This is my first Fic that I have ever had the courage to let other people read, and after trolling the site reading as many Chuck Fics as possible I decided I would try my hand at it (this of course being after what one would consider to be an unhealthy consumption of red bull and suffering from a glorious caffine high) , I hope you enjoy and can grit your teeth long enough to read through the first chapter this will be a continuing piece if just for my own twisted amusement with regular updates, no fixed pattern but atleast one chapter a week.

So Chuck is the top agent at the CIA and is currently serving his fifth year at the agency, after numerous partners (which will be covered a little deeper as to why there not around) he is being forced to work with the infamous Sarah Walker the other Agent who is currently tied with him for the top spot with zero chance of them getting reassignment and avoiding each other, will these two be able to overcome there love hate relationship and feel something deeper, or will they let their personal differences get in the way? 120% CHARAH (because those two are so epic they just need the extra 20%)

20:23 Langley, Virginia, 2007

As the tall curly haired agent walked down the all too familiar but near empty halls of the Langley his body moved on auto pilot and his senses actively searched out danger on a subconscious level, his mind was left to wander on how exactly he ended up here. Five years ago if you had asked him that he would be the CIA's top agent.....ok tied for the top agent position he would have laughed and told you to get some help, but then again here he was into his fifth year of his sky rocketing career, faithful protégé to the director of the CIA and still only being what most would consider as fresh out of training. Not that this super spy didn't have his own hang ups as he had already gone through seven partners in such a short time, he didn't really have a problem with other agents but he never could build much of a trust relationship with them and that was key in his mind, plus he found the whole partners are allowed in fact, expected to have sex during lengthy assignments in deep cover operations to be completely ridiculous.

Charles 'Chuck' Carmichael didn't even acknowledge the presence of Graham's personal secretary 'Denise' as he walked into the spacious waiting room, even from a distance you could tell she was a trained agent that not only worked the office but doubled as a security guard for the Director, perhaps to a civilian or even some lesser agents this woman would be more than convincing she didn't exactly radiate trained killer with her petite frame and short mahogany hair, but the way she focused more on her surroundings than the keyboard, and the way she favoured the slight bulge on her left side, no doubt a firearm, left little doubt in his mind.

Normally he enjoyed speaking to people when he could he found it reminded him he was still human, but after the last couple of visits and her over the top flirting despite his lack of interest he was forced to keep his distance if only for the sake of his sanity, she knew who he was and why he was there and would call him in once the director was ready for him. The slightly less than comfortable waiting chairs, which he suspected were designed on purpose to help make people nervous while they endured the ridiculously long waiting periods for their own meetings, and his attempts at avoiding eye contact with Denise forced his mind to delve back into his memories, training in particular.

Chuck's time at training or the 'Spy factory' as he like to refer to it was probably the most tasking and difficult thing he had done in his life up to that point, and yet he was not only good at it he excelled, within just a year at the camp with no previous training he had managed to break at least half of the current records held, these currently held by marines turned spies not nerds to spies.

He considered his specialties all of which he held the records for, to be:-

Hand To Hand Combat

Stealth & Evasion tactics

Observation & Tracking

Small arms

Electronic Warfare (Chuck knew if there was any class he would do well in it would be this one, due to his nerdish tendencies which no amount of spy training had been able to remove, he was practically able to teach the class about halfway into the training, not that he didn't pick up a trick or two in his hacking repertoire thanks to the classes.

And begrudgingly he was tied with his nemesis in infiltration and inducement of enemy personnel.

His nemesis was someone he had never even met, and they had certainly never done anything to offend him, in fact all he's ever been told was the she was the reason he had broken only half of the Spy Factory's records because she had not only topped the previous year's scores but his own, which by far would have been sufficient enough to secure Chuck as the most accomplished trainee to ever come out of the camp. Now he had never been an arrogant person nor has he ever had need to feed his ego but just like when he was at High school & Stanford he strove for perfection, if he had no chance of ever beating the records he would have been fine with it but the fact was he had been, very close in fact and the only reason he wasn't was because of someone else's unwitting interference. Still Chuck could not deny the great respect he felt for his nemesis who not only competed equally with him in training (although they had never actually met) but still prevented him from becoming top agent, there was no actual numbering system in the CIA for such positions but based on mission success's it spread like wildfire who was the best of the best, and apparently it had been a standing argument between the lower floor analysts who was superior to whom.

Although never meeting her he had been able to gleam some facts about the mystery agent just as he was sure she also did to him if she was even half as good as the reports claimed, his mental notes currently consisted:-

Name: Unknown

Known Aliases: Katie O'Connell, Jennifer Burton, And Sarah Anderson

Current Alias: Sarah Walker

DOB: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown, USA

Current status: Active Top Level CIA Field Operative

Specialised Skills: Bladed weapons, Chemical Warfare & Resistance, Heavy Arms (Sniping, Explosives etc) Mission Prep (Equipment gathering, Cover Building, Document counterfeiting) Improvised Weaponry, Infiltration and Inducement of Enemy Personnel

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Sex: Female

A recruits that he trained with who had claimed to have seen the blonde enigma had said that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and that even if he knew she was an enemy operative he would gladly let her kill him just so that he could get closer to her for those few extra seconds, coincidentally that was also when Chuck learned that he had lost out on the top heavy weapons ranking when another recruit pointed out to the love struck puppy that she wouldn't even need to get close to him as she could more than easily kill him from just under a mile away.

Chuck was rather surprised himself that he had managed to tie with the infamous ice queen Sarah Walker in Seduction classes, both only having failed once to entice their targets in training, and no surprise that Carina Hanson had scored the top position in that class without failing on a single target, now that was a spy that Chuck would rather chew off his left arm than work with again after her flair for improvisation kicked in on their joint CIA/DEA operation last year in London. He could only accredit his success in that class due to his luck in being one of only five operatives given chance to train with the legendary Roan Montgomery, Roan had personally taken Chuck under his wing and taught him more than a few seduction techniques, although confusingly he also told him not to rely on those very same techniques too much as it was what he liked to call Chuck's own innocent charm that would strike a chord with the female populace, that didn't help his understanding of the female psyche as Chuck had never been much of a hit with the ladies before becoming a spy, hell the only woman he had ever really been with outside of a mission was Jill and that was just train wreck after train wreck so he couldn't really say he understood even now what Roan meant when he said to essentially be himself with just a tad bit spy Chuck in the mix, but the scores speak for themselves and whatever he was doing was working so he was just going to go with the flow.

He was broken out of his reverie when a flicker of motion registered in the corner of his eye, Denise had finally stood up and signalled for that Chuck could go through to the Director's office, still Chuck didn't have any business in their... no this was Agent Charles Carmichael's territory so he let his agent persona slip over his mind as he silently got up of the chair and made his way to the plush office that belonged to Arthur Graham sparing one of his patented charming Carmichael smiles in the direction of Denise before he gently pried open the door and let his body slink in through the door.

After sealing the door behind him, which he had a sneaking suspicion was bullet proof.....and maybe even radiation proof, he turned around to be met with the sombre looking and equally large man that was Arthur Graham Director of the CIA deeper into the room behind his desk and before that closer to Charles was the most glorious colour of golden hair he had ever seen nestled neatly into the grand chairs in front of him, he imagined running his fingers through it and the thought send a shiver down his spine. After a moment longer than was probably considered appropriate he remembered that he was currently burning a hole into the back of an innocent woman's head for no other reason than she had nice hair and he was doing just that in front of the analytical eyes of his boss, correcting he positioned himself closer to the desk and more specific the chair next to the mystery guest, however he made no motion to sit down until he was told as even though he and Graham had built a good repertoire over the years he still respected the man greatly, after all he was the one who had interviewed Chuck after Flemings recommendation and was responsible for creating Charles Carmichael.

Graham smiled at the usual antics of Carmichael as he waited to be seated and made a hand motion signalling the go ahead in which Charles quickly manoeuvred himself into the seat, taking a few moments to arrange his thoughts he quickly got to the point as his two guests both had a lot of work to do after he was through with this meeting, he was just praying he could get out of this with just a small migraine, separate both of his guests had the potential to give him a massive headache once they their stubborn streaks engaged, together though he was likely to have a brain aneurysm, "I apologize for the late meeting but I'll make this brief and to the point as I can assure you your both going to be quite busy over the coming months, lately it has come to my attention that you have both gone through multiple partners in rapid succession thanks to absolute ridiculous reasons that you have concocted......and that is why effective immediately you are both to be assigned as partners to each other with zero chance of reassignment under penalty of your deployment to the coldest Antarctic outpost to watch penguin chatter for the rest of your lives and a complete halt to any career advancement." He chose to let the words sink in for a moment, he would never actually think of losing either of these agents both were the best, and he couldn't believe Carmichael had influenced him so much but they were the best agents produced from the Spy Factory to be seen in the last twenty five years but of course they didn't need to know that, and even with the facts as they were neither were above punishment and were still susceptible to a heavy suspension if they messed this up. In a matter of 30 seconds Graham was preparing to end this little get together before the shock wore off and the two agents began to voice their obvious and loud opinions, " Agent Carmichael it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you your new and permanent partner Agent Sarah Walker, and vice versa to you Walker" He couldn't quite discern the emotions that played across the two super spies faces as they turned to look at each other for the first time, but even the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency was not going to miss his chance to poke this situation with the proverbial stick, "Look at it this way...." amusement dripping from his words, "you two might as well be married, for real"

Both their heads shot towards his direction so fast he was surprised they managed to avoid snapping their own necks at that sudden movement, outrage was clear across both of their faces...............and the seed of something else that he hadn't seen for a very long time between two people, this could be even more interesting than he had originally envisioned they were either going to devastate their enemies efforts across the world in potentially the most volatile and dangerous team to ever be created or walker and Carmichael were going to blow themselves up in the process.

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