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Jinx sighed and wrapped her arms around her waist as she walked down the sidewalk, the chilly wind biting at her exposed flesh and blowing through her thin clothes. She was once again wearing her 'witch' costume, not because she was going back but because she was comfortable.

She wondered if Kid Flash was alright, where he was, what he was doing… if he missed her as much as she missed him.

All of last night she slept all of two blinks, her mind constantly rolling over the option to go back to the T tower and go see Kid Flash and how he was doing.

She didn't.

Part of her regretted that decision, but she knew that truthfully going back would have been a mistake for Kid Flash and for herself.

She turned a corner aimlessly, not really knowing or caring where she was going.

She continued walking but seemed to warm up a bit from the large warehouses blocking the wind from her. She had never been one to mind the temperature it was always the wind.

Silently she thanked the large warehouses from sparing her the pain of the niippy wind.

She continued to walk down the large alley way looking at the graffiti on the walls and doors as she walked by she froze when her foot made contact with something had and sent it flying across the pavement and landed rather hard.

She walked over to it and picked it up, it was a small vase with the top of it chipped off. She bent down and picked that piece up and put it where it belonged even though she knew the piece would not stick.

She looked over her shoulder from where she initially kicked it from and scrunched her face in confusion, why would somebody just leave a vase in the middle of the driveway?

She shrugged and took it with her as she continued to walk but froze suddenly when she heard a familiar evil laugh and an even more familiar grunt and groan from a certain young hero.

Jinx gasped and ran to the open warehouse door, the vase still in her hand.

She walked into the doorway and the image she saw would forever be in her mind. She shook her head and cried out.

"NO!" She screamed and threw the vase at Madam Rouge, the broken vase making contact with her head.

Madam Rouge cried out and fell to the ground, Jinx wasted no time as she ran to Kid Flash's side.

"Jinx" he rasped.

"Oh god Wally…" She whispered and looked up, looking for the device that was hurting the only person who had ever cared about her.

Madam Rouge in that time had gotten back up and recovered, taking the device up in her hands again.

"You've made your last mistake." She growled and threw out her stretched arm and punched Jinx in the face.

"No…" Kid Flash said weakly.

Jinx flew backwards and landed on her back, the back of her head making contact with the floor.

Jinx laid there for a moment, shaking the grogginess of the possible concussion and blinked rapidly.

Madam Rouge use that time to crank up the volume on the device, making Kid Flash's torture more painful.

Jinx got to her hands and knees and then to her feet, feeling dizzy but shaking the feeling for the sake of saving his life; she focused on her ability and jinxed the water pipe under Madam Rouge much like she had done to Kid Flash the first time she had been in this same warehouse.

Madam Rouge went flying in a evil wet mess against the far wall, the pressure of the water torrent propelling her much farther than it had with Kid Flash, and for that Jinx was grateful.

As Madam Rouge released the device as she flew through the air Jinx sprang into action, leaping in the air to grab the device before Madam Rouge could recover Jinx had jinxed it just as she had done the first time, releasing the already injured Kid Flash from his dangerous and painful prison.

Madam Rouge screamed in frustration, once again failing because of the meddling ex villainess. "Next time. Next time you will BOTH fall. You have not seen the last of me!" She shouted as she ran from the warehouse.

Jinx sighed in relief and put her hands on her knees her eyes wide with adrenaline and fear, when she remembered Kid Flash.

That's the second time she forgot about him… shit.

She ran to his still body, terrified it would be more like her nightmare than what actually happened last time. The thing that scared her most was that this time he was already in bad shape, the kind of stress the field could do on his existing injuries could be endless.

"Kid Flash…?" She said quietly, gently bringing him into her lap.

Kid Flash did little to move or to answer so she tried something else.


Kid Flash opened his eyes and smiled weakly. "Haven't we done this before..?"

Jinx resisted the urge to smack him, "Twice actually. So stop doing it." She ordered.

"See what happens when you leave me though? I get mobbed by a crazy killer villainess." He said looking down at himself to assess his own damage.

Jinx groaned. "Shut up." She looked around the warehouse, the water from the pipe raining down on them as if they were outside in the rain, it made her hair fall out of her 'demon spikes'. "We gotta get you back to the T Tower." She said, "Can you walk?"

"Yeah, I bet you're pretty tired of carrying me."

Jinx nodded a little, "Yeah, pretty much."

Wally flashed her a smile. "It's good to see ya Jinx. I was looking for you."

"You found me." She smiled back, she was glad he was in better shape than the last two times she had found him half dead.

Jinx helped him stand and put his arm around her shoulders and started to walk the two of them out, when she caught a glance of the vase she had found earlier. "Hold on a sec." She said and lead over to a crate so he could lean against it while she gathered up her helping friend.

"Where'd you get that?"

Jinx shrugged, "I stole it." She said simply.

Kid Flash had a look of utter shock but when she started laughing he smiled. "Gotcha." She said before pocketing it and going back over to him.

"Nooot funny Jinx." He said, a smile still plastered on his face, telling her it wasn't the worst thing she'd done.

The two of them set off but when Jinx got ready to change course and head for the Tower Kid Flash held back. "No…" He said simply.

"What do you mean no?" Jinx asked. "You need medical attention, and I don't think a hospital is the best idea do you?"

"No but we can still go to my place… I have things there…"

"Yeah and who's gonna help you, Stupid? Me? I don't think so. I don't know the slightest…"

Kid Flash held up his hand. "Just trust me." He said quietly.

Jinx glared at him but eventually gave in. "Fine."

The two of them changed course and walked to his place instead of the Tower or even Jinx's safe haven. It wasn't long until they got there but once they did and Jinx sat down on the recently cleaned couch she didn't get back up.

Kid Flash had run to his bathroom to get some medical things so they could patch themselves up only to find Jinx passed out on the couch.

At first the young teen thought it was cute and was going to let her sleep but soon after he found that something wasn't sitting right. She was breathing a little too shallow for his liking and she was in a strange position to be sleeping so soundly.

He flashed over to her and laid her down properly on the large couch, examining her to see if she was injured.

Sure enough she had quite the bump on the back of her head, a concussion had put her under.

Kid Flash became overly worried and protective. "Shit Jinx…" he muttered as he did what he knew he should to help the ex villain.

"Jinx can you hear me?" He stroked her wet pink hair out of her face.

She didn't respond which was beginning to panic him, now he knew how Kinx felt all the time.

"Jinx wake up." He begged, when still nothing happened he sighed and got up grabbed a cold damp cloth and put it on her forehead.

"C'mon Jinx… come back to me." He whispered next to her ear. "I should tell you something…" He started.

He pulled away from her and looked her up and down before continuing, his eyes darting across her beautiful features. "I think we could be perfect together… cus you see… I have bad luck too. Everything you saw me go through over the past few days…? You blamed yourself for all of it but you're wrong. It's not you its been my own bad luck." He confessed.

"So you see, we are together on this…" He sighed and stroked her hair back again. "You can't leave because… I need you to keep me out of trouble. Just as you need me to make you good. Don't leave me again Jinx… please." He finished. "I need you."

"Never again." Jinx mumbled. "I won't leave you ever again… but you have to promise me." She opened her eyes and looked up at his adorable freckled face, his mask off once more. "Promise me you won't leave me either."

The relief on his face was relieving for her as well which brought a smile to both their faces.

"I promise." He nodded and kissed her forhead.

Jinx beamed and sat up and placed a gentle kiss on the red head's lips. "As do I."


Jinx smiled and put the flower arrangment in the vase and smiled, making sure they were in the perfect arrangement.

Kid Flash came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist while resting h is chin on her shoulder gently. "You really like that vase huh?"

Jinx nodded. "Yeah. It brought me to you…"

Kid Flash nodded and turned her around in his arms. "No… I think it was just dumb luck." He smirked.

Jinx thought for a moment. "No, it was good luck."

Kid Flash beamed and kissed her on the lips with pure passion, Jinx smiled into his lips as she returned the passion.

The pulled apart and she was about to make a comment when thebig screen tv behind them came to life, Robin appearing on the screen.

"Titan's. We need you're help." He stated.

Jinx and Kid Flash looked at eachother and nodded as the screen went black. Jinx smiled and he nodded scooping her up and flashing out of the apartment, the two titans getting to work; saving the world… together.


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