looked taken aback, she had looked for it, but after the Purge, there was no point. There were only a few pockets of humans and even they were rounded up shortly after. "Now the creature has summoned a new Cardcaptor and he happens to be more powerful than Clow Reed."

"Impossible." The Queen said grabbing a fistful of her light brown robes. "No one could be more powerful than him." The dark figure laughed at the Queen's naïve nature and crossed his legs at the knees.

"How little you think. With every generation the magic grows stronger. With my magic combined with it, it's now more powerful than ever before. Clow Reed could never control the cards the way they are now."

The Queen just stared at the figure and thought what she could do next, but before she could voice any opinion the dark figure said, "It's time to use her." The Queen shook her head; she couldn't use her, not yet.

"It wasn't a request." The dark figure said and disappeared. The Queen was left alone and stared at the empty chair. She pondered all of her possibilities. With only one General left the Queen was running out of options. The figure ordered her to release her weapon and she had to do it, or be back in that card.

Lighting struck outside and the Queen turned to look out the window. It must be the Cardcaptor, lighting couldn't make it through the shield she had up. He must be gathering up more of the cards she and her followers couldn't find. Slowly but surely that boy was gathering an army and that boy would attack her.