Might not make sense, just written to help me get over a bit of writer's block. -_- So pretty much super short. Enjoy as much as this suckishness allows.

Memories are the one thing that never dies. They can chase bad dreams away, they can make you smile, make you cry, My memories are the most important part of me, or so I sometimes think. I used to wonder why they were even here, but then I realized that we'd all be incomplete without them. Look into someone's eyes close enough, hard enough, and you'll see everything they used to be. Everything they were. Everything they weren't. Look deep, like it's the last time you'll ever see them. That's where you'll see who they really are. One pair of eyes.

Two hands.

Take them each in another.

We will be together, one day.

As the seconds fly by, minutes go slower, then hours, then days, then weeks, then months, then years. And then the world falls away, all stability gone, and you wonder where you ended up. One moment. It only takes one moment to change everything. One moment leads to another, and then…you don't know where you are anymore. I forgot that. I forgot that a split second can cost a life, and it almost did. The day Puck got his wings severed by the jabberwocky, I knew I'd hesitated a second too long, I'd lost something too precious.

What have I done? I didn't do anything! What have I let happen?

I was almost going to scream until I couldn't make a sound. Almost. But I couldn't because there was work to be done. I had to take care of what was left of Puck and pray to whatever god was out there, that he was alive and stayed that way. But now that I have him back, and he's alive, I'm not letting him go. We fight, and mangle each other with bitter words that disguise what we won't acknowledge quite yet. In our eyes were questions, and acceptance, heavy things the heart desires and the soul yearns to hear. I have you now, and I'll make sure you never go away, unless I come with you. And you know, that day will never fade away with me. It will always be in the back or at the forefront of my mind. I will never make that same mistake twice. It will always be…

A memory.