Good Enough for Me

By Rhino7

Disclaimer: Hey guys. I don't own Kingdom Hearts, its characters or storyline. These ditties and Duke and McCallister are mine though. So, lately a bunch of little ideas have been cropping up in my head, but they aren't long enough to cut it as full oneshots, so they've just been accumulating as shorts. I thought I'd just post 'em as randoms.

These are mostly set in my Alliance-verse, but if you haven't read any of that, these should still be pretty easy to slip into. Enjoy the collection of ditties. The working title is a line from I'm Alive by Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews, which I have no affiliation with nor ownership of.


001 - Scare Tactic

"Okay, well, thanks for walking me back." Tifa desperately fumbled with the doorknob, turning it to escape into the apartment.

Oh dear god, he looked like he was trying for a kiss.

Not gonna happen.

The lights were on inside and Tifa thanked her lucky stars, letting the door fall open more than was necessary as she slid out of the hallway. A quick glance back showed Leon, not looking up from where he was working on something or other.

Her 'date' was either in pain or trying to give her a seductive Blue Steel look. Whatever it was, it failed miserably and she hid a grimace through a tight smile.

"Nice apartment." He remarked, a thinly veiled self-invitation, before abruptly choking on his words as he looked into the apartment, spotting Leon. Alarm and confusion flooded his eyes at the better built, taller, more muscled swordsman.

"Uh huh, good night." Tifa just closed the door.

With a heavy groan, she leaned her back against the door and let her bag fall to the floor. Leon finally looked up, though he looked thoroughly uninterested in what had just transpired.

"Thank you." She said, stepping out of her shoes and shuddering the bad date's overpowering cologne off of her.

"For what?" Leon grunted, closing a manila file folder.

"For being sexually intimidating." She glanced out the window to make sure the creepy date had left.

Leon snorted and rolled his eyes, getting back to work.

Tifa just shuddered once more. "I'm never letting McCallister set me up on a blind date again."


002 Master

"Here, girl…C'mere, Duke…Come on." Tifa clapped her hands, snapped her fingers, and tapped her knees.

The red-gold retriever perked her ears but didn't move from her curled up position on the floor.

"Come." Tifa patted her knee, sitting on the couch. "Roll over. Stand. Play dead."

"What are you doing?" Leon asked flatly from the other room.

"There's something wrong with your dog." Tifa replied, not looking up. "She's completely unresponsive."

She heard him moving around in his room. "Maybe she doesn't like you."

"Dogs love everybody." Tifa snapped and then looked back to Duke. "Here, girl. I'll pet you. I'll give you a treat." She coaxed.

"You can't bribe a dog." Leon walked out of his room and toward the door.

"I give up." Tifa sat up back in defeat. "That canine is untrainable."

Leon grunted and opened the door, stepping out into the hallway. Before closing it, he let out a shrill whistle. Duke immediately shot to all fours and hurried out after him.

Tifa scoffed and barely caught Leon's amused smirk as he closed the door after him.


003 Degrees of Separation

Tifa had barely climbed out of the Gummi onto the sandy shore of Atlantica when she was nearly bombarded by the dark haired girl.

"Excuse me. I'm looking for somebody." She chirped, sounding all too chipper for this early in the morning.

Tifa looked at the young woman's jacket, recognizing the pattern but unable to place where she'd seen it before.

"Join the club." She said, unloading her bag from the ship. "Who are you looking for?"

"He's tall and has brown hair."

Well, that narrowed the search down to 80 percent of the male population in the Alliance.

"Sorry, can you be more specific?"

The busy market crowd was quickly sweeping the woman away and out of earshot.

"His name's—" She stammered, trying to resist being battered away, but her words were lost in the yammer of the busy people around them

She appeared to give up after a few seconds and went on to start asking the others around her. Tifa finished unloading her ship and glanced back. The woman was enthusiastically questioning a peg-legged sailor. Her back was turned to Tifa. She had wings painted on the back of her jacket, which Tifa found odd and infuriatingly familiar.

The woman was quickly forgotten, however, as Tifa's bag ripped and her items and materials clattered to the sand. With a curse, she knelt to clean them up. When she stood again, the woman was gone and Tifa's thoughts were back on her mission.