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Chapter one: Mountain lions

I run through the woods trying to keep up with my mother and father. Why do they have to be so fast? I could only run a little faster than the fastest human in the world. My father was the fastest vampire in the world. Well, to me. So was my mom. The thought makes me push harder. Go faster. Go faster Renesmee. Go FASTER.

Soon enough, I can actually see my mother, but not my father. I run for a few more seconds.

"Nessie! Stop!" My mother and father yell in unison. I dig my heels into the soft earth and spin around. The whole movement takes less than a second. My parents can do it in a millisecond.

No wonder you didn't see them stop. Pay attention next time Renesmee! I shout at myself. This is why I don't like to go hunting with my parents. I quickly jog back towards them.

I see what looks like brilliant diamonds sparkling on my parent's skin. My skin only glitters dully.

"Nessie. What's wrong?" My father, Edward Cullen asks me.

"Nuthin' dad." I breathe out knowing he can hear it.

"Renesmee Cullen. Tell us what's wrong." My mother, Bella Cullen demanded.

"Mom, really nothing is wrong. Please, can we just hunt? I'm thirsty." I say, speaking louder now. My mother shrugs.

"Come on Nessie." My father says grabbing my hand. "Let's go get some mountain lions." Dad says grinning. We all know how much he loves mountain lions. My mom loves them almost as much as he does. I also love them. I guess it runs in the family.

We run along the border, both my mother and father slowing their pace so I could keep up with them. I had never gotten the pleasure of killing a mountain lion. Normally mom or dad killed them then let me drink the blood. They didn't know if my skin was as tough as theirs. But, as part of my tenth birthday, (on my tenth birthday, I stopped aging. I was now frozen forever as what looked like 20. I looked like I was older then my mom.) I finally get to kill one by myself.

All of a sudden my mother reaches her hand out to block me from going any farther. "Nessie. Listen. There's a whole family of mountain lions about 17 miles away from here. You get one of the cubs." I pout. "Nessie. Don't push it. You already get to kill one yourself." I shrug.

"One. Two. Three. Go Renesmee!" Dad shouts. I take off, sprinting as fast as I could. A mere couple seconds later my parents had outrun me. Pretty soon I lose sight of them. When I pull up beside my parents, they are crouching low to the ground, pointing at the mountain lions they called. I pointed at the biggest cub.

"Renesmee. You are going to go fast. We have your back sweetie." My father barley breathed out.

"Okay daddy." I replied. I spring out of my crouch and fling myself at the lion. I start to wrestle with the lion. Soon enough I'm on top of the cub.

I feel myself flying through the air. When my back makes impact with the rock floor, I scream.

"Mom! Dad! Help! Help!" I knew what was happening. My mother hadn't gotten a hold of the mother cub fast enough.

I see a very pissed off mother mountain lion above me. She raises her paw, and digs one long claw down my forearm. I look at my arm, hoping to find nothing.

Instead, I see blood pouring out of my arm.

"Renesmee!" My father shouts. Then he's at my head, screaming, killing the lion, and then screaming some more.

All of a sudden, my mother is at my head too, pulling my father up and ripping him backwards. I know why. My mother has good self control. Sometimes, my father… doesn't.

"Renesmee. Get out of here. I don't want to hurt you." And with that, I'm flying out of the woods and towards Carlisle's house.