New Story. Rated for language and content. Sorry if the first few chapters are a tad boring.

I frowned at the news woman on the television. They were showing a picture of another young girl whose body was found in an alley near her apartment.

That's the third this week, I thought sadly.

I tugged lightly at the black, snake choker around my neck. The cold metal was pulsing against my skin irritatedly.

Things had gotten out of hand lately.

And of course, my mom had warned me; after we felt that huge surge in Power the other week, my mom could tell something was going on. At first it hadn't bothered me so much, as a witch, I could always use more Power. But then the others came…

With New York City being on a cross of ley lines, it was always swarming with other supernaturals, but after the Power surge that ran through them last week, it was bringing in undesirables; hoping to cash in on the jump.

With more supernaturals, came fights, usually lethal, and humans were always caught in the middle- such as the girl on the television screen.

"Another one, huh, Cal?" Adele Adler said as she walked into the kitchen. I glanced at my mother and nodded, tugging on my choker again. In response, the snake's eyes glowed red and it opened its mouth, swallowing more of its tail and making itself tighter around my throat. I glared furiously at the Ouroboros and flicked the snake on its nose, watching smugly as the serpent reluctantly obeyed and loosened its grip around my throat.

"He gets more difficult to control everyday" I muttered. My mom smiled knowingly, petting the gold Ouroboros that rested at the base of her own neck.

"It takes time. You'll get used to it" She assured me. "Now go get ready for school, or you'll be late"

Adele flicked her red curls from her face, picked up a vial of liquefied sage from the cabinet and left me in the kitchen. I turned back to the television, eating my cereal and watching the news intently. Completely enthralled.

While I was distracted, a large green snake slowly slithered into the kitchen, wrapping itself around my feet. I glanced down at the poisonous green mamba and smirked.

"Grandma!" I called.

A few moments later a small old woman entered the kitchen with a look of confusion. When she saw me, the old woman's face lit up.

"Oh, Callista, dear, there you are. Have you seen my-"

"Right here" I said glancing pointedly at my feet. My grandmother looked at the green snake and smiled fondly.

"Well there you are, Lily dear" My grandmother said to the snake reproachfully "C'mon sweet heart, back to mama"

Grandmother crouched down, offering the snake her hand, and waited until the green snake quickly slithered up her arm and wrapped itself around her throat; turning into a bright green, metallic, Ouroboros. That's the problem with these damn things, I thought. They never want to stay around your throat. One of these days, I'm going to be arrested for smuggling a black mamba into the school.

As if urged on by my thought, both mine and my grandmother's Ouroboros's peaked up at us before slithering down our arms and onto the floor. A few seconds later, a giant yellow, cape cobra slithered into the kitchen. Quickly followed by my mother, looking peeved.

"George, you get back here right now!" Mom scolded the yellow cobra. She glanced around at the two other snakes on the floor beside her own and frowned.

"What is going on with you today?" She gasped breathlessly.

I sighed leaning against the counter. I would leave this mystery for my mom to figure out. In the mean time, I had to get to school. My light eyes snapped down to the black mamba slithering anxiously around the kitchen.

"Crispin" I snapped at the snake "Come here this instant. And do not leave my throat again until I give you permission"

The snake was back in its Ouroboros form within a matter of seconds and I left the kitchen, with my mom frowning at the two remaining snakes in deep concern.

I faintly wondered if the trouble here in the human realm was as bad on the Other Side. The Crowley's must have felt the surge in the ley lines from over there.

I brushed through my reddish gold, titian hair with a frown. As a witch, descended from the Celtic region, it was pretty much set in stone that I would be pale, covered in freckles and have red curly hair.

I had the strawberry red hair, but unlike my mother, my hair was long and wavy, reaching just above my breasts. Unfortunately, there was just no getting away from the pale skin and freckles. Even with all that, I was still pretty. Small and slender, with bright blue eyes framed by thick lashes and topped off with a sweet smile, and high cheekbones. Interestingly enough, I wasn't sweet. I was born into a pretty powerful witch family. One of the first. And also born into a family of women who were known for their quick temper.

That's why most of the Familiars in the Adler family are Ouroboros snakes. And poisonous ones at that. I was the first to have a black mamba. Having a snake that temperamental and deadly isn't common. My grandmother, Nora, has a green mamba but those are far less confrontational than the black mamba. Either way, we were powerful witches and part of the founding families of the Other Side.

The Adler's, Blackwood's, Sanders', and Crowley's all took part in ruling over Hex Hollow. The part of the Other Side that belonged solely to the witches and their covens. For six months out of the year a family would take their place ruling over the other covens. Right now, the Crowley's were in the Other Side finishing up their term. Next, it would be me and my family. Kind of like royal families, switching up their reign of power. And the Other Side was waiting for my mother and grandmother to take over.

I sighed shakily at the thought, my memories of the Other Side had never been fond or pleasant, and put on some dark wash skinny jeans, red high tops converse, and a black shirt with 'you read my shirt, that's enough social interaction for one day' sketched in white across the chest.

After, I grabbed my backpack, fluffed up my hair a little, and then stomped downstairs to my mom.

Adele was in the living room, working on a spell of some kind, when I walked in. She glanced up at me and smirked, eyes back on the spell she was writing.

"Nice shirt" Adele muttered. I smiled, tapping Crispin on the head again as he began pulsing.

"So do you know what's up with our dang snakes?" I asked curiously. My mother shook her head.

"Nope. Apparently, the Blackwood's and Sanders have been having problems with their Familiars as well. Cindy Blackwood will be here in a few minutes, we've been working on a spell to see what's going on. I figured you could walk to school with Josephine" Mom replied.

I nodded. Josephine Blackwood had been my best friend since babyhood. The Blackwood's were known for their odd obsession with birds as much as the Adler's were for their obsession with snakes, and the Sanders obsession with cats. To the humans we were loons, to the other supernaturals, we were a force to be reckoned with. Nobody messed with us witches. Not even the Death Walkers, who were known to be a little more than confrontational. Those ones, were always looking for a fight. They were even involved with this whole big thing on the Other Side a few months back. No one knows exactly what happened, but a lot of supernaturals died. Yeah, they were known as loons both on the Other Side and on the human realm.

I looked up as loud, shouting voices sounded off from our foyer. I raised in eyebrow and only barely managed to duck as a large black-winged bird swooped past me.

"Rupert" Josephine's voice followed the bird "Now that was rude. Come here"

The beautiful black barn owl perched itself on our fireplace and stared indifferently back at Josephine. Her fair skin flushed a brilliant red and she stamped her foot down on the ground. "Now! Rupert."

Very grudgingly, the owl swept up around Josephine, facing away from her with talons outstretched and wings wrapping around her neck. Slowly the owl shrunk and took on a metallic sheen before it became a bronze chocker around Josephine's throat with bright emerald eyes.

Josephine flicked her own bronze hair from her face and smiled at me.

"Hey Cali" She greeted. I grinned at her.

"You ready?" I asked. She nodded and tapped her backpack as she nodded towards the door.

"I told Twix we'd meet her outside the school" Josephine said as we walked down the crowded streets. Mostly we were ignored, but there would be times that Josephine and I would get looks of disgust or admiration. Mostly the looks of admiration were towards Josephine, who had that natural, classic looking beauty. I was too innocent and pouty looking for any of that.

After walking for a few blocks we made it to the gates of our private preparatory school.

Leaning against one of the pristine, white-marble pillars, was Twix.

All slender legs and arms, with tanned skin, chocolate brown eyes and short brown hair highlighted with blue and spiked in all directions. She looked like a pixie. A very tall pixie.

She raised her eyes to us and smirked, casually throwing her arm over Josephine's and my shoulder so that she was walking between us.

"Hello, my pretties" She cooed "Tell me, have your little critters been acting up? I can't seem to get Gwen to behave"

Twix glanced down at the black cat buttoned to the purple ribbon around her neck and shrugged off her own question.

"Most have been the Power surge" she supplemented.

"I'm not so sure" said Josephine, with a small scowl on her face. "My mom has been trying to reach the Crowley's for a little over a week now. She lost contact after the Power surge. There's talk amongst the covens here that something is happening on the Other Side"

Twix and I rolled our eyes, unimpressed.

"Since when has there not been something going on over there. It's always something." I muttered under my breath as we walked through the halls.

"Exactly" Twix replied, before Josephine could answer. "Besides that's not important. What is important is the rave that's going on tonight in the warehouse district. It's being thrown by a Warlock and you know how great their parties are. So be there" Twix said before petting her ribbon softly and walking away as the bell rang. Well, a party couldn't hurt.

"Oh, no, no, no, no" Twix said as I pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt. She glared at me and snatched the clothes from my hand.

"This is a party damnit. So dress like it"

She replaced the jeans and tee with a slinky, deep violet, material. I unfolded it to see that it was a dress. Very short, and very tight.

I sighed, slumping my shoulders, and cast wide-eyes towards Twix.

"Don't give me that look. Go put it on!" Twix demanded. I glared at her and stomped towards my bathroom. The dress fit like a second skin, and surprisingly, made me look like I had curves. I topped it off with a pair of my platform combat boots with all the buckles and some black eyeliner with rosy lip-gloss.

Twix proceeded to rough up my hair a bit, giving it that purposefully messy look and turned back to Josephine.

Josephine looked fabulous of course. With her hazel brown wavy hair and pale skin and long legs. She was rocking a black dress similar to mine with six inch stiletto heels.

Twix was…well she was Twix.

Her outfit consisted of a short jean jacket, a red bikini top and some skin tight daisy duke shorts with knee high stiletto boots. She had also put in golden, cat eye contacts and applied blood red lipstick.

Needless to say, she was the life of the party.

Josephine and I kind of stuck to a back corner whispering to each other. Until of course, he came.

He would be Mr. Blaine Pierce.

Teenage vampire, and closest thing to god, ever. He was turned, around eight hundred years ago. And is one of the most powerful vampires in existence, if I were completely honest; one of the most powerful supernaturals in existence. And I'm sure, his being completely freaking gorgeous had something to do with it.

He was tall, pale, and every artists dream. From the angles of his face, to the sharp rigidness of his hair, and the softness of his eyes…

He had black hair, cut in sharp angles around his face, and the most amazing eyes I had ever seen. It was like looking at a whole galaxy of different colored stars in his eyes. Around the edges his eyes were a teal color, that changed into a Tiffany blue the nearer it got to the pupil. Then, wrapped right around the pupil his eyes were neon green. The colors were solid, yet at the same time seemed to float around his iris like billowing smoke. In short, they were dreamy as hell. And they were locked on me. I frowned as he stepped towards me through the crowd. What did a vampire, a very powerful vampire, want with me?

Well, it looked like I was about to find out, since he was now standing inches away.

"Callista Adler?" He asked in a silky voice.

A felt my heart skip and pick up quickly as Crispin thrummed anxiously against my throat.

Uh, oh.

"Yeah?" I gulped, looking at Josephine unsurely. She was staring intently at Blaine in that calm, serene way that always freaked people out. He didn't seem to notice.

"I was just wondering what you Adler's were doing here" Blaine said smoothly "Whose ruling over the other covens right now?"

I raised my eyebrows at him incredulously. If he knew enough about witches to know that my family was next in reign, he should know that the Crowley's were ruling right now.

I felt my mental walls go up as I vaguely felt Blaine probing in my mind.

"True, but the Crowley's aren't ruling right now" He sighed.

It's rude to read people's thoughts without permission, I thought snidely.

Blaine's lips twitched but he said nothing.

"Of course they are" Josephine said, before I could get a hold of myself "Their term isn't over yet"

"I know." said Blaine "But I didn't say they left willingly. They simply stepped down, without so much as an explanation"

"That's impossible" I scoffed

Blaine shrugged- somehow managing to make the nonchalant gesture graceful.

"Just thought you should know" He said before disappearing into the crowd again.

Josephine and I shared a look and then set out to find Twix.

If he was telling the truth, it could mean trouble.

Crispin pulsed against my throat again in response to that thought. Well I thought that it was in response to my thought. But then, the room exploded into a cloud of smoke, and creatures were skittering and scuttling about the floors and ceilings. Demons.

Well this night just keeps getting better and better.