Hello my lovely readers, have you missed me? If so then I have fantastic news, the sequel to Nec(romancer) is on it's way and should be out around Christmas since I'll be on break until mid-January when my second semester of college starts. But for now I've decided to give you all a little taste of what is to come.

T(he art) of Storyboard Romance

You got a new horizon it's an ephemeral style
In a melancholy town where we never smile
And all I want to hear is the message beep
My dreams they come a kissin' cause I don't get sleep no

~ "Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz

"Alright, I want a three page paper on my desk when you get back from break over how and why wizard's are born with a specific power and how it affects them." the students stared at their professor in shock wondering how it was fair that they had to write a paper when they could be sleeping in and doing nothing. Yet none dared to speak out against him to claim the assigment to be unfair in fear of what their professor would do to them. Professor Thomason had once been a student at Milkweed but had gotten expelled for turning his professor into flan and if that wasn't enough he had been allowed to return after becoming the first Necromancer in centuries; a master of dark magic requiring sacfifices. There were rumors about how the Necromancer had been driven to insanity over the grief of his powers and that anyone who dared cross him would meet an untimely end.

However those were only stories and most just feared Professor Thomason due to his appearence and strict standards dispite breaking rules himself. The man had dyed the tips of his red hair midnight black to match the thick eyeliner he wore to bring out his oddly cold amber eyes. He wore charcoal straight-leg slacks with a studded belt for detail and a crimson long-sleeved dress shirt covered by a matching charcoal vest. Every so often random chains and leather armbands would be added to the mix making him look more like a teenager than a teacher.

"Should we write the papers about ourselves or is this a research project?" one student finally called out with a raised hand.

"Hmm, lets make it an interview project. You'll interview a wizard who has a specilized ablitiy and then write a paper on how the influences in the wizard's life caused the power to be awakened in a sense. Sound better?"

"Yes, Professor Thomason." the 30 odd students chorused as one all standing as the bell chimed signaling the end of class.

"You really shouldn't take your own unhappiness out on the students, Kyle." a familiar voice commented from the doorway. Amber eyes looked up to see the Headmaster smirking at him seductively. It was the only real drawback to the job; Sigmund was his boss as well as roomate with benefits. Talk about awkward. "Say what you will, but know that I am content and not pushing my unhappiness onto my students." Kyle hissed as the platinum blonde moved to take a seat on his desk. "How long has it been Kyle? Almost ten years? Are you really going to wait for your so called Prince Charming to get his head out of his ass?" "Prince Charming is not the first name of choice and I had honestly forgotten about him." "Don't lie to yourself, you even left behind a glass slipper so to speak. If he hasn't figured it out by now then he never will. Give up on him already, I'm tired to seeing that lifeless look in your eyes." The words stung him harshly, the cruel truth tearing away the illusions he had built around himself. "You don't think I realize that? Did you ever think that maybe lying to myself is easier than dealing with the pain of knowing that I gave up my one chance of happiness so he could be happy?" the redhead snapped, unshead tears glistening in dim light of the classroom. "Don't expect me to be home anytime soon, Sigmund." with those parting words the Necromancer vanished into a think grey smoke.