I've been having the urge to do a parody for the longest, lol! And Roxas (well, Jesse McCartney) is a singer, so why not have him sing something? And why a girls' song? Well, to that, why not? ^_^ Use your imagination folks, you can do it.

The thing that might be a bit of trouble here is the way Taylor sings the song…it's more like she's talking than singing except for the chorus, but I tried my hardest to put this into as proper of a structure as possible. Shouldn't be too hard to catch on. So, please read and enjoy it!

Your mom kicks you out the car screaming at the top of her lungs

"Please try to have a good day at school!"

You've been home schooled all along and don't know anyone there

How could a parent ever be so cruel?


You push on doors that say 'pull' and everyone's laughing at you

And by instinct you wanna go cry

Instead you're starting to get pissed and you ball up a fist

And hit some jerk square in his eye…all right!


Cause you're just fifteen and

Suddenly thrown in a new world, you gotta sink or swim

And when you're fifteen and

Girls laugh at you cause you left your fly unzipped

So you close your eyes, want to die, cause this is the most embarrassing moment

At fifteen!


You sit in class next to some pyro named Axel

And somehow he ropes you into being his friend

The guy is tall and real lean, like some sort of string bean

And you wonder when last he's eaten?


And now he's coaxing you to set fire to the school

And something's telling you, no, this isn't quite right

He's got a can of lighter fuel

And a book of matches too

And you realize Axel's mind is not so right

No it's not right…


Also when you're fifteen and

You get a random idea and you've gotta go try it

And when you're fifteen you don't realize you can't skateboard off everything

While you writhe pain, think again, memorize to always look before you ever leap

I didn't know this at fifteen!


And all I wanted was to be wanted

Instead why am I always picked last for all of the P.E teams…?


Somehow you manage to get up your courage

To ask out this real pretty girl named Namine

And she doesn't just deny you, she laughs and walks by you

It's so fast, you barely know what's happened;

Your heart's broken!


And when you're fifteen and someone hot just rejects you

You're gonna get even

And when you're fifteen you instead turn around and date their best friend

Here's the thing, don't be mean, think of people and how nicely you could've treated them

No need to be a bastard to them

At fifteen


(Say 'blah' a bunch of times here!)

All on the first day…

One helluva first day…

And yet still four more years to go…

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