So here's what happened! I typed this up on May 3rd, 2011 and saved in my Documents folder. Somehow I managed to change the default saving folder form "Documents" to "Contacts" so I thought I had lost this for good (I coun't find it). But I didn't lose it!

[[A/N]: I'm not good at talking like a pirate ,also, I wrote most of this while the song Evas Polka was stuck in my head so, that should be pretty self-explanatory…]

Now what?

They stared at the door for a moment, then at each other, and then back to the door. There was no getting around it. They were stuck.

"Who's there?"

The voice made them jump, and they were frightened until Maui turned around and tried to locate the source of the noise. The only light was coming from the window high on the wall, so it was hard to see. Chibi Robo tried to use his eyes to zoom in on where the voice came from. It was Sophie!

"Who are you? What do you want?" Sophie didn't have very good night vision.

"Hey Sophie! " Maui reassured "It's us! Maui and Chibi Robo."

"Maui? Chibi-Robo! When did you get here?"

If Chibi Robo had a small question mark he could display, this would have been a great time to.

"The captain didn't see you, did he?"

They thought a moment, hopefully no one had noticed. Chibi Robo's red 'no' sign shot up.

"Oh good, for a moment I thought…"

But she was interrupted by the sound of a few pairs of feet walking on the other side of the door; it was most likely two pirates acting as guards. They must have heard the heavy noise the door had made.

Sophie cringed and then lowered her voice.

"They took Captain Plankbeard a little while ago." Her voice started to crack. "I don't know where he is…"


"That be a pack o'lies!" Captain Plankbeard shouted for the third time.

"Aye, then whar is it? The pence for the old man o'de sea?"

The two Captains had been arguing for over an hour. Plankbeard insisted the map held the location to Poseidon's lost treasure, while the Space Captain thought otherwise.

"This here map ain't worth the canvas it was drawn on!"

Plankbeard couldn't believe what he was hearing.

" O' course the map is real! What pirate would brave the high sea for a forgery?"

They both looked down to the map that was between them on the table. A moment passed, and then they both came to the realization that the map was indeed real. Only problem was, it was the wrong map. Immediately the Space Captain questioned the whereabouts of the real map, Plankbeard was stunned into silence when he realized that he didn't know.

"Why that be years ago. Years ago since I last lay eye on it, it may be…"


"How am I one to know? It's been a long time it has!"

"Then me crew and I'll have to find it for ourselves then."

Plankbeard scoffed. "That be the day."

"What's this I hear? Ya say my crew be no match? Let's see."

The Space Captian pulled out his blaster and aimed it across the table.

"Have ye ever heard pistol music? Well dance to this!"

Plankbeard was able to deflect a blast with his sword, and ducked another shot as he grabbed the map and ran out the door.

"Go ahead an' run! I like a movin' target!"