Chapter Three:

Emerging Powers:


Boom! Serii had crashed into a stump that had appeared out of nowhere. Her vision swam, and she felt herself drop. She was swimming in darkness. Her paws churned, but to no avail, she kept sinking into the blackness. A flash of light burst through the darkness blinding her. When she could see again, she gasped. A dark castle loomed forbiddingly before her. The walls were crumbling, and an instinctive fear grew inside her. Man had built this. Turning tail she fled into the forest. She felt like had she been running forever. She stopped panting, and the hair on the back of her neck rose. It was the castle, she had just run in a huge circle! Pushing her paws back into work, she tore off, straight as a bullet. Wearily she collapsed at the first opening in the dark forest. Her amber eyes scanned the clearing wearily searching out the dreaded castle. As she realized it wasn't there she exhaled, tongue lolling. Wagging her tail happily, she felt it brush against something. Spinning around, she was looking right into the castle's gate!

Had she grown up in a pack, the wolf pack's storyteller would have told her the legends of Fell, Morgra, Larka, Wolfbane, Tor, Fenriss, Grasht, Sita, Dammam, Va, Fren and The Sight. The varg, the wolves' s special name for themselves, had many legends. The castle she was out now was the one of Fell, and Larka's, the castle Morgra's trial was held before, and more importantly, it was Wolfbane's castle. Wolfbane was the devil of the varg, Tor was the drappa goddess, and Fenriss was the dragga's god. Wolfbane's castle, was a dreaded place, it was a place of great power, and of loss.


Gritting his teeth against the wind that had suddenly picked up, he staggered forward. Leaves, and snow whipped into his face. Finally he found shelter under a thick bush. It didn't keep out everything, but it was better then staying in the open. Rain came down in huge drops. Grumbling, Galaed curled up, trying to keep himself as warm, and dry, as possible. As he drifted into sleep a flash of lite appeared around his body. Yellow, the exact color of his eyes, pulsated in a shield around His body. Raindrops that hit it bounced off, and his right front paw glowed with the same eerie yellow light.


Her body writhed in pain. She saw her sibilings rush over. She couldn't hear or answer them, she could only lie there helplessly, as green overcame her vision. She saw her body in the hollow.

"Why can I see myself?" she mentally screamed. "Oh my Tor I'm dead!"

Her panicked gaze looked closer at her body, her eyes glowed green. She saw Erender tell Iaca to try and get Jabella up. She tried to move and couldn't looking down at her own body, she gasped. She was the rabbit she killed, trapped by her own paws.

"But how can I see if I'm-it-is dead?" she wondered.

Suddenly her-its-body jerked, and with a flash of green she was back in her own body. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. Just that effort drained her energy. With a groan she shakily got to her paws. She felt her brother brace himself against her, keeping her upright. She saw his jaws move but she couldn't hear him.

"What if I can never he again?" she thought fearfully.


Icey blue eyes met see through gray. A old wolf, transparent as it was, was standing behind him.

"Who, who are you?"he whispered.

"You can see me?" the she-wolf asked, almost stunned, her rough voice cracking, "My it has been some time, since one of your kind could see us. As to the answer of your question, I am Morgra."

"Mor, Morgra?" he yelped. His coat bristled, where had he heard that name before.

"Child, you dare not know she who is Morgra!" she screeched, her voice hurting Ariss's ears.

"Um... no. What are you?" he asked, his eyes dancing with curiosity.

"A past on, one to have not forgotten. One of secrets and tales, and lies and tricks. One of the first, Queen of the Knight, raiser of Wolfbane,"

"That's all very nice and all," Ariss interrupted, "but Amber's going to be wondering where I am... Oh I know, come with me and then my pack can meet you!"

"Foolish pup! You dare talk to me this way? You shall pay for your ignorence!" her voice grating against his ears, as she began a dark chant,

"Of so long ago,

a deed goes unknown,

four pups, lives of taken,

memories must awaken.

The Sight,

returns to spite,

all those evil-minded,

truths unwinded.

The power to see,

those that flee,

Earth's painful bounds,

only to lie with Hell's hounds.

The one that flees one's own shape,

her eyes stay behind for others to gape,

To walk with the eyes of the killed,

their breathing goes unstilled.

Powerful visions that haunt one's night,

Will return with Wolbane's first bite.

A power from far above,

a token not of Tor's love.

Field of protection,

Not found by detection.

Four become One,

The lera will run,

And Wolfbane shall arise again!

All earth torn to pieces, and then

As dark becomes light,

As they win the spectral fight,

When water moves on its own,

And shields sprout right from the bone,

All will truly see,

What Larka could never truly be!"

Ariss stood at attention, his hackles rising as the chant ended. Then a voice that was not his own rang out.

"Morgra! Leave now! Return to the Red Meadow, you must pay for your crimes."

"Dear Fell, do you not remember when I raised you as one of my own? When you were born of ice, dark, and hatred?"the she-wolf said, her voice full of cunning.

"Go!" He thundered, and with blood red mist, she was gone.