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IshizuxOdion(Xenoshipping)(possibly, not sure yet)

There is also past YamixTea(Revolutionshipping). It is not shown because they've already broken up, but it's important to the story. You'll see why later. Also, the Puzzleshipping and Blindshipping won't start until later in the story.

Note 1- Yugi will be very OOC in this story. You'll see why very soon, and you'll understand why later on.

Note 2- At first it will seem like I am bashing Yami, Joey, Seto, Tristan, Tea, Serenity, and Mokuba, but I'm not. That will become clearer later on.

Note 3- Atemu, Bakura, and Marik are going to seem extemely protective of Yugi. There is no relationship other than brotherly love between them with Yugi.

Note 4- Heba won't show up until later in the story.

Note 5- The Hikaris all have a type of magic I am calling Light magic in this fic. Since the Yamis have Shadow magic, I gave the Hikaris a magic oppoiste to the Shadow magic.

Note 6- This story will be done in two arcs though it's just one story. One part will be the struggle with Yugi being out of control, and the other part will be teh aftermath and dealing with it all.

Note 7- This will also be an angst-filled story. If this story goes the way I plan, it will probably have more angst in it then "Help Me Learn to Live Again" did. Just to warn you.

Summary: Something tragic has happened to Yugi. Only Atemu, Bakura, Ryou, Marik, and Malik are aware of what happened. When Yami's Shadow magic suddenly disappears, no one knows what happened. When an out-of-control Yugi suddenly attacks Yami, it becomes apparent that Yugi has the Shadow magic, and that he plans to kill Yami. No one understands why Yugi is so out-of-control, and Joey and the others blame Yugi. When Atemu, Marik, and Bakura finally reveal what happened to Yugi to cause this to happen, Yami realizes that he is resposible as he is the one that allowed his Light to fall into darkness. Now, Atemu, Marik, and Bakura must stop Yugi before he kills them all as well as bring about the end of the world. Can they save Yugi, or will they be forced to kill Yugi? Can Yugi's twin brother Heba help them with what is going on? Will Yami ever tell his light how in love with him he is, or did Yami ruin his chances with Yugi because of his own stupidity?

Warnings: yaoi, mentions of rape(no graphic scenes), violence, possible lemons

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot. All the characters from Yu-Gi-OH! belong to their creator, Kazuki Takahashi.

Chapter 1- Beginning


Yami slammed into the wall with his back hitting the wall hard. He winced in pain as he fell to the ground.

Yugi stalked toward Yami. He was wearing a pair of extremely tight black leather pants, a tank top shirt, and a black leather jacket over the shirt, a pair of boots, bracelets, and a neck belt.

Yami was struggling to get up. He was dresses in the blue school uniform of his.

"Get up!" Yugi spat.

Yami looked up and was unable to see a shred of his Hikari in those eyes. All he saw was anger and hatred. "Yugi, please. Stop this." Yami said.

Yugi reached down and grabbed Yami by his throat. With strength no one would have thought the small boy would have, Yugi brought Yami to his feet and slammed Yami back into the wall with great strength, causing Yami to cry out in pain once more. "Why the hell should I stop, you heartless bastard? It's not like it should matter. You did everything to hurt me!" Yugi spat.

"Yugi, I didn't-" Yami started, but never got to finish.

Yugi threw Yami across the room.

Yami's back slammed into the floor, and Yami skidded across the floor a little ways before he came to a stop.

Yami squeezed his eyes shut in pain.

Yugi started toward him. "What's the matter, Yami? Did you not think that you sweet and innocent Hikari could do something like this? Did you think that I would never be so violent? Did you think that I'm some weak and helpless brat who needs you?" Yugi asked, each sarcastic word tearing at Yami's heart.

"Yugi, I-" Yami started.

"Shut up! I don't need you anymore! I don't need your help! I don't need your fake sympathy! I don't need your fake concern! I've finally realized the truth about you, Yami! You never cared about me! I never meant a damn thing to you! All I was to you was a way to live again! You just needed me until you got your own body and then you didn't need me anymore!" Yugi spat.

Yami struggled, but finally managed to get on to his feet. "Yugi, please. None of that is true. My concern for you was never fake. I always cared about you. I still do." Yami said.

"Bullshit! You never once cared! It was all about you! You, who was once the great and powerful pharaoh of Egypt, never cared about anyone, but yourself!" Yugi spat angrily.

Yami could feel his heart breaking more and more the more Yugi talked. He couldn't believe how bad things had gotten. He couldn't believe that these words were coming from the Hikari he loved so much. He couldn't believe that Yugi had been turned from the sweet, innocent Hikari that eh remembered into this vengeful, hate-filled person. He didn't even recognize his own Hikari, and he was starring him right in the face.

"Yugi, I'm sorry." Yami said.

"ENOUGH!" Yugi shouted. He looked at Yami with nothing but hatred and contempt. "I was a fool to ever trust you! I should have known that you never once cared about me!" Yugi said.

"Yugi, that isn't true!" Yami shouted, some of his fire return ring.

"Yes, it is.' Yugi hissed. A ball of dark energy formed in his hand before Yugi threw it at Yami.

Yami tried to move out of the way, but was hit in the back. He screamed as he was thrown down.

"It's over. You're not living through this." Yugi said.

The amount of anger and hatred that filled that voice was nothing like the Yugi that Yami had always known and loved.

Yami squeezed his eyes shut as more pain crashed into him, only this pain was not physical pain. This was emotional pain.

Yami's heart was breaking from everything that had happened.

Yugi was no longer the sweet boy that Yami had met. Yugi was a vengeful person with only one goal in mind.

To kill Yami.

'Why did this happen? Why did I let this happen? How could I have been so foolish? This is my fault, and Yugi has every reason to hate me. I am to blame for everything.' Yami thought as tears filled his crimson eyes.

~One Month Earlier~

Yami was out in an ice cream shop with Tea, Tristan, Joey, Seto, Mokuba, and Serenity.

The seven friends had gone out to the ice cream shop after school had let out for the day.

"Man! That was an awesome prank that you pulled on Mr. Clayton, Joey." Tristan said.

Joey grinned. "Don't I know it. That'll teach the guy to call me worthless again." Joey said.

"I still wish you would have let me deal with him, Puppy. I would have made him regret ever messing with you." Seto growled. He didn't like it when anyone other than himself got into arguments with his puppy.

"Don't worry about it, Dragon. I took care of it." Joey said.

Joey and Seto had been a couple for almost a year. They may have argued all the time, but it was clear that they loved each other, and no one dared to mess with Joey unless they wanted the powerful CEO of KaibaCorp to come after them with all his money and lawyers backing him.

"Well, I thought it was childish." Tea said.

"Come on, Tea. It was just a harmless prank." Yami said.

"Still. There are better ways to deal with things like this." Tea said.

"Come on, babe. There's nothing wring with it. It's not like Joey hurt the guy." Tristan said.

"He put superglue in the man's seat." Tea said.

Joey, Tristan, Yami, Seto, and Mokuba all started laughing at the thought.

"It was childish, but it was funny, too." Serenity said with a smile.

"I have to admit that it was funny to hear him threaten us all with detention if we didn't tell him who had done that to him when he couldn't even get out of the seat." Tea admitted.

"See. Even you thought it was funny." Tristan said.

"Okay. I admit it. It was funny." Tea said.

Tea and Tristan had been together for about six month.

About nine months before, Yami and Tea had started dating when Yami asked Tea out. However, the relationship didn't last past a week, and they only went on one date as they quickly learned that they were not meant for each other.

Yami's heart belonged to Yugi, even if his young Hikari didn't know it, and Yami wasn't going to try and replaced Yugi with someone else.

Tea had been upset since she had had feelings for Yami since before eh got his own body, but Tea had gotten over Yami and realized that Tristan liked hr a lot, so she took a chance, and the two were very happy with each other now.

"So, what are we doing after this?" Mokuba asked.

"Whatever we want to, I guess." Joey said.

"We have plenty of time to figure that out." Seto said.

"Yeah. Let's just get some ice cream and enjoy it." Joey said.

Yami shook his head. "Do you think of anything other than eating?" Yami asked.

"Well, I do think of one other thing." Joey said, glancing over at Seto, who simply smirked at the remark made by his boyfriend..

"Too much info!" Tea said.

The others laughed.

"Believe me. We get way too much info. I mean, Serenity and I can hear them going at it at all hours of the night." Mokuba said.

Mokuba and Serenity were also a couple, although they had only been together about two months.

Joey and Serenity also lived with Seto and Mokuba.

"Well, I was the one who suggested this place, so I agree with Joey for once. Let's eat." Tea said.

Everyone then went to order some ice cream.

"I can't believe that ignorant, selfish, heartless, lowlife bastard! How dare he even try to call himself a Yami! He has no night trying to claim that title!" Bakura growled as he stalked back and forth across the living room floor of the Gamer Shop.

"I know. I mean, the guy sees himself as the greatest Yami that ever lived, but he hasn't done anything worth getting excited over! He doesn't know a damn thing about his own Hikari!" Marik snarled.

Atemu at there quietly.

It may have been his own brother that Bakura and Marik were thrashing, but Atemu made no move to defend his brother.

Bakura turned to look at Atemu. "Explain to me how it is that you two are related!" Bakura said

"I have no idea. This is not the brother that I know. Yami has become so ignorant and clueless. He doesn't realize anything about Yugi." Atemu said as he stood up and walked to the window, looking outside.

"What are we going to do? Someone has to teach him a lesson." Marik said.

"Yeah. I'm not trying to say that I'm the perfect Yami. Hell, I mistreated and beat Ryou for a long time. I don't deserve to have Ryou like me much less love me. I made a tone of mistakes, but Yami takes the cake!" Bakura snapped.

"I know what you mean. I took over Malik's body and used him for my own selfish means. I abused his trust, and I might as well be considered as bad as you, Bakura, but at least I didn't do what he's done." Marik added.

Atemu turned to him. "Yami's an idiot. He's a lowlife. He's a bastard. I don't deny any of that. I know he is my brother, but I am disgusted with the way he has acted." Atemu said. He sighed as he leaned back against the window. "But we cannot forget that Yami is also Yugi's dark side. We can't forget that. Despite how much I wish this wasn't the case, light cannot live without darkness. We have to get Yami to see what is happening." Atemu said.

"How if he wouldn't listen to us on that night?" Bakura asked.

Atemu sighed. "Truthfully, I'm one step away from grabbed him by the throat, slamming him against the wall, and screaming the truth in his face." Atemu said.

"Now you're talking!" Bakura said.

"I'm trying once more tonight to talk to him, but if he doesn't listen, I am taking more drastic measures to force him to listen." Atemu said.

"Good. If you need any help, let us know." Bakura said.

"I plan on it." Atemu. Though he wasn't showing it, Atemu was just as angry at his brother as Bakura and Marik were, if not more so. 'He will listen. If he doesn't, the consequences are going to be dire, and Yugi is the one who is already paying the price for his action.' Atemu thought, thinking of the young boy who he loved as a brother.

Yugi was curled up on a bed crying. He had his face buried in his arms as his small body was wracked with violent sobs.

'Why? Why did this happen? What did I do to deserve this? Why did he do this to me?' Yugi asked himself as the sobs continued.

Yugi never noticed the dark purple energy that seemed to swirl around his room. He noticed how his body started to glow this exact same color.

All Yugi could feel was the pain in his heart and the pain of the memories that would not go away no matter what Yugi did.

Kill him!

Yugi looked up and around, his face stained with tears. "What?" Yugi asked.

Go after him!

Yugi was scared now. "Who's there?" Yugi asked.

We will help you get revenge on the one who has caused you all this heartache. We will help you make him feel the agony that he ahs put you through. We can help you make him pay!

"I-I don't know who-" Yugi started. He looked down at his hands. He saw that there was a purple tint to his hands. "What?" Yugi asked.

We know your pain. We have sensed it. Our master did nothing, but enjoy his own life, never once considering you. He never cared what was happening to you. He never listened to you. He never pain attention to you. He broke his promises to you.

Yugi didn't know who it was that was talking to him. "Who are you talking about?" Yugi asked.

Yami, the former pharaoh of Egypt. He is the cause of what has happened to you.

"Who are you?" Yugi asked timidly.

We can help you make him pay. We can help you get your revenge. We are the shadows, the source of the Shadow magic that all Yamis possess. Our master has failed in his duty to you, and now we will help you. We will not allow this continue. Let us help you.

Yugi was in so much pain that he didn't know what to do. He wanted something. He was so angry that he needed to get it out. He needed to make others see what had happened. He wanted-he-wanted-he wanted-revenge.

Malik and Ryou were downstairs.

Both were startled when they felt a strong source of shadow magic upstairs.

"Bakura, Marik, and Atemu aren't here." Ryou said.

"Then who is that?" Malik asked.

The two jumped up and dashed up the stairs. They burst into Yugi's room and were shocked to see dark, purple magic surrounding Yugi.

The Shadow magic.

"M-m-m-Malik? What's happening?" Ryou asked.

"I don't know." Malik said.

The power of the Shadow magic changed Yugi's clothes. He had been wearing his school uniform. Now, he wore very tight, black leather pants. He also had on a tank top along with a black leather jacket. He now wore black boots along with bracelets and a pure black neck belt.

He looked nothing like the Yugi the two Hikaris knew.

"Yugi?" Ryou said.

Yugi turned. His amethyst eyes had turned extremely dark now. So dark that they were almost black.

However, there was something else in his eyes that scared them both.

Yugi's eyes were full of anger and hatred. They were full of malice.

"Yugi?" Malik asked.

"No more." Yugi growled in a voice that was twice as strong as his voice normally was. It was a voice full of venom. "He will pay." Yugi said.

"Yugi, who?" Ryou asked, though he feared the answer.

"Yami." Yugi growled.

"No, Yugi. You can't!" Malik said.

"You can't stop me!" Yugi shouted.

Suddenly, the power of the Shadow magic was unleashed in a powerful blast, ripping the house apart.

Marik, Bakura, and Atemu looked up with gasps of shock and horror.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Bakura exclaimed.

"That was Shadow magic. Out of control Shadow magic." Atemu said.

"No way. Yami's the only other person with Shadow magic, and he has complete control of it." Marik said.

"Come on! We have to make sure!" Atemu said.

All three darted out of the house and ran at breakneck speed, searching for the source of the Shadow magic.

Yugi stood on top of a tower that over looked the city. He looked around as if he was searching for something,

"You can't hide from me, Yami. I will find you, and I will make you pay for everything hat you did to me." Yugi said.

His voice was nothing like the sweet, innocent Hikari. It was a voice that promised pain.

Yugi looked down at his hand at the purple magic that swirled around his hand.

"You have no way to defend yourself, Yami. You cannot stop me. I will have my revenge for all the pain you caused me. You will pay, and so will your damned friends!" Yugi hissed.

Yugi clenched his hand into a fist.

"You will pay!" Yugi growled.

Bakura, Marik, and Atemu arrived at the house.

"Oh-no! This is our house!" Marik exclaimed.

"Ryou!" Bakura shouted, running in.

"Malik!" Marik hollered, following Bakura.

"Yugi!" Atemu yelled, following the other two.

The house was in a secluded area, so no one else even knew that anything had happened.

All three Yamis went in to find that the inside of the house had been destroyed.

"Where are they?" Marik asked.

There was a low groan.

The three ran over.

"Ryou!" Bakura shouted. He moved some of the rubble off of his Hikari and knelt down beside Ryou, pulling him into his arms.

Ryou had a few bruises on him.

"Ry, what happened?" Bakura asked.

"Yugi." Ryou said and coughed.

"Malik!" Marik exclaimed, finding his own Hikari. He knelt down and pulled Malik to him. "Malik, what happened?" Marik asked.

Like Ryou, Malik had a few bruises. "Yugi, something's wrong." Malik said.

"What? What's wrong with him?" Atemu asked, worried to death about the young boy he cared so much for.

"Shadow magic. Yugi has Shadow magic." Ryou said.

"Ry, that's impossible." Bakura said.

"No, it's not." Ryou said, sitting up. "Yugi has it. Something is really wrong." Ryou said.

"Like what?" Atemu asked.

"We're not sure. He does have Shadow magic, though." Malik said as Marik helped him on his feet.

"That is so mot good." Atemu said. He looked over at the two injured Hikaris. "Do you have any idea where Yugi is going?" Atemu asked.

"Unfortunately, yes." Ryou said.

"Why unfortunately?" Bakura asked.

"Because I think this Shadow magic has given Yugi a thirst for revenge.

"Revenge? Against who?" Atemu asked.

"Your brother." Ryou said.

"He's going after Yami." Marik said.

"Not like he doesn't deserve it." Bakura muttered.

"There's no time for that Bakura! We have to stop Yugi before he does something that he ends up regretting." Atemu said.

"How do we find them?" Malik asked.

"I don't know, but we have to start looking. You two go back to the Game Shop and wait for us." Atemu said.

"No. Yugi is out friend, and we're helping." Malik said defiantly.

"We don't have time to argue, Atemu. We are just going to have to let them." Bakura said.

"Right. Let's go." Atemu said.

The five left the house and started their search.

Yugi was still on the tower.

"You won't get away, Yami. I won't let you." Yugi said in a dangerous voice.

His eyes narrowed into slits and his jaw clenched.

"You will pay for all you did to me." Yugi said.

A smirk then crossed Yugi's lips. It was an evil smirk that could only mean trouble.

"So, you're with your little friends. Good. It means I don't have to go out and search. All my prey are together." Yugi said.

Yami and the others were walking around in the park.

"There must be something better to do than just walk around here." Seto said.

"Come on, Big Brother. You need to enjoy nature." Mokuba said.

Seto glared at him. "I can do that at home." Seto said.

"Come on, Dragon. It doesn't hurt." Joey said.

Seto still didn't look convinced.

"Well, we could always go and buy a football." Yami sad.

"After last time, no." Seto said.

"What's wrong? Scared?" Tristan asked.

"No. I just don't want to make you look like a fool again, Taylor." Seto retorted.

Serenity and Tea sighed.

"Well, I guess we're out of this one, Serenity." Tea said.

"Why's that?" Joey asked.

"We're in our school uniforms, which translates into skirts for us." Tea said.

"Tat wouldn't be so bad." Tristan said.

Tea whacked Tristan in the back of the head.

"Ow! That hurt!" Tristan exclaimed.

"Unless you want to go without any for a month, I suggest that you shut up." Tea snapped.

The others snickered at the look of horror on Tristan's face.

A strong wind suddenly blew.

Yami then looked away. 'What is that?' Yami asked himself. He could tell that something wasn't right. He just didn't know what.

"Yams. You okay?" Joey asked.

"I'm not sure. Something doesn't feel right." Yami said.

Tea suddenly looked behind them and noticed something. "Yugi, what happened to you?" Tea asked.

Everyone looked back and saw Yugi standing there. They were all shocked at the way Yugi was dressed.

"Man, Yug. When did you start dressing like Yams?" Joey asked.

Yugi didn't answer.

Yami noticed Yugi's eyes and immediately felt a chill go down his spine. 'What is wrong with his eyes?' Yami asked himself.

"Yugi, you okay? Why aren't you answering Joey?" Tristan asked.

"What? I have to answer an idiot every time he asks a question." Yugi said cruelly.

This startled them all.

"Hey! That was uncalled for!" Seto snapped.

"Yeah. What's the matter with you?" Tea added.

"Nothing's wrong with me." Yugi retorted.

"Something's up. This isn't like you." Joey said, frowning.

"What? Don't like the new me?" Yugi asked.

"No." Joey said.

"Well, deal with it." Yugi said hatefully.

"That's it." Joey said, starting forward.

Yami reached out and grabbed Joey's arm, forcefully pulling him back.

"Yams! What's wrong with you?" Joey asked.

"Joey, don't." Yami said.

The look in Yami's eyes showed his worry.

"What?" Serenity asked.

"His eyes. Something is wrong." Yami sad.

They all looked and noticed Yugi's eyes for the first time.

"Finally noticed me, didn't you, Pharaoh." Yugi said. He said the word pharaoh with contempt.

Yami felt his heart tear at those words.

"What's wrong with you?" Tristan snapped.

"I've finally grown a pair, Taylor. Too bad you haven't." Yugi said.

"Why you-" Tristan started.

Seto realized this for what it was. 'He's trying to goad us. Yami's right. Something is wrong with Yugi.' Seto thought.

"What is Yugi's deal?" Tea asked.

"Get back!" Seto suddenly ordered.

Everyone looked at him.

"Why, Big Brother?" Mokuba asked.

"Don't ask questions! Just do it!" Seto ordered.

"Too late." Yugi said. He raised a hand and before he released a wave of Shadow magic that his all of them and threw them backwards.

All seven crashed into the ground hard.

Yugi smirked. "Now the fun begins." Yugi said.

Hope you liked it. I know the first part probably confused you, but I promise it will become clearer later on.

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