He doesn't deserve a bad rap

Jim Brass was considered an ass to some, but he didn't deserve it. He was just doing his job. He also had a daughter that he tried to have a relationship with, but she worked as a prostitute. He didn't really know her and keep in contact with her.

He cared about everyone equally. They were like sons and daughters to him. Deep down inside, he loved them, as if they were his children. Jim sat down at his desk, looking at a 'get well soon' card everyone sent to him when he was in the hospital…

"Jim is amazing; he is like a father to me. Even though we were worst enemies back then, I care about him." – Warrick.

"I agree with Warrick, he is amazing and he is like a father. He should be respected – he is the authority." – Nick.

"Who could miss his face? It is full of wisdom and power. If Brass goes or dies, I'll be so sad…" – Catherine.

"Jim maybe an ass on the outside, but he is a sweet, kind, lovable man. Get well soon, please." – Gil.

"Buck up and get well soon! I miss you; please get better! I care about you, even though you don't realise it." – Greg.

"Jim don't die on us. Everyone cares about you. You are an amazing man." – Sara.

"I miss talking to you, please don't go…" – Al.

Jim smiles and sets the card down. He realised that he didn't want to retire, it wouldn't be right. He would rather die next to his 'family' than retire. He knew he was surrounded by kind, loving people. Warrick (even though he's not there, he thinks of him as being a guardian angel), Nick, Catherine, Grissom (even though he's in France), Greg, Al, Sara, Ray, Hodges, Wendy, Archie, Mandy, David, Bobby, Henry and everyone else would miss him, even though they had no way of showing it.

It was the end of the day and he watched everyone leave… he smiled to himself and walked out the door, trying to catch up to Nick. "Hey Nick," he called.

"Yes?" Nick turned around.

"How'd you like to come get a drink with me?"

"I'd like that, Brass," Nick smiled.

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