Alphabet Challenge

Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Pairings: Graverobber/Shilo

Author's note: I was going to do this as a group of fics, but now they're gonna be separate stories. Just easier that way ^-^


She hadn't realised just how cold she had become sitting on the cold cement of the street until the heavy warmth of the leather coat landed itself over her pale, blood stained skin. It dislodged her wig slightly, and she grabbed it to keep it in it's proper place as she almost cricked her neck to look at the shadow that was cast over her. She could hardly fail to recognise the face scowling down at her. She doubted she would forget Graverobber's face in years, let alone the hour since he had bowed away from her on the back of a body disposal truck.

And they say romance was dead, she absently quibbled, Though by the smell of the coat, she wouldn't be surprised if he was. Sweat, death and dirt clung to it more than the fur around the lapels, which she now noticed had fallen away in places.

She asked him silently why he was taking pity on her.

"I'm not having any deaths on my patch, kid, especially not one like you," there was a moment where they shared a meaningful gaze, before he broke it as he tapped her nose, "'Doubt there's much in there for me to get."

His blasé words were a thin mask, though neither would point it out. Tough-ass drug-dealers didn't really go in for emotions so much.

Neither did the orphans of Repomen.