Alphabet Challenge

Fandom: Doctor Who

Bigger on the Inside

He always delighted in the shock on people's faces. Simply revelled in it. That delicious moment of complete awe and surprise when they first walked out of their world through the doors of his ship, and into his all looked almost exactly the same, but different to each face. Wide eyes, slack jaws, the amazed silence as their little minds tried to work out the sheer impossibility of what lay inside the slender blue shell of his marvellous ship before finally saying his favourite words: "It's bigger on the inside..."

It never failed to give him a thrill. A buzz, a high, no matter the face, no matter how old he got, or how young his regenerations were, it was like a shot of a drug. One that could never be beaten. He relished the joy of explaining it to them and knowing that they could barely hear him over the sound of what they believed to be fundamental facts and logic of their little lives that they thought were true crashed down around their ears. He loved the-

"It's another dimension."

The Doctor couldn't remember if he had ever deflated quite so quickly in all his lives Or certainly, at least he hadn't in this one, though that wasn't saying much since, since it had only been a week since he'd been wearing pinstripes.

Still, at least now he didn't have to feel so bad about Amy kissing him…