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It was around 2 in the afternoon when Naru stepped away from the security check in. Tsunade and Jiraiya stood on the other side of the check in, staring at her, almost coldly to a stranger's glance. The only way to tell that they were depress, were the tears in their eyes that were stubbornly refusing to fall. Their only daughter was going to leave them for a long time and it was almost as dejecting as knowing that their little bundle of joy was all grown up. "I promise to call, otousama, okasama!" Naru promised as she bowed one last time to her only known family.

"Call us if you have any trouble." Jiraiya commanded. "Hai," Naru promised as she turned away to find a seat while she wait for her flight.

To any onlooker, just a glance of Naru was not enough. She was a sight that required more than mere moments to perceive. Her sunny blonde hair was a color that was rare if not nonexistent among the Japanese population. While her facial features were soft and feminine like many of her Japanese peers, none had the unique hair or sapphire blue eyes that she had. Her hair was left to fall down her back with a few strands falling in her face, framing her unique looks while reminding onlookers that she possessed qualities and looks that one may never see again. She had soft healthy skin that was paler than one would expect from a young woman and her plain white shirt and bright floral skirt did nothing to hide her petite form.

Naru sat patiently, ankles cross, and hands tucked in her lap with the plane ticket gently held between her hands, her only carry on was her laptop that laid on the seat next to her. To any onlooker, she looked like both classy and alluring. Her real parents were killed when she was a baby and was instead, brought up by her god parents, Jiraiya and Tsunade. They were a lot older than her parents, but they raised her well, teaching her traditions that many of her peers and elders had forgotten. She had a serene smile on her face, betraying nothing of her feelings.

Many would call her family crazy, since they still kept their traditions even though traditions had gave way to modern time. However, there were reasons for tradition, tradition meant being cultured, and it meant knowing how to hold oneself proudly without bringing shame to them or their family and it meant that they knew how to behave and control their emotions. Of course the only tradition that her family disciplined was emotions and personality. Know when to behave, when to have fun, and when to be oneself. Public areas were not areas to goof around, and she felt just as strongly as her parents on that issue and she will behave, bringing nothing but honor to her and her family.

"Flight 264 heading to New York, New York, boarding in 5 minutes. Please have your ticket ready for the attendant. Once again, flight 264 heading to New York, New York, please have your ticket ready for the attendant." The overhead voice announced cheerfully as Naru carefully got up and waited in line obediently.

Naru was taking a one way flight to America where she wanted to start a life for herself as her parents did. Her father, Jiraiya was a famous author who has written more than a few books that were published in more than 10 languages. Her mother, Tsunade was the head of the hospital in Japan. She oversaw all the medical workers along with the billing department. There wasn't any large or small order that was carried out without her knowing.

Naru had graduated from University of Tokyo with a major in computer engineering. She had hoped to be able to find a job in America since there weren't so many openings in Japan. Her family had agreed as long as she promised to be safe and checked in on them at least once a month. The reason why she had chose New York, New York, was the fact that Wulf incorporated, was located there. It has led the computer industry for the past 5 years with hardly any competitors in sight. Now if only she can get her hands on a position there.

She smiled sweetly as she handed her ticket to the attendant and moved forward towards the airplane. She found a window seat towards the middle of the airplane and ignored her surroundings as she waited patiently for her 20hour flight to New York. She only looked once to smile friendly to the stranger that dropped loudly into the seat next to her, after all, you might as well be friends with the person who will keep you company for 20hours.

"Well I be damned," the guy smirked as he glanced at Naru. "I must be the luckiest bastard on this plane to sit next to a beauty like you," He whistled, staring at her intently.

"I highly doubt I'm as good looking as you say," Naru said blushing lightly. She was only wearing a white shirt and yellow floral skirt. There was nothing pretty about that.

"Of course not, you're better!" he announced as he stared at the beauty. Her sunny blonde hair alone was enough to make him go crazy. There weren't too many Japanese blood that carried that color of hair, less alone sapphire blue eyes.

"Zabuza," the guy said as he grabbed her hand to shake. Naru smiled. "Naru… You look like a criminal," she said laughing slightly. He did. The guy was a giant compare to Naru. He was wearing a tank top; his well tanned body could be seen through his thin clothing. It didn't help that she noticed the way that his muscles ripped as he shook her hand. And his black spikes definitely did nothing to help with his image.

"Well, I'll definitely commit some crimes just to see what you got under there." He leered, leaning in closer to her. She only smiled as she pushed him away. "I'm sorry but I'm not interested in any crimes you might commit for me."

"Well, damn if only you said yes," he said as the flight attendant interrupted the conversation to instruct everyone their safety codes.

"If you can buckle your seatbelt please, we will be flying shortly," she announced as Zabuza reached over to buckle her in before she even had a chance to do it herself. She ignored the fact that his hand was hovering over her private area as she pretending he wasn't violating her space.

"I do have two hands you know," she said as he just grinned at her. "Gotta make sure the beauty stay safe," he winked as he repeated the process with his own belt.

She had leaned against the window, thinking, staring, and realizing that this was it. It was going to be the start of her own life. Of course she had both Jiraiya and Tsunade help, but this time, they weren't going to be there to catch her. She was nervous but she ignored it as she turned to look at her handsome companion.

"So what do you do for a living?" She questioned as he pulled his chair back, ignoring the personal space he was invading from his behind.

"I work for a huge company in New York, New York. I'm one of the people in charge of handling security." He said grinning. "It pays very well by the way," he said suggestively. "I hate to be rude if you think I only care money," she said eyebrow rising slightly. "Why would you want to sleep around with a woman who cares about money anyways?" She asked. He chuckled. "If only you seen the types of women that comes to work with us. I was beginning to think all women were as shallow as the ones I've seen," he announced. "I think I just fell in love with you," he proclaimed grabbing her hand and placing it against his heart.

"I think you're crazy," she said as she pulled her hand away. "I might not be offended but you certainly don't seem too sane," she said amusedly.

"Well beauty, what are you doing going to New York anyways?" Zabuza asked curiously. "There's a computer company that I've heard a lot about located in New York. I graduated with a computer engineer major and was hoping to find work in computer development." She announced. Zabuza nodded knowingly.

"You're talking about Wulf Incorporated, aren't you?" He asked. "Is it really that famous?" She asked curiously. "Well, besides being the leader of computer science, it is also famous for another reason," he said smirkingly slightly. "What else is it famous for?" She questioned curiously. "I won't tell you, but you can ask any girl why she would want to work there." He announced, eyes laughing, knowing that he knew something that she didn't.

"Well if it wasn't such a great corporation, I wouldn't want to work there, as I didn't want to leave my country for it," she said crossing her arms. "Oh don't worry beauty, whether or not you want to, you'll find out why it's famous," he said gleefully.

"I highly doubt I'll find it as interesting as these other girls you talk about. And if what you say is true, I think the reason why it's famous is because of a bachelor there, isn't it?" She answered. "Darn, so you knew already?" He asked. "Of course not, you just say that all the girls are interested in working there, and we were talking about shallow girls earlier, so I just imagined it has to be about a boy," she answered smiling.

"So you're not interested in the bachelor then?" Zabuza asked curiously. "Of couse not, I'm here for a job opportunity, not for a man," she said as she leaned against the window yawning.

'Well isn't that interesting,' Zabuza thought staring at her. If only she knew he worked for the said company and knew that he could get her a job there if she wanted.

"What if I said I can get you a job there? Not as a computer developer, but as a personal secretary. Only the boss can transfer you if he feels the need to. But at least it'll give you a chance to get into the company," Zabuza offered. "But of course, we have to check to make sure that you're capable and willing to deal with the work that comes with the job."

Naru blinked in surprise. "You really can get me a position in that company?" She asked in awed. "I didn't think I'll come across such a wonderful opportunity especially since I haven't even settled in New York yet." She admit as Zabuza grinned at her.

"If it means I can see you everyday beauty, I definitely gunna get you a position there. But you just gotta promise me not to drool over boss."

"Wait…when you said you worked for a well known company, you didn't mean Wulf Incorporated, did you?" She said as if it dawned to her that she just won a golden ticket to a hard earn position.

"Well, yes, but like I said, I can only get you hire as our boss' personal secretary, and it'll be up to yourself to get transfer to the department you want."

"Thank you! That's more than I had hoped for. I was just hoping to find a place first before trying to get a position in that company. Heck I didn't even think I was going to be able to get into that company so soon." Naru's eyes sparkled in joy at the thought of such a wonderful opportunity.

"Well, we'll see beauty. This job might not be what you expect," Zabuza said knowingly. "Hell, you might even fall for our boss," He joked.

"I have better things to do than to fawn over a male like that," Naru said

"Well, you never know." He said as Naru yawned.

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