Ch. 17 Spiraling out of Control

From: Arwen17
To: Libitine
Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:07 am

This was not good, not good at all. Leah huffed in irritation as she failed to light the candle for about the 100th time. On the rare occasion, the candle wick might sputter pathetically to life, but it never lasted long. This was truly frustrating not only for Leah, but for Frik as well.
It is simple incantation sorcery, why can't the girl learn it? Frik asked himself with exasperation. Even Merlin learned it quicker than this, despite his unwillingness.

Leah scowled at Frik wishing she could forsake this hopeless task. A heavy crystal ball suddenly took flight and aimed itself at Frik's head. Frik ducked the object out of habit. There were various objects already on the floor from Leah's temper. Most hadn't been aimed at him personally, but whenever Leah became frustrated or angry things tended to fall off the shelves.

Leah had had enough for the day and escaped out the door. Frik silently let her go, he was exhausted by the day's events as well. Uncontrollable telekinesis, Frik wondered. Why could the girl not seem to do any magic when she was trying to, but when she wasn't doing anything things would fall off the shelves at random?

As she made her way through the chilly corridors, Leah felt like a walking time bomb that could go off at any moment. She didn't know what was wrong with her. The magic seemed to be using her, more than she was using it. She tried to contain it, but in whatever room she occupied objects would move at random with no warning. And it seemed the more emotional she became, the more violent the telekinetic reactions were.

Leah stopped and pressed her forehead against the cold wall trying to relax. Until I figure out how to stop it, I'm going to have to try to stay calm at all times. Leah breathed out slowly. Losing control just makes it worse.

From: Libitine
To: Arwen17
Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:13 am

Mab turned the cold crystal over in her hand, trying to focus her thoughts. If she wasn't focused, if her mind wasn't clear, she couldn't drain the crystal properly. In fact, she ended up wasting energy as opposed to gaining it. But her mind was far from easy.

Even though the notion of sleeping with Idath was instantly sickening, he had a point. A child of theirs would have extreme magical capabilities that could greatly benefit her kind. Well, she knew that. That was Moira. But Moira wasn't willing and Moira knew not who her father was.

Why didn't the girl know Idath was her father? Mab tried to remember. She probably hadn't wanted to complicate things. When she had gotten pregnant, as a matter of fact, she had not even imagined it possible. She was a god. Goddess. Deities did not bear children. Nevertheless, Moira had been born to her, happy and healthy and, for some odd reason, Idath had never suspected a thing. Well, he had never asked. Perhaps he had suspected. Perhaps his cauldron had told him what Mab never could. And why couldn't she? What was wrong with that? He'd be involved, that's what was wrong with that.

She used to love him. Well. Mab couldn't love. Love was human. But, if she could have loved she would have loved Idath. They used to be lovers. Passionate, devoted lovers. What had changed? She changed. She grew dark, angry, demented in her reason. Gods, how she had turned from him.

Mab opened her eyes as Frik entered the room, interrupting both her pondering and her crystal draining. Mab shut her eyes, as if to give off the impression that she was focused. "Madame?" He whispered, slowly walking forward. "Madame, did you read my report?"

At this, she opened her eyes. "Yes," She replied, tossing the crystal on the floor. "Tell me what you have observed though; don't follow the guides of those stupid reports. Tell me what you think, Frik."

This was a trap. Frik panicked. "Well," He began slowly. "Madame, I-I ... well, she cannot light a candle, Madame."

Mab raised her eyebrow. "She cannot light a candle?" She asked, stepping forward.

"Y-yes, Madame." Frik winced. "And that was a trick Merlin mastered in but a day, Madame; one that he mastered even with his unwillingness."

She narrowed her eyes. "Well what is different, Frik? Why can't she do it? She is powerful enough!"

Frik trembled. "She ... she is Madame, that s-she is!" He agreed. "But I fear that M-merlin did not encourage the development of her powers those years and perhaps Arthur's b-bad b-b-blood is in the way of her progression. I know not, Madame. I know not."

Mab growled to herself, sharply turning away from him. "She will never get to where I want her to be at this rate!" She snapped. "You must press her Frik; press her!"

He stepped backward, out of fear. "Well, Madame she can move things with her mind, when her emotions are volatile. She cannot control that. It just happens. But it is something, hmm?" He was trying to make it all better.

"Well if she cannot control it then it is not progress, is it, hmm?" Mab mocked. "Get her under control and get out of my sight!"

Frik didn't wait a second longer, but flickered from her sanctum sanctorum.

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Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:26 am

Merlin couldn't get a message to Moira or Leah. Mab had seen to that. But there was one person powerful enough to possibly get a message to one of them.

"Sir Rupert, I need you to take me to Anoeth. It is very urgent." Merlin mounted his faithful steed.
The grey flat sky of Anoeth pressed down on Merlin as he neared Lord Idath's gates.
"Lord Idath!" Merlin called out. "I need help!"

Idath emerged from death's gates and Merlin found it difficult to meet his feral red gaze. "I do not bestow my help freely and on command, Merlin." Idath told him. "What is it you ask of me?"

"Mab has stolen Leah, Moira's daughter, away from me and Moira still has no knowledge of her own child. Moira has a right to know, but Mab is deceiving her and deceiving Leah as well." Merlin explained.

"Leah does not know who I am, and therefore, she will be unlikely to trust me." Idath pondered, "But Moira may be willing to listen to me now after the way her mother has treated her."

Moira's dreams were disturbed by the sound of a deep growling wolf. She could see its fangs bared at her in the darkness. Moira.
The wolf's face slowly dissolved to show Lord Idath standing before her.
"Oh, it's you." Moira replied darkly. "What do you want with me, Lord Idath?"

"Moira, your world is a world of mirrors. You must break them if want to escape." Idath encouraged.
"I despise riddles." Moira replied scathingly.
Idath smiled slightly at this retort. "Far too much like your mother for your own good." He murmured to himself. He raised his voice to a normal level again. "Moira, now is the time to break free of your mother's restraints. You are more than you think. You do not have to be her pawn in this game."

"I suppose you'd rather I be your pawn then?" Moira challenged.

"Moira, your daughter is alive." Idath simply stated.

Moira blinked, then hissed, "You lie!"

"If you dare come before me again, and tell me such things...!" Moira couldn't find words enough to articulate her rage. She felt no fear threatening the Lord of Death. If he wanted to kill her in retribution for her insolence, then so be it, she would welcome death.

Idath didn't grant her the death she so desired though, he just gazed at her sadly. "Look at what she's reduced you to; she's dragging you down with her."
"I am not lying, Moira." Idath spoke strongly. "All you have to do is believe me and you will be free."
Idath vanished before Moira could say another word.

No, No, No...No! I refuse to believe it. Moira's mind screamed at her. If he's mistaken, my heart will have to break all over again.
But...But Moira couldn't help it, hope had been reborn in her again, despite everything. She stormed out of the room. Strange, Moira thought, The Lord of Death was the one to breath life back into me again.

Moira had known she was being given drugs and she hadn't cared at all. Numbness had been all she had wanted to feel. She didn't want to fight anymore. But she had allowed her mother too much power over her and her mother had taken advantage of it. No longer will I allow this to continue. I am still alive and I know what I must do. Moira vowed. I will not lose my child.

Moira continued, Even if she really is dead, I will not allow her memory to fade. I must carry this burden.
Moira pulled open the first promising door she saw and entered.

Leah looked up at the sound of the door opening. She had been playing with one of the broken crystals that littered the floor. The sight that met her eyes caused her to drop what she had been holding.

Moira could see her. She could see her little girl as clear as day. The illusions Mab had placed between them had fallen away like a dark, choking veil pulled aside. Somehow, Idath seemed to have granted Moira true-sight with his words. Moira felt as if another part of her was awakening at the sight of her daughter in front of her for the first time. She could see through all of it. Everything around her was built on illusions alone. But not her daughter, she was real.

"Mum" Leah's voice broke quietly. Then she flung herself at Moira. Leah found herself crying before she knew it. Every hidden emotion in her was spilling out in front of her mother. The room's contents were exploding along with Leah. A vase full of water and roses shattered and splashed everywhere. Papers blew into the air and then fluttered to the ground. Books toppled off tables. But Leah couldn't stop crying.

Moira hung on to Leah as she stroked Leah's hair and whispered soothing, meaningless things to her in an effort to calm her. Moira was a little stunned by the chaos going on around her.
"Come my love, if you cry any longer, you will run out of things to break, and then, we shall have to move to a new room to give you a fresh supply of ammunition." Moira told Leah sweetly, while stroking her face.

Leah gave a little laugh in response. "Mum, I never thought..." Leah started, but a cold chill ran up both their spines simultaneously. Moira pulled Leah tightly against her, prepared to fight to the death for her.

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Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:01 am

Idath felt he had compromised his values, even though Death hadn't any values. Death also couldn't take sides, but he felt as if he had chosen. He had come back from an impromptu meeting with Mab and betrayed everything she held dear at the moment while simultaneously forcing her to see his plan as the only way. It was very sneaky, but at the same time, very Mab.

He as good as had her now.

He had her in his bed.

The disturbance Mab felt was unlike a feeling she had before. First, her heart sort of skipped a beat and the blood pumping from it ran cold. This caused her movement to halt and her back to straighten against her own will. And, even though anything in all the universe could have caused this sudden sickness she knew right away what it was.


He appeared in an instant. "What, love? Changed your mind?"

She hurled a broken crystal at him, which he barely avoided by jumping to the side. "Mab?" Idath whispered, trying to appear innocent.

"By all the gods Idath never have I met a greater hypocrite than you!" She snarled, turning away from him. "You come here to profess your love. You tell me you desire to save me, and then, in your own cruelty, you destroy me."

He walked forward. "No, no, Mab I do love you. I want to save you."

"You tricked me!" She snapped, facing him with burning eyes and cutting off his speech. "You made me believe that you may truly care, only to do exactly what I had exhausted so much power to prevent."

Idath stepped forward, as if to touch her, comfort her. "Mab. . ."

She glared at his hand. "You changed sides."

At this, his demeanour went from compassionate, to angry. "Sides?" He repeated. "I changed sides?" Idath looked so angry Mab thought he may strike her, but instead he turned around and flipped a nearby table, covered with books.

"There are no sides!" He shouted. "And if there were, it would be you who changed, and you who broke my heart because of it."

She wrinkled her brow, her voice low. "Idath, what in the name of the gods-"

"You were the light to compliment my darkness." He whispered, falling to his knees. "You-you were beautiful. Your voice, was beautiful, and you loved me. Didn't you? You loved me." He took her hand in his and kissed it, then leaning his forehead against the back of her hand. "You loved me." The repetition was an attempt to assure them both.

"I loved you not." Mab said coldly, pulling her hand away. "And I hate you evermore now."

He rose slowly, his eyes fixated on the floor. For a moment, Idath turned to look into her eyes. To both of their surprise, he grabbed her around her back and pulled her into him, kissing her.

The Queen pushed him off her and before she could yell, he disappeared. Now she had only Moira to release her anger on.

Mab flickered into the room where the mother and daughter had reunited. "So," She whispered. "Idath has made a very large mess."

Moira looked at her with shock, more afraid than anything. Leah simply looked angry.

"Leah do not look at me that way." She said. "Moira was very sick. She is very sick."

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Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:09 am

"I'm not sick anymore." Moira proclaimed, "I am quite awake now."
"You will not take her from me. ever. again."
"You lied to me!" hurt and fury apparent on Leah's face as she stared at the Queen of the Old Ways.
Suddenly a chair scooted rapidly across the floor and almost hit Mab. Leah clenched down on her emotions, repressing them and shoving them down inside herself before she lost it again.

"Leah, do you know who your father was?" Moira asked hesitantly.
Leah looked up startled from where she had been drawing random circles in the dirt. "No...should I?" Leah questioned.
"Yes." Moira gripped Leah's hands softly in her own. "Yes, you should know."
Leah looked into her mother's worried face with wide eyes.
"Your father was King Arthur." Moira revealed to her daughter.
Leah gasped in disbelief, "But...But that would mean...?"
"Yes, you are the rightful heir to the throne of Britain." Moira dealt the final blow.
"That's not true!" Leah choked. "I'm just Leah, just Leah!"
"No, darling, you are not 'just Leah.' You are my Leah, my heir..." Moira continued quietly, "...and Arthur's heir."
"But there must be someone else." Leah retorted, "You can't expect me...I don't want it!"

"You wouldn't be alone, my love." Moira hugged her. "I will always be with you."

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To: Arwen17
Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:14 pm

Mab's defeat was only made more bitter by the taste in Mordred's mouth.

Yes. Mordred's.

The current king of Camelot was, at the moment, crouched down over a basin, vomiting his guts out during an audience with his Auntie Mab. He had a wound that had never healed, been made worse with the constant sex and fighting in Camelot, and became infected. And as Mab watched, with eyes wide and heart fluttering nervously, she knew she had but a short amount of time to find Mordred's heir.

He was Arthur's child just as much as Leah was so at the time of Mordred's death, which at this point seemed eminent, Leah would be made queen and Mab would be in Mordred's current position. Half dead.

"Mordred!" Mab growled, practically throwing herself on the floor and grabbing him by his shoulders. "Mordred, Mordred, love, please," She begged. "Please, have you any heirs? Any? A daughter even? It doesn't matter the sex. You need an heir." She was shaking him, as if that would bring the answer up from his mouth. But alas, he merely turned and vomited once more.

"Oh," Mab let a small whimper of anguish escape from her lips. "Oh Mordred," She whispered, brushing back his hair. "It's all right."