Chapter 4

(On Her Way)

Sarah was more than a little excited as she arrived at the school with Professor Madison. She'd miss her family but the idea of getting back to the underground finally made her internally stay in a constant "happy dance".

"Ready Sarah?" The read haired woman asked.

"You have no idea!" Sarah said cheerfully as she got out of the car.

The woman smiled at her getting out. 'Oh yes I do,' She thought to herself. The professor walked around to the back of her Gold colored Toyota Camry and opened the back. She pulled out her large rolling luggage and then helped the dark haired girl get her own out. "Let's go."

Sarah didn't argue as she happily followed her professor out of the parking lot and up to a Charter bus that was parked in front of the school waiting to take the students and professors to the airport.

"Hello Sarah," Professor Jennings said upon seeing the dark haired girl.

"Hi Professor Jennings. Thanks for letting me come."

"Are you kidding? We need you!" Henry Parks announced walking up taking Sarah's bag from her. "You're too helpful not to come!" The Senior announced.

"Thanks," She said a slight blush forming.

"Yeah we have to have you!" Kara Masters agreed. "Come on Sarah!" The blonde woman took Sarah's hand and pulled her along behind her and onto the bus.

"It really wouldn't be right without her," Professor Jennings commented.

"No, it wouldn't," Marley Madison agreed. "Thanks for helping…"

"Forget it," The blonde woman replied. "The rule is stupid anyway. "Sarah's not a trouble maker; she's a sweet heart. Let's get going." Marley nodded and the two women boarded the bus. A few moments later the bus pulled away from the curb and headed for the airport.

Sitting on a barrette in Sarah's hair; in plain sight, and yet unseen, was Luna.

Professor Madison looked back and internally smirked. She alone besides Sarah knew of the tiny winged creatures' presence. 'Soon you'll both be where you belong,' The red haired woman thought to herself.

Princess Selina walked through the palace hallway with a very pleased smile on her face. Things were going quite well. Marley had been successful in convincing Sarah's parents to let her take her to London and it wouldn't be long and both women would be in London.

"Tell me that smile on your face is good news," Queen Jasmine said before rubbing the side of her head. "I seem to be initiated with bad news today; even Havana arriving in three days," The queen added openly annoyed.

The princess approached her mother and leaning over whispered into her mother's ear, "Marley and Sarah should be headed for London as we speak."

"Thank the stars!" Queen Jasmine said delighted. "Almost halfway then." Selina smiled and nodded excited. "Careful though, we both know things never go as easily as we want. You're father isn't to know yet." Selina went instantly calm and gave a rather royal nod. "Keep watch?"Seeing her daughter look at her questioningly she said, "We can't interfere but we can watch." Selina smiled and instantly disappeared in a shimmer of petals. "My day is finally looking up." Pleased the queen headed for the kitchens to discuss meals for the upcoming guests.

Riodan couldn't help but be impressed as he watched Sarah and Marley Madison board the plane bound for London. 'It seems my daughter is smarter than I thought.' The King of the Fae had everyone believing Havanah was his choice for Jareth's bride but in truth it wasn't. Riodan didn't actually care for Havanah or her family. She was simply from a very powerful family and he didn't think Jareth could gain the woman he loved. There was also the problem that some would oppose Jareth marrying a woman that had been a runner.

The King knew his son's heart belonged to Sarah though. Jareth hadn't been the same since he'd met Sarah. There were no more wild nights with women or constant parties. Jareth spent any free time trying to watch Sarah from a distance.

As the door to the boarding area closed the king frowned. Sarah was certainly on her way to the underground but even if she made it there she and Jareth would have to fight to be together. It wouldn't be easy and they would be tested. They would face what others of the underground never did. They would have to prove how strong they were together and apart.

Selina saw it as a matter of getting Sarah to the underground but Riodan knew better. Havanah was from a powerful family. Jareth and Sarah would need allies and he could not help them. The King of the Fae had to appear neutral and even distant where Sarah was concerned. It wasn't fair but it was the way it must be.

As a thought of his wife came to him he sighed. In this he would even have to be at odds with his own wife. Jasmine didn't like Havanah and the king knew she'd immediately support Sarah upon arrival. Still in the end it would not be her decision as to which woman wed their son. As King of the Fae he would have to choose the woman that had the most to offer the Fae as a whole; even if he didn't like her. Jareth was in line for the throne and so his wife must be capable of ruling the Fae.

"I hope you're as strong as my wife and daughter think you are, Sarah. They seem to have neglected to mention that once you enter the fae lands on your own behalf you are there forever; whether you win my son or not." He watched the plane carrying the woman his son loved take off and faded away. Time would tell just how strong Sarah and Jareth both were.

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