I was 5 days old when my parents were murdered.

In the dark forest, blue eyes flashed. They belonged to a she-wolf, gray, with a white snip. Her eyes scanned the forest wearily, a pup hanging from her jaws. Her feet made no sound as they ran across the icy ground. A dark dragga, the wolf's word for alpha male, followed behind her, a pup swinging from his jaws as well. His amber eyes were unusual for his black coat. No sound came from the little family, as they hurried across the open ground. Winter was late, red, orange and yellow leaves, still hung desperately to the trees. A sudden gust of wind blew the fallen leaves, and the drappa jumped, clearly frightened. Then they bolted. Leaves churning under their giant paws, they fled into the trees. As they drew near an opening in the trees, the drappa's eyes grew wide in horror. A lone black wolf, white spots on his muzzle, stood before them.

He smiled darkly, "Veren, Dedimus, long time no see."

The dragga drew forward, hackles raised, "Kerin, what are you doing here?" his voice a hard growl.

Both draggas bared their teeth, and drew up their tails, before Kerin answered. "I have a new job, brother; you see after I was exiled from your sniveling pack, I found a new one, more accustomed to my… tastes. Xe will be so excited to know I've found you. You see we've been looking for you for a long time."

His eyes were full of cunning as he sidled towards the other dragga. Dedimus let out a low warning growl; they began to circle each other.

Kerin's voice was taunting, "No where to run now brother, no betas to come to your rescue."

"Do you already forget the last time a beat you? You ran away, tail between your legs."

"Ah, but you see that's where you're wrong brother. I learn, I plan, I am not you." He spat with hatred. "Not that that matters now, your only inches away from your death, I guess I should thank you. After all, you've given Xe a reason to need me. Did you really think you could escape her decree?"

"At least we tried, what did you do except run right into her paws."

With a snarl, they sprang at each other; Dedimus immediately threw the pup to the drappa. Eyes flashed in the bushes, and reinforcements streamed out into the clearing. A brown dragga sprang for Dedimus's throat. Their snarls echoed around the clearing. A heart wrenching howl went out, then was cut off. A yelp was heard, and then the clearing went silent.

A small blue drappa padded confidently out of the forest. She inspected the bodies with glee, her muzzle becoming stained with blood. Kerin crawled over to her on his belly, and bowed.

"Xe, my queen, how may I be of service?"

"Shut up Kerin, no one wants to hear you talk. So they thought they could escape huh? Do others think like this?" She glared at Kerin, "Answer me Sikla!"

Kerin flinched from her words, his eyes rolling with fear. Sikla was the lowest name a wolf could be called. It was certainly unfitting for a strong dragga like Kerin to be called that.

"I'm sorry Xe, I, I, I, don't know!" With a yelp, Xe's paw racked across his face, drawing blood.

"Kerin, I tire of your ways, where are the pups?"

"Th, they, they're out in the forest, we didn't think,"

"You're not supposed to think!" she snarled, baring her teeth, "You're supposed to wait, and report to me. Why in the name of Wolfbane would you let day old pups…" She stopped, and blood stained lips, parted in glee, "Because they won't survive the night. Veren's pups won't make it on their own, they certainly won't survive the snow. You've done well, despite your stupidity Kerin. Now go, we must find other's that have wished to escape. Soon all the wolves will bow to my command, but first let us rise Wolfbane, like my foolish mother Morgra once tried to do."

The wolves shivered at the mention of the evil one. The pack followed Xe, down the slope and into the night. Xe and her pack's triumphant howls sounded through the valley. As the mist came in, the Balkar, Xe's pack, vanished.