Work was on the brain. I had just performed surgery on…man, I don't even remember the name. Some Mary Sue that giggled at my every retort. I've never heard anybody laugh at: "I hope you don't sleep-talk because the sound of your voice makes me cringe." Everybody was even more whiny and annoying than usual. Makes me wonder if they've formed an anti-Dr. Oliver club, one where Doogie Hughes is giving them lessons on what pushes my buttons the most. Wouldn't be surprised. He has to compensate for his lack of doctor skills somehow.

Luke told me the night before that he had some Foundation meeting today. Some project for disabled kids, I recall him saying. I wondered if he was as tired as I was. We did have a pretty wild night. But I digress. I figured he was fueled on caffeine and jumping off the walls with his brilliant ideas. He really does have a good head on his shoulders. A very beautiful head. With luscious lips attached…

"Doctor?" A man had asked me. A man so boring that I drifted off into my little dream shrine of Luke.

Mild concussions were barely a cause for excitement.

"I'm sorry." And then I proceeded to instruct him on how to treat it. And so my journey from patient-to-patient dragged on. I felt so phlegmatic that I could've sworn that I traded bodies with Bob. Soon enough he came to me, ordering me to go home because I was being hard on my patients.

I swear I'm in a town full of softies…and they've made me one of them.

My work ethic was completely deflated so I didn't mind obliging.

Once I was at the Lakeview, I noticed that I forgot my keys. Growling, I checked my pockets again as if they would magically appear on demand. Too bad I wasn't a wizard. It would've saved me the trouble of asking for a spare key from a man, who was about as intelligent as any given intern.

"Why would I want to break into somebody else's room?" I asked.

"I don't know. I'm not the robber here."

"You don't realize that there's nothing in this town worth stealing."

"And you don't realize how guilty you sound right now. I used to be a cop. I could sense trouble a mile away."

"Used to be? Meaning you got fired for dementia, right?"

"They should've locked your rude ass up." Need I point out how fast word gets on around here? Oakhell deserves to be known as the infamous town of gossip. Not to mention morons like Hank, Doogie, Noah…must I go on?

Anyway, the man crossed his arms and glowered at me. Steven – as he was labeled like rotten cheese – was most likely one of those school cops. The ones that have nothing better to do than pick on people and waste their time on trifling issues.

People never fail to amaze me with their stupidity.

"Steven!" I turned around to my savior: Luke. He seemed to be familiar with this sad excuse of an employee. "Are you giving Reid a hard time?"

"Clearly." I rolled my eyes.

"Luke, how do you know this creep?"

"He's my boyfriend, Steven."

"Oh…" He looked about as disturbed as an elephant catching sight of a mouse, given his pudgy exterior. "How is it that a good guy like you ends up with such a devil-looking Elmo?"

"Elmo? Really?" I asked, incredulously. This man must have an IQ of at least…ten if he's lucky.

"If you'll excuse us…" Luke could tell that steam was practically coming from my ears so he dragged me to our room. If I weren't so tired, I would've given him a hicky on both sides of his neck among other areas. But all I was able to do was collapse onto the bed. I heard Luke chuckle as he adjusted my head onto his lap. The way he rubbed my temples was tantamount to a lullaby. I closed my eyes, finally relaxed after a long day.

"Good night, baby." Luke whispered. "Sweet dreams."

And then he kissed me. That tickling warmth brought about from his lips ensured that I was going to have sweet dreams. Of him.