A/N: I have been reading these 'Grey's characters in high school' fictions and it inspired me to write one of my own. Only, it won't be focused on one couple or one character, it will be focused on all of them. Including George, because I miss him way too much not to make him a part of this. I will write another chapter, actually, it depends on how many people like it. If you all want more, I will give you more. I'm basically going to be making this up as I go along. It's not all planned. FYI: Meredith and Lexie don't know they are sisters yet.

Chapter One: First Day of School

It's a new school year, a time for old friends to reunite, a time for brand new relationships to form, and a time to learn. Let's not forget about the drama. What would high school be without high school drama? What these students don't know yet, is there will be plenty of high school drama this year. Drama with old friends, new friends, and everyone in between.

Let's begin with Meredith Grey, she is a junior this year. Her hazel eyes searched the halls for any familiar faces after the first bell rung. A smile crept on her face when she spotted that handsome, dark-haired boy, "Derek!" She called his name as though she hadn't just seen him the week before.

He was standing by his locker on the Junior and Senior hallway, and smiled when his eyes met with hers. Walking across the hall, she kept her eyes locked with his until she filled the space between them and pulled him into a hug.

"Hey, pretty," he smiled, pulling out of the hug to kiss her cheek.

This provoked a giggle to be released from Meredith's lips, "Hey."

A timid girl turned the corner with her folder and some books filling her arms. But her, along with everything she was carrying, went flying when Alex Karev turned the corner talking to one of his wrestling buddies and bumping right into the girl. Before she hit the floor, she bumped into Meredith. A frown filled Derek's face as he watched Alex continue to walk down the hallway without any care for the girl he had just knocked down, "Karev, you know, you could at least apologize."

But he merely turned his head and scoffed, "Whatever," then kept walking.

Meredith bent over to help the girl gather up her things, "Nevermind Alex, he can be a real jerk sometimes."

"More like all the time," Derek said, helping the girl up from the floor before Meredith handed her her things.

"It's okay," she told them, "thank you."

"Are you new here?" Derek asked her.

"I am… and I'm a little lost. Could you point me in the direction of the freshman hallway?"

"Sure," Meredith told her, "if you go straight down that hall, all the way down, you'll find a hallway with a red sign that says A Hall. That's freshman hall," Meredith pointed, "You mind if I see your class schedule?"

"Sure," she answered, handing Meredith the small, blue sheet of paper.

Meredith's hazel eyes scanned over the paper, "Oh, hey," she started, "We have fifth hour together. That's Mr. Morales. He's a good Spanish teacher. But you're new, so he might pick on you a little bit. You learn to get used to it."

Derek looked over Meredith's shoulder and something on the girl's schedule caught his attention. The girl laughed softly as Meredith gave her back her schedule, "So I guess I'll see you fifth hour, then?"

"You will," Meredith smiled as the girl departed down the hall, "She was nice," she said, turning to Derek.

"Yeah, and you two share more than just your fifth hour class."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. Her name was Alexandria Grey," he paused, "She could be your sister," joking, he put his arm over her shoulder as they started down the hall. Meredith playfully rolled her eyes.


In the back of the AP English class sat Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt who started dating last year when Owen was new to the school. The room was nearly empty. Not all of the students have entered the classroom yet.

"I'm glad we have first hour together," he smiled in her direction, turning in his desk so he could face Cristina behind him.

"Oh yeah? And why is that?" Cristina asked curiously, cocking an eyebrow.

"I'm not a morning person, so starting off my mornings seeing you will make the rest of the day a lot easier."

Cristina playfully stuck a finger in her mouth and pretended to gag herself, then she let out a soft laugh. Her dark eyes dashed around the classroom, "I wonder if Mer will have this class," she paused, seeing an unfamiliar face enter the room, "Huh, she's new."

Owen's eyes followed Cristina's, and they widened when his eyes met with the other girl, "Teddy," he said to himself.

"Teddy?" Cristina's face twisted as she watched Owen get up from his seat.

"Teddy," he said loud enough for the girl to hear this time.

Teddy's face lit up and she opened her arms to him, "Owen."

Cristina's expression remained the same as she observed the two of them.

"Wow, what are you doing here?" Owen asked, pulling out of the hug.

"My dad got a job here in Seattle," she smiled at him.

"Come here, there is someone I want you to meet," he took her by the hand and lead her to an empty desk beside Cristina before sitting back down in his own desk, "Teddy, this is Cristina… she's my girlfriend," he said, smiling at the brunette.

Suddenly, Teddy's brows lifted and a shocked expression filled her features, "Girlfriend?"

Cristina's face twisted again at her reaction, "Yes," she said with an attitude, "he said girlfriend."

"Oh, I didn't -- I meant, yay, girlfriend," she nervously chuckled.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Cristina slumped back in her seat and avoided looking at the other girl.

"Cristina, Teddy and I went to middle school through sophomore year in high school together, and we've been best friends for a long time."

Cristina rolled her eyes, "Congratulations," she said sarcastically.

Outside, Alex had the gorgeous redhead, Addison Montgomery, against the brick wall of the school building.

"Alex, I need to get to the gym. I'm going to be late, and late is not something I wanna be on the first day of school," she giggled as Alex placed kisses on the crook of her neck.

"Ads, it's only gym."

"Seriously," she grinned, and finally he removed his lips from her neck, "You're a bad influence."

He smiled at her before pushing his lips into hers for a moment.

"I'll see you after class," she told him, beginning to walk away before she felt a strong, firm hand smack her ass, eliciting a shriek from her mouth. Her jaw dropped as she looked back at him, but he could plainly see the smile on her face, "Alex Karev," she playfully scolded him.

"You liked it," he grinned, watching her roll her eyes and continue down the sidewalk.

When Alex entered the school building, he spotted Izzie Stevens coming down the hallway, and she spotted him as well. But as soon as her eyes connected with his, she rolled them and avoided any contact after that.

"Izzie," he sighed, "How long are you gonna act like this toward me?"

"Leave me alone," she said, passing him in the hall.

"Izzie," but before he could turn to face her, she had entered her classroom.

Just as she entered the class, the bell rang. She felt a little satisfied that Alex was late for class. Izzie entered the class further and dropped her backpack to the tile floor, plopping down into a chair next to George. She then laid her head on the table.

"Looks like we have art class together," he paused, noticing the look on her face, "Something wrong?"

She just sighed deeply, "Alex is here."


"Yeah," she said, lifting her head up for a moment, "I thought you said he would be at a different school this year?"

"That's what I heard from Cristina," George told her, leaning his temple against his fist, "You can't still be mad at him. That happened like three months ago."

"It still hurts, George," Izzie snapped at him. She let out another sigh and laid her head back down, "I wonder if he still goes out with Addison."

George shrugged his shoulders, "I doubt it. I mean, they didn't seem to like each other very much after he… you know…"

"It's okay, George," she sighed, "You can say it. After he cheated on me."

George looked at her sympathetically.

"You know, if Alex is still with Addison, I feel bad for her. He's gonna break her heart just like he broke mine. You know what I think," Izzie continued to ramble on, lifting her head from the table again, "I think he's just trying to get into all the girls' pants at this school. Just sleep with them, and toss them aside. He's such a manwhore. Right next to Mark Sloan on the list of manwhores…"

Then, suddenly, she heard someone loudly clear their throat from behind her. "That's not very nice," Mark said with a grin on his face.

"You can't deny it," Izzie winced at him.

"Did I say I was denying it? I just said it wasn't very nice," he winked in her direction with that same smirk on his face.

Meanwhile, in Callie's first hour Science class (most of out characters' favorite class), Callie sat near the front listening to the teacher's monotone explanation of the classroom rules and regulations. As he was speaking, a beautiful, dimple-faced blonde entered the room, "Sorry I'm late. I had a little trouble finding the class."

"Alright, have a seat. I'll excuse it, but this will be the first and last time," Mr. Rivon said. The blonde nodded and found an empty seat right next to Callie. She flashed a dimpled smile in her direction before the teacher proceeded to give the rules. But he didn't get too far along before his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. He paused, reading the caller ID and he lifted his finger to the class, "One moment, I need to take this. Just remain quiet," and then he stepped out of the classroom and he students started to talk amongst themselves.

"Hi," the blonde said, her tone was perky, "I'm Arizona Robbins," she extended her hand to the other girl.

"Callie," she replied, shaking her hand.

"This is a nice school. The halls are a little confusing, but other than that," she ended her sentence with a soft giggle.

Callie smiled at her, "Yeah. I remember when I was new here, It took me forever to find my way… I can help you if you want?"

Arizona nodded, her dimples having yet to disappear, "Sounds like a plan."

All conversation ceased when Mr. Rivon stepped back into the room, and the two girls shared one more smile with one another before paying attention once more.

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