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Ch. 1 The New Acquaintance

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Queen Mab slowly peered into her bed of crystals at the image before her. A young woman could be seen inside. She had waist-long jet-black hair and piercing eyes. Her milky skin was hit gently by the small amount of light in the room.

"She's perfect." Mab whispered to herself and gently touched her crystal. "So beautiful . . . " She smiled softly and brushed her own black locks away from her face.

She was quite content being the only one who knew. Frik didn't know. Viviane didn't know. Even Loke was in the dark. It was no surprise the princess's father was oblivious as well.
Her hand touched her stomach. There was one flaw. Her land, the Land of Magic, was a place where nothing could grow and time stood deathly still. Mab would have to move. She rolled her eyes. That was annoying.

"Frik!" Mab's voice pierced the silence of the cave and her servant came running. "Y-Yes Madame?" He said, bowing in front of his Queen. "We are moving to the surface Frik." Mab said simply and walked past him. "Oh?" She heard him say as he scurried around to catch up with her. "Why is that Madame?" She stopped in her tracks, taking only a moment to contemplate whether or not she should tell him the truth. "Well, nothing grows here. You know that Frik." He nodded and then frowned. "Nothing grows? Yes, I do know that." He said. "But why is that of importance Madame?" Mab sighed. Frik was cutting on her last nerve, but she was too drained of energy to deal with him. He would find out anyway. There was no way around it. "Because I am pregnant, Frik, that's why." Mab said and continued on her way.

The gnome forced a smile. "Well congratulations Madame!" He said happily. "That's wonderful news. I am so happy for you and, his lordship of course." She whipped her head around.

"Lordship? What are you saying Frik?" The gnome went pale. "N-Nothing Madame." He said quickly. She glared at him for a moment but then began walking again. "That's what I thought." She muttered. "Do you need my help with anything Madame?" Frik called after her. "Shall I do anything for you?" Mab stopped yet again and sighed. She was so tired all of a sudden. "Just pack your things." Mab replied. He nodded quickly. "Yes Madame. Of course Madame."

(Fifteen Years Later)

Frik paced the halls of the castle trying to pass the time. He stared at the marble floor, avoiding the mirrors that lined the hall. He never could stand to look at his reflection.

He was an awkward thing; with pale skin, pointed ears, and skinny arms and legs. Frik had been one of Mab's earlier creations; before she had mastered her craft.

Besides the many mirrors, windows were seen in the hallway. Frik passed to look outside at the many faes that fluttered in the cave. Their houses hung down from the ceiling of the tall cave; resembling cocoons. They floated about, some where only just getting up to greet the day, while others were deep into there work. They lived in there own world beneath this surface; hidden from anything that could be real and consumed in Mab's world of imaginary. Frik had always dreamed of leaving the palace and being free. He had never known any other place but this.

He stopped pacing and knocked timidly on the door of Moira's room. "Excuse me," he said quietly. "Miss, her Highness wishes to see you now. Won't you please come out?" He sighed as silence once again enveloped the hall.

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Moira's dark hair spilled like a midnight waterfall across her pillow. She heard the knock and Frik's voice calling for her. Moira sat up and gazed around her room with emerald green eyes. She slid out of bed and crossed her darkened room to the door with the grace of a cat. She opened the door and swept past Frik without looking at him. She could feel his hungry eyes on her as she made her way down the hall. She whipped around and, glaring at him, flung him into a wall with her magic. She turned her back on him again her blood boiling. That stalker! she thought furiously. He had always had an attraction towards her even if he did nothing more than look at her. Her thoughts though, as she approached her mother's chambers, settled on softer things. That boy she had met hadn't left her thoughts once....
She opened the ornate doors in front of her and stepped inside to find her mother standing there looking at her. "You wanted to see me?" asked Moira.

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Mab looked Moira up and down with her piercing green eyes. "Where the hell have you been?" she hissed, her voice barely above a whisper. "What do you think that you can just leave Mordred waiting?"

A young man entered the room and looked barely older than Moira herself. He was very tall with black wavy hair that reached his shoulders. He carried a bow and arrow at his waist and had a devilish grin on his face. "My, my. You have grown." he said quietly, speaking more to Mab than to Moira herself. "Yes." Mab replied, her eyes still fixated on her mess of a daughter. "She's beautiful, isn't she?" she said. Mordred shrugged and bowed to Moira. "It is nice to see you again." he said sarcastically.

Mab was beaming. "Moira," she said slowly. "Show Mordred around the castle." she ordered. "He'll be staying with us a while." Mab could sense her daughter begin to protest. "Don't argue with me." she snapped.

Mordred continued to smirk in Moira's direction as he followed her out of the room.