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Chapter 7: Fine

I run into my room sobbing, my mom walks in behind me. She was still like laughing from earlier. God, she was always laughing. I stare at her, "What the hell..." I begin to say to my mother but then I hear a deep grunt/growl thing coming from my daddy and a scream coming from Jacob.

I run to the window to see daddy lunging towards Jake. I literally jump out the window and land right in between them.

"Don't you to even think about hurting each other. I may be extremely pissed at both of you but that does not just give you guys the permission to kill the other." I scream at them, while Emmett tries to pull me out of the way from the pissed vampire and werewolf.

"Renesmee. Move out of the way, before I kill your jackass boyfriend." Dad says to me through gritted I look over at Jacob to see him grimace and I see dad smile in satisfaction. "Go phase back mutt." Dad says to Jake. "Oh and I'm not done with you, we will talk later." He finishes with a threatening tone.

Jake goes into the woods and phases. When he comes out, he was butt NAKED. I try not to look at him but I mean come on, with that six pack and the muscles EVERYWHERE, it's kinda hard. Edward growls when he sees me staring so then he takes off his shirts and pants and throws them at Jake.

I can't help but laugh as a car passes by and a woman looks out to see a sparkly guy with only boxers on and a hot guy that was completely naked standing there. Me and mom just start laughing hysterically and fall onto the ground. We basically just start rolling around like little giggling teenagers.

Then Alice and Rosalie joined us on the ground as we continued to laugh like a maniac. I placed my hand on my mom's cheek and showed her the woman in the car staring at daddy. "Hey! Nothing to see here lady!" Mom yells out as she continues to laugh. We all giggle as the woman in the car turns bright pink and speeds off down the street, not even bothering to stop at the red light.

One our laughing finally dies down, Jake walks up to me with a sad and serious face. "Nessie, can we please talk?" he asks me. I shrug and try to turn away from his body but he pulls me towards him. He brushes his lips against my head, down to my nose and finally to my lips. With his lips against mine, he whispers one word, "Please."

I look up into his big, pleading eyes and nod. We walk to the cottage silently and I lock the door behind us, as my dad tries to follow us through the door. I take him into my bedroom and sit on my bed. I look at him with a blank expression, "Yes? Did you want to continue to tell me how much of an idiot I am or something?" I ask him in an unemotional voice.

I see the pain in his face, "I didn't mean it Ness. Please, please believe me." I look at his face, then I touch his cheek and replay the moment where he called me an idiot. I showed him how much it hurt me. How much pain it brought me.

"Don't do that to me! I hate to see you sad and you know that." He says to me in barely a whisper. I sigh, I know how much it hurts him to see me in pain.

"Jakeā€¦ I am sorry. It's just what you said, I know you didn't mean it but it still hurts a lot." I said to him. "I am so sorry, Renesmee. I really, truly am sorry." He says to me and looks deep into my eyes. The way he stares at me, tells me everything, he really does love me.

"Jake. I love you. I honestly do." I said in a whisper. He got a big, giant, goofy smile on his face and took me in his hands."I love you Renesmee Carlie Cullen" He whispers to me before our lips meet each other and the night begins. I knew everything was forgotten from earlier that day.

Jake gently pulled me on top of him and put his hands on my waist but he didn't break our kiss as he did this. I opened my eyes to look at him and deepened our kiss. I wanted to show him how much I loved him but I knew he wouldn't let me go far, even though I may not look like a five year old or act like a five year old, I was still a five year old anyway. This continued on for a couple hours.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL RENESMEE. GET OFF HER JACOB, RIGHT NOW." Dad screams at us. I hadn't been paying attention to my senses, I didn't hear my Dad come in, until he started yelling. I look down to see myself in my underwear and Jacob in his boxers. We hadn't done anything, I told myself. We had just been making out but I could tell that wasn't what Dad believed.

"Shit." I heard Jacob breathe under his breath.

"Shit is right Jacob Black. Get your ass out of my daughter's room." Dad said coldly. I sighed as Jake puts on his pants and begins to leave the room. "Love you Jake." I say to him before he left. He looks back at me, "I love you too." He whispers to me.


I pace around my shared room with Bella.

"What's wrong babe?"Bella asked me coming into the room.

"Oh nothing. Just our five year old half-vampire daugther was about to LOOSE HER VIRGINITY TO A WEREWOLF." I yell.

"What?" Bella asks, starting to inch towards our door. It was always best to get out of my way when I was this pissed.

"Go talk to her." I tell her pinching the bridge of my nose.

"No. You go Edward. You two have been mad at each other for a while now, so you go." She says, stomping her foot on the ground. "Fine. Just stay with me." I gesture towards the door. "Ladies first."

"No. Men first this time. No need to be a gentleman." She said laughing. "Um, yes I will be a gentleman." I tell her rolling my eyes.

"Then I am going to shove you ass out of the freaking door." She told me, giving me a lopsided grin.

"Fine." I fake stomp out of the room and pause outside Renesmee's door. Guess I can't put it off any longer.

I yank the door open, fuming once more.

"What do you want, father." Renesmee says, not looking at me. "Renesmee, don't give me that shit." I said, not looking in her eyes. It hurt me to talk to her like this, but desperate times called for desperate measures. I could see the hurt in her eyes as well.

I open my arms for a hug, and she doesn't hesitate to run into them sobbing my name.

"Daddy, daddy I love daddy. I love you, and I missed you." She told me, soaking my shirt.

"I love you too sweetie." I tell her, stroking her hair.

"Does this mean I'm not grounded again?" She asked me, fear evident in her eyes.

"Oh no, Renesmee. Oh no. No way in hell." I tell her laughing

"Love you daddy." She replied laughing.

"Now, get dressed." I tell her, lightly throwing her on the bed.

"Fine." She told me, fake pouting.

Everything was fine... for now.