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Naru was more than grateful once her lunch break was over. Kakashi himself had come to steal Naru away from all the attention she was getting from the young boys and young girls too, in Kakashi's point of view.

"Thank you," she said as she followed him back up the elevator. He nodded as he crossed his arms, waiting for the elevator to stop on their floor. "So…what's on the top floor?" Naru asked breaking the silence. "My apartment." "You live on top of the corporation?" Naru asked in awed. "I'll show it to you after work today," he said grinning at her slightly. She nodded as she played with her hands. "What are we doing after work anyways?" She asked nervously. "That's a surprise." He responded, as she got fluster. "I'm sure you have better things to do than to babysit me," she mumbled. "I'm not babysitting, we're going to go have some fun tonight," he promised as they parted ways on the top floor.

Kakashi had gone back to his office to look over the topics that they were going to cover tomorrow. He didn't want to scare the little one, but it was going to be a meeting with 6 different corporations, including some from Japan and getting them to sign the contract that his Naru had put together the other day. It was mostly dealing with dealers and trying to gain control of the markets. Of course he knew how well Wulf's products were, but it didn't mean that there was no competition.

Naru went back to her desk, reloaded her computer and reopened her email. She had already planned out Kakashi's schedule for the next two weeks and he had sent her another email to type up a contract. This one unlike the other one was one to deal with his suppliers. He wanted her to try to lower the pricing so that he in turn could sell his new upcoming W-HT at a cheaper price.

So a few hours later when she finished typing it up and printed out a draft for Kakashi's approval, she knocked on his door. "Come in," he said as he circled one last paragraph before looking up at Naru.

"This is what I have so far," she said as she handed the draft to him. He looked it over and nodded in approval. "I didn't include it in here, but I was wondering since your suppliers are only selling you the parts, I'm sure you can make a deal with them to give them a couple of the models in exchanged for a certain amount of supplies. Not only will it be cheaper for you, but they will probably end up saving some money on it too." She said thoughtfully. Kakashi thought it over. "Do not include that in the contract. If we are to do something like that, I don't want it on that piece of paper. We can type a separate one in case something get screw up." Naru nodded. She was getting ready to leave when Kakashi stopped her.

"Save what you have so far, you can finish it later," he said as he started to reorganized his desk. "We're done for today?" Naru asked confused. "It's still early though." "Well, I have better things planned that we should take care of first. Plus you've already taken care of the important." He said. He didn't want to tell her that she probably ahead of her workload he had planned for her. "Kay," she said as she went to clean up her desk.

Kakashi had grabbed her gently by the elbow as he led her back to the elevator. He took out a card and inserted it into the elevator system. Then he pressed a couple of the floor numbers before it closed up and took them up to the next floor. "Interesting," she said. "Itachi had set it up for me a while back," he admit as he put his card away.

His pad was dark and lonely. The perimeter was covered in bulletproof fiberglass and she could see the bay from her view at the elevator. "Come sit down while I change," he said as he motioned to the sectional microfiber couch. His pad was decorated in black and white furnitures, with a 60" LCD television. She nodded as she sat down. He had no pictures, no colors, nothing to even give her a hint of his lifestyle. The place was covered in carpet, clean and she could not see one thing out of place. Heck, there wasn't even a magazine on the coffee table in front of her.

"So what do you think?" he asked as he joined her on the couch. "It's very lonely," she said glancing over at him. He had changed into a navy blue button up shirt, but similar to this morning, he left the top two buttons alone and once again exposed his chain necklace to her. "It's a bachelor pad. I'm busy working so there's no need for things that I don't use." He said as he motioned her to stand up. She followed him as they went down to the first floor where he nodded to Hinata. Knowing the drill, she called his driver to the front door. "Lets go," he said leading her out the door as she waved to her new friend goodbye. "Have fun," Hinata called after the couple. It was very sweet in her opinion.

"Hello Jason," Kakashi nodded as he greeted his driver. "Hello sir," Jason responded as he opened the door for the couple. Naru smiled and politely thank the man as she got into the car, Kakashi right behind her.

"Where will we be going today?" Jason asked as Kakashi and Naru buckled up. "Over to Orochimaru," he said. Jason nodded. "Who's he?" Naru asked looking at her companion. "You'll see little one," he responded patting her on the head. She frowned. "Little one? I might be small and young, but doesn't mean I should be the little one," she said pouting. He smiled. "Whatever you say little one." He said solemnly. She pouted as she folded her hands in her lap. The little one…she silently scoffed.

Jason smiled, it was the first time in a long time since his boss had ever had a female in the car with him. Even longer if he could ever remember a time where Kakashi had a nickname for someone.

Kakashi grinned, seeing how pouty she was that he was referring her to the little one. Many girls tried to get him to even remotely be endearing, and here it was handed to her on a silver platter and she was pouting.

"We're here sir," Jason announced as he turned off the car. Kakashi nodded as he unbuckled his seatbelt and open the door. Naru followed behind him as he reached for her hand. She blinked and grabbed it as Kakashi gently helped her out of the car. She blushed at his attics. It was going to make her fluster if he kept on treating her like a gentleman. I wish you were 50 she declared quietly, stubbornly refusing to fall for her boss. It was beyond clichéd and was not worth the career she was after. He refused to let go of her hand as he led her into the shop in front of them. Naru, being distracted, didn't noticed that they had stepped into a furniture store.

She blinked. "What are we doing here?" she asked when Kakashi squeezed her hand. "Itachi had informed me that your house had absolutely nothing in there," he said as he pulled her forward deeper into the store. "I have money you know," she said, trying to dislodge her hand. He refused as she sighed. "I don't want to depend on someone else when I want to try to earn my own passage," she said when she figured he was too stubborn to drop it.

"Well, you earned it. It's not coming from your parents, but instead from your boss. Think of it as a bonus for doing such a good job the first two days," he said eyes crinkling in a smile. "I can't accept that," she protested quietly. "I know, but I feel better if you have real furniture . Aren't you here to please me?" he asked pretending to pout. She sighed. "What are we buying here?" she finally gave up.

"Well! Everything," a stranger teased as he came out of the shadows. "Don't tease her Oro." Kakashi muttered as he pulled her forward. "Oro, Naru," he said as he waved to the light skinned man in front of her. She blinked. He was the palest and most sick looking man she had ever laid eyes on. "Nice to meet you," Naru bowed. "Your skin is so pretty," Oro said enthralled as he grabbed Naru's chin. "I would kill to have your skin." He said seriously. Kakashi coughed as Naru blinked. Was this man serious? He got to be if he was in her face like that. "Oro, stop it," Kakashi commanded as he pulled Naru closer to him.

"You ruin my fun shi." Orochimaru pouted. "Here are what we have in storage and I can deliver it to her within a few hours," he said as he handed a think binder to the couple. "I want you to get every furniture you need," Kakashi commanded. "I know you don't have anything in that apartment, so don't try to fool me with just getting a couch," he said as Naru started to flip through the pages. She was a little overwhelm by the amount of furniture that the man had in stock. "Were you looking for anything in particular?" Orochimaru asked as he motioned the couple to his desk.

"Not really," Naru trailed off. "Oro is the one that got my furniture for me and he set up everything himself," Kakashi admitted as Orochimaru nodded. "Describe your place and lets see what I can come up with." "Um…it's has a light brownish tint to the hard wood floors. The kitchen cabinet is probably a cherry wood type of color? The granite top in the kitchen along with the island is black with white speckles. The bedroom is a beige carpet and the bathroom is a pale blue marble floor with a light peachy color granite counters and tub. Something like that." Naru mumbled as Orochimaru wrote down what she said. "Any favorite colors for furnitures?" "Um…probably cherry, burgundy, and the neutral colors like…white, black, tan, something like that." She said. "I really don't know," she said looking confused. "Don't worry! You're with Oro, and he'll make sure it's perfect!" he declared as he stood up. "Just stay out of your place until I call you," he said as Kakashi nodded. "Before I forget, I need the actual address," he said as Naru nodded and scribbled her address. "Iruka will show you the place," Naru said as Kakashi grabbed her hand again.

He tugged at her as she smiled and bowed to Orochimaru. "Thank you for your help," she said as Orochimaru looked surprised. "You're so cute. I can just squeeze you if you didn't belong to Kakashi." Kakashi sighed pulling Naru towards the door. "Kabuto! We have work!" Orochimaru called out and she heard some sort of gibberish reply before she was pulled out of the store. Kakashi opened the car door before gently pushing her in.

"Where to sir?" Jason asked politely when the two return back into the car. Naru sighed when she heard her next designation. "Bed, bath and beyond." Kakashi grinned. He was going to treat his little Naru to a world she's never been in. Hell, she'll probably still end up spending less money than most of the girls he'd taken out.

Apparently, the whole city knew Kakashi. As soon as they got into the store, they were greeted by the security guard that asked for an escort through his radio. They waited patiently by the door before a bubbly girl came out and looked crestfallen when she saw Naru with Kakashi. "Hello sir, my name is Tifanny, and I"ll be your escort today," she said Kakashi nodded. We're going take a look around the entire store," he said grinned as he grabbed Naru's hand before she could protest.

"Why don't we start with the sheets then," she said as she led them through.

Kakashi was crazy. There was no other way to describe this man. What he spent on her so far tonight was probably going to be more than her year's worth of pay. That was no little bonus. Hell, he looked so happy leading her that she almost felt bad saying no to him buying stuff for her. But that's not who she was. She refused to let a man spoil her like this. But how was she supposed to turn down the supposedly most eligible bachelor of the year. And it wasn't even his first year…apparently it was going to be his 5th. God damn that handsome man.

She was once again scribbling her address to the lady as the store was going to have to deliver to her place. Kakashi had bought her almost everything he could. Bedsheets, pillow, pillow cases, hell, he was even going to buy her one of everything. Of course that was a threat for her to give up and just tell him what she did not have at home so that he didn't end up buying the entire store. Of course it was a real threat because the sales lady had encouraged him and saidthat to buy one set of everything was only going to cost him around 57,398 dollars before tax. He had gleam in his eye and stared at her as he gleefully took his debit card out of his wallet. She caved really quick after that.

"That was exhausting," she groaned when they settled back down into the car. "We're not done yet," he said chuckling when Naru looked at him almost pitifully. "We have to get dinner at least," he said, nudging her. She brightened up and looked at him smiling. "Only if I get to pay. Or else I refuse and demand to go home before I end up causing a scene if you still take me." She said crossing her arms. Kakashi grinned. "Well fine little one, since you had allowed me to smother you with gifts, then I guess I should only let you return the favor," he said as he poked her teasingly on her forehead.

They had Italian. She ordered a simple spaghetti with shrimp. He got the seafood marinara. They talked about simple things such as their likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams. She had a good time. When they finish she paid, true to his word. When they got up to leave, Naru felt an ache in her heart. Talking with Kakashi had felt good. She felt like a normal person with feelings. But like all great things, it must come to an end.

Once in the car, Naru gave Jason her address and they didn't talk much after that. Naru was leaning back against the seat and Kakashi was staring out the window. When they arrive, Kakashi turned to look at her and noticed that she had fallen asleep some time earlier. "Why don't you just take us to my place," Kakashi said as he gently unbuckled Naru's seatbelt. He gently laid her down in his lap and stared her serene face. He liked how soft her hair felt when he ran his fingers through it, combing out any tangles she had. Jason didn't say anything when he saw how happy Kakashi was. Instead, he concentrated on driving slowly, avoiding bumps as to not wake up the sleeping beauty in Kakashi's lap.

She woke up briefly when Jason picked her up, so that Kakashi could get out of the car. But she went back to sleep, tired from the day's work and instead just drifted back to sleep when Kakashi muttered tenderly and soothingly telling her to sleep and that he'll take care of her. Of course, they never saw the shadow standing around the corner, waiting for Kakashi to arrive. But as soon as it appeared, it disappeared back into the dark night.

Kakashi carried Naru back into the building where Itachi was still there. He raised an eyebrow but did nothing more than that when Kakashi walked by. "I think she'll need a new pair of clothing in the morning if you have a meeting." Itachi stated as he went back to his work. Kakashi grinned. He could buy another gift for his little one with a good excuse too.

"See you tomorrow," Itachi nodded as Kakashi disappeared into the elevator. Naru was light. She wasn't tiny, just petite, and she felt so good in his arms. When they arrived at his place, Kakashi gently carried her into his bedroom. He slowly and carefully disposed her onto the bed before he covered a blanket over her. She snuggled deeper into his pillows, letting out a sigh when she breathe in his cologne and earthy scent. A bit spicy with a touch of dirt, if it could even be described like that. He stood contently by the door, staring at her, respecting her privacy.

"If only I can keep you here," he said as he sighed, closing the door quietly. Instead he chose to sleep on the couch, it wasn't the first time and probably not the last either.

Naru was beyond confused when she woke up the following morning. The bed was different, the room was different, and Kakashi was standing by the door staring at her with a smile on his face. She blushed and looked under the blanket quickly to make sure that she was still dressed. She sigh in relief and glanced back at the door at Kakashi who chuckled. "I won't take advantage of you when you're sleeping," he teased as he held a clothe hanger. On it was a dress, with a buckle and he was even holding shoes and stockings for her. She blinked. "What's that," she asked cautionly as she wiggled her way to the edge of the bed. "Your outfit for today," he grinned as she glanced back up at him. She sighed. "I guess that means you're not letting me go home to change." she stated as she got out of bed, smoothing her wrinkled skirt and blouse.

"You're already at work, so there's no reason for you to go home now," he said cheerfully as he strolled forward and handed her the clothing. "Don't worry I won't peak," he said as he closed the door behind him and went out into the kitchen to pour her some orange juice.

She sighed again. He just kept on finding ways to spend money on her and it was starting to irritate her. But he was right, she was already here and plus she had a meeting that she should dress professional for. She just wanted to curse the guy but she knew he was just trying to be a gentleman. She sighed again.

The dress was simple, he didn't go all out on it, which is a good thing. It was a sleeveless dress that hugged her body and stopped at her knees. There was a slit on the side, but the slit wasn't very deep and it was a scoop neckline that flatter her bust without revealing it unless if she decided to lean forward in front of someone. He had even got her a jacket to wear over it and a belt that she buckled around her stomach. He was thoughtful enough to get her shorter heels, black, with matching stockings. She knew he was professional enough not to get her anything sexy...not that she didn't think it looked sexy, but less sexy than what he probably would have gone for.

She exit his bedroom and searched the room until she noticed him in the kitchen holding orange juice for her. He silently growled when he noticed her walking towards him.

She was dressed how every one of his employees was expected to dress, but somehow she made it looked sexy. The dress hugged her cuves, increased her bust, widen her hips, and the shoes even made her legs appear long. And somehow the jacket wasn't doing what it was suppose to do, cover her up! He growled again when she came foward. She reached forward to grab the orange juice and looked at him when his eyes darkened. " don't happen to have milk do you?" Naru asked nervously as she backed up. Kakashi grabbed her arm and pulled her foward to him. She might not have taken a shower yet but she smelled like him. And he liked that. He sniffed her gently before leaving a kiss on her forehead. "Little one, do you know how tempted I am right now?" he growled softly, nipping at her ear playfully. Naru shivered. "Maybe we should go to work then," she said meekly as she tried to push Kakashi away. He groaned as he resisted, holding her to his chest. Her petite form barely reached his shoulder and her warmth was making him go crazy. He was getting aroused when she had yet to do anything.

Naru didn't know what to do. She had not been in a situation where she herself was tempted to let the man through. She was torn between how wonderful the man in front of her was, and her job situation. Hell...what was her job situation..? To work for the man that she was being held by. Why couldn't life be easier where he was an ugly old man who was married and wasn't interested in her. Why did life have to tempt her from her goals by sending this man to be her boss. She groaned softly at her predicament and hell broke loose with that sound.

His eyes darkened and she didn't even have time to push him away when his lips covered hers. She didn't resist when he grabbed her arms and held them against his chest; the other hand pulling her as close as he could while his tongue darted out and trespassed into her's and stifled any sound she was going to make. She groaned when his tongue entered her mouth and she was lost in a sea of passion. There were no thoughts, only actions and so when she responded by sucking on his lips, he picked her up in one swift motion and carried her back into his bedroom, growling in the most primitive form, wanting and needing to mark what belonged to him.

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