Quick note: Before you read this and say, "Oh another romance, this will be boring." I want to say that the couple is based off a real couple and this would happen if the Hunger Games existed. It is not just another romance

Ariel's POV

"For the one hundredth Hunger Games, and the fourth Quarter Quell, in memory of all the loved ones the Capitol members lost at the hands of the rebels, whichever female is picked, the closest male by blood relations will be chosen as the male tributes."

That can be easily averted.

"The male tribute will not be limited by age."


"Volunteering is prohibited."

Double Crap.

If volunteering were an option, we would be fine, seeing as though we are in a career district. Many kids who would have volunteered will be pissed, that or the line for tessarae's will be a mile long. How much lower can the Capitol stoop? Now they are striking at us as if we are actually human, but still we are just pieces in these Games. I want to spit at the television, but mother would get onto me for that.

I cannot help but wonder what would happen if I were picked since male member of my family died a few months ago in a family fishing disaster. Just a man's day out turned into an enormous tragedy that left all the wives, daughters, and sisters in our family grief stricken and alone to fend for ourselves. A while ago, my aunt moved in with my mother and me so we get by a little more, but just a little.

"Knock, knock."

I turn from my position on the couch to see my boyfriend Mako at the door.

"Hey babe," I say as he enters and Killer, my (huge) dog, leaps over and slides over on his back so Mako has to bend over to scratch his belly.

"Didja see-"

"Yea," Mako mutters as he sits next to me. He kisses me and we make out for a while on the couch.

"Our 'three year' is coming up," he says, running his fingers through my hair. "You're going to love what I got you."

"I thought you said you made it."

"Well for the most part I did."

I roll my eyes at him. He stares at me for a while. When I ask why he says, "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Guess we don't really have to worry about you being picked," he says, smiling. "A lot of girls were lined up at the justice building to get tessarae's."

I laugh. Almost all of my girlfriends want to be in the Games. Mainly it is because they want to meet Finnick Odair, not the games, the mentor. My friends are so sallow.

Mako's POV

Ugh, Finnick is such a pretty boy. I watch him take a seat next to the female mentor, Annie…Annie something. She looks hysterical with her matted red hair and wild green eyes. When the mayor starts to read the Treaty of Treason, I scan the girls to find Ariel. I do just keep myself from falling asleep along with the other boys. I find her sitting with her other friends. She is wearing a loose off the shoulder top with an aqua blue skirt with…jeans underneath. I laugh softly. Oh Ariel. She is such a tomboy. She never likes to wear skirts, and when she has to, she always wears pants under them. She's a rebel of all sorts except morals, that one is for sure.

This year, there is only one large bowl, literally overflowing with slips of paper. Seven of those have my name. Six have Ariel's name. Neither of us needed a tessarae because district four is probably the third richest district, next to one and two. I do not know how district three was screwed over.

"Happy Hunger Games!" cries our announcer, Pearl Korl as she steps up and fishes around the overstuffed bowl before she pulls out a light blue slip of paper. She squints at the name and slowly tries to pronounce it. I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Ariel… Po-poseyi-don…"

Shit. The sound of many of the girls whining and swearing drowns out my worried groan.

"Aaaaand!" Pearl yells over the moans and groans. "Her male counterpart…is…"

She unfolds the rest of the paper, revealing another name. I do not even hear it. I just stare at Ariel as she reaches the stage and finds my gaze. Suddenly she lurches forward a bit and for some reason cries out in a heavy sob, covering her mouth with her hands. At first, I do not know why.

"Mako Hydra!" Pearl repeats.

That is why. I stand up, and walk up next to my girlfriend. Ariel practically falls into my arms and I hug her tightly as Pearl approaches us.

"So what are your relations to Miss Poseyidon?"

Ariel mumbles something into my shirt and when Pearl asks what, I say, "Poseidon. Not Poseyidon. And I am her boyfriend."

Pearl nods and explains to the crowd that since Ariel has no blood related males, I am the closest in relations to her.

"Let's give it up for our two tributes!"

Everyone but most of the girls clap for us. We are towed away to the Justice building and Ariel is still crying as we separate to receive our visitors.

Ariel's POV

I have a lot of visitors. First, my mother, but all we really do is cry. I feel like a child again in my mother's arms. Next is a few of my friends, but they do not say much. Then, unexpectedly, Mako's entire family comes in: His father, stepmother, brother, sister-in-law, and sister (who by now looks heavily pregnant). They all hug me and Mr. Hydra speaks.

"This is a difficult situation," he says. "But we all want you to know that you've always been a part of our family and that we love you."

Mako's sister stays behind and hands me the shark tooth necklace I had asked her to hold onto for me in case I was picked, to give to Mako after I was gone.

"I guess you'll want this back," she says softly. I curl my fingers around the small tooth and thank her. Then, she throws her arms around me and starts to cry.

"I always thought you two would get married," she sobbed into my shoulder. I pat her back until the Peacekeepers practically drag her out. After I call them some very un-lady-like names, they escort me to the car (very roughly) and then Mako follows in after me. I curl up next to him and he holds me tightly, resting his chin on my head.

"Who visited you?" he asks very softly. It takes a while for me to tell him but I do.

"What about you?" I ask him afterward.

"Ahab." His best friend. "My family, and Angla." My best friend.

We do not say anything else until we reach the train; even then, we are silent. We watch the other reapings in one of the train cars. The girl from 1 is paired with her father and they high-five, more than ready to fight. The tributes from two are sly looking twin brother and sister. The eighteen year old from five has fiery red hair that reminds me of a tribute from a famous rerun. She is partnered with her nine-year-old brother. The tiny redheaded boy sends chills down my spine. The rest are fathers, cousins, uncles, brothers, or even old grandfathers. The pair from twelve is both children from the same two victors. Not surprising actually, since I still think the reaping is rigged for the victors' children.

"This is so exciting," Pearl chirps. "You two are the only couple in the Games!"

"Shut up!" Mako yells, standing up. "Just shut up Pear! This is not exciting; it is sick! You do not have to watch your loved ones die right in front of your eyes. If it is so exciting then why don't you get out in the arena with your boyfriend?"

Pearl runs from the room, crying her eyes out. None of say anything else for the rest of the day, except for "goodnight".

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