Chapter Five

The Last Senshi

Landing on a bus full of screaming civilians is annoying. Most of them think I am the bad guy, and one of them gets the bright idea to throw their wallet, thinking that I'm there to rob them. It might be because I am wearing a piece of black cloth to hide my identity. If these guys were worried that their driver was insane, they now have some blond hijacker to worry about. Tuxedo Mask is driving the bus behind me and the two girls look at my back anxiously. Probably because the caped crusader took about six minutes to stitch it up with some makeshift supplies he found on the bus. Good thing there was a first aid kit around or I would more or less be a goner at this point. Still I can be a goner just the same if I don't stay focused and get the driver to stop.

When I see that we are about to crash into a nearby Tokyo street I get the impression that I don't need to.

The bus runs into a row of cars parked outside of the arcade, and it slows down before it smashes into the place front first. The people inside the bus are literally flying out trying to get away from the now transformed demon that is coming out of the glass window on the back of the vehicle. The thing has a nice green body, but its face is ugly as sin.
I still don't understand why they couldn't get the complete package. Seems like such a waste to have such huge boobs, and then have a mouth full of fangs to turn off any wanting guys.

"So you've followed me all this way?" the thing drawls. It extends its claws and I can see its body tensing and coiling with muscles. "You must be the Ninja Mask."

"Ninja Mask?" I ask. "Is that what the Dark Kingdom is calling me?"

The thing smiles showing me just how twisted its teeth is underneath that green mouth. "Not just the Dark Kingdom."

Before I get a chance to reply it runs down the street and almost spears me into a wall. I manage to flip to a nearby lamppost and watch it run up the post to meet me head on. I flip out of the way from another swipe and run down the street. I try to avoid the crowds of people who are running out of the arcade including Usagi, some blond guy named Matoki, and Umino.

For reasons that make me mad Usagi takes this chance to hide behind a nearby car with her two boys in tow and they watch my battle. I want to tell them to get out of here before things get ugly but I have a feeling they won't listen. So instead of focusing on them I create another Shadow Clone and the two of us charge the Youma. Tuxedo Mask is watching out for any of the creature's allies and the girls are trying to herd people away from the fight.

The blue skinned demon is currently crouching in the middle of the street, where cars are smashing into each other to avoid hitting her, and is gathering dark power around herself. I flinch as some of the tendrils of black energy almost touch me, but ignore it since I've felt worse come from the pit of my belly. The creature grins when it has enough power and speeds down the street making it rain ash at the sheer velocity of its charges.

I channel Chakra into my arms and legs and charge at her with a knife in my hand and slash at its hands. It grabs my arm and tries to flip me to the ground but I reverse it and send a knee into its guts. It doubles over and I make a brutal punch to its face. It's down the next instant and I kick it while it's on the ground and into the arcade window. The glass breaks and I spear the beast into one wall, then another, then another.

People are screaming in the background at my sheer brutality, but I don't relent. This thing almost ran me over, this thing forced me take stitches without any kind of pain killer, and this thing almost killed people with its driving. Out of all the enemies I have had to face this one was the one that almost got away, and put more people in danger than the other two combined.

"It's here, look out!" Tuxedo Mask shouts. "That thing is just a puppet!"

I turn to see the creature that is barely standing and send a fist at its face. I am so angry right now, so furious at what this thing is forcing me to do and every blow I hit is a killing blow. Luna is right; I can't fight with hesitation. Every move I make has to count, every strike I hit it with has to land, and even if these things are enslaved I have to give it my all to take it down.

There is the chance that it will give up at the last second and that is exactly what I want. I want to force it to yield, to bend to me, and I can't do that unless I beat the living black shit out of it. "This is for my back!" I say, sucker punching it as it gets up. It smashes through another wall and tries to get up. "And this is for the people you tried to zap!" With another fist it's downed and I don't think it is going to get up.

I feel relieved. I did it. This fight is over. The demon was not as strong as the second demon, not even as strong as the first demon, and it didn't take long. But what did Tuxedo Mask mean about puppet? I turn to see what he means and I try not to clench my fist till it bleeds. This is because the Puppet Master is here and he comes in the form of the tall blond that the Miko talked about earlier. He looks pissed, looks out for blood, and I can see power in him that I have never seen on these beasts before.

"So you are the one destroying my operations," he says. The two girls are clutched on each of his hands. "Strong aren't you?"

Not really. "Yes, I am," I say, limping towards him. I hope my back stitches hold. "You're about to see how strong if you don't let the two go."

He doesn't back down. "We'll see," he makes to crush the girl's necks but two roses immediately fall into his hand. He screams and rolls out of the way as an extending cane nearly impales him. "What the fuck!"

Nice. Maybe the Doctor has his moments?

"Did you just throw…roses at me?" he asks, looking confused. "How exactly do you plan to defeat…never mind." He looks at me and sneers. "You will die."

Not the first time I've heard this threat since I've come to this world but his seems to have a bit more command in it. Like he expects me to just keel over and die. No matter, I dodge a bolt of lightning he sends my way and throw some stray nails that I pick off the ground as this building starts to collapse. Some of the nails hit, most of them don't and I can see Tuxedo Mask running down from his position to grab the girls from me.

He nods his head and runs out while I look at my opponent. This one here is a fighter, he is built like a tank and I can't help but feel slightly outmatched since elemental energy is surrounding his body. He looks at the ceiling and throws something at it, shards I think, and slowly the shards fall down and try to impale me. I flip to the side and even grab a few, throwing it back at his face. He easily catches it, grins, and charges it with energy. Slowly the shard extends to resemble a sword and uses it to try and clean me in half. I get out of the way as he teleports to my side and move out again as he teleports from below. I hate it when people do that. There were Ninja back home who could instantly transport as well, but this guy's version is a little faster. It is much more instant and I don't see him use a single seal to accomplish this task.

As the arcade continues to fall apart I look and see a familiar figure crawl out of some of the rubble. She seems to have been hiding underneath one of the game machines because only someone of her size could possibly have been there. Not wasting any time I race to meet her and sling her over my shoulder, and get a quick scratch and a huff.

"Only you, Uzumaki," Luna says. "Only you could destroy Central Command."

"What the hell is that?" I ask.

"It's where I get our information to fight the Dark Kingdom," she says. The cat looks at the destroyed machine sadly. "Though I don't think we are ever going to get any data from it ever again."

I shrug and flip over onto another machine as a wave of black energy tries to destroy everything in its path. "We've done okay so far," I say, trying not to scream as some of the stitches in my back start to collapse and the broken bones in my arms start to heal itself with quick cracks. "We'll make it out of this alive."

Luna looks at the angry man in front of us. "I am not so sure about that." She narrows her eyes. "I think I've seen him before…he's strong. Too strong, that's all I can remember."

I grunt and grab something to shield us from the shards he sends our way. The black spikes that surround him start to thicken and change shape as he continues to build energy around his body. The spikes are now charging with lightning and the black energy is starting to cyclone around him like a twister. Whoever he is, he has energy to spare and I am barely running on Blue Chakra. I look up to see a hole in the roof and jump through it. Tuxedo Mask has gotten the girls to another floor, or possibly out of the Arcade altogether so I don't have to hold back as much. Even if there are people here I can't afford to hold back, this guy is no demon, he is something else. There isn't any Youkai coming off him, but there is something much more controlled.

As I try to make my escape out of the building a blast alerts me to duck and I see two other demons jump out and try to trap me. I take a fist at one of them, and my knees slams into the other. They immediately get up and try to apprehend me, but I don't let them. Instead I switch with a nearby spike and it impales itself halfway while trying to catch my fleeing body. The second one pauses to help its friend out and I take that chance to run up the ceiling, come down, and take a slice at its neck.

The tall blond from before bursts out from the floor and has his sword ready to cut me in half and I try and see if there is anything I can use to deflect him. Finding none I groan and look at the nearby window. In an instant I pull a Tuxedo Mask and make the glass scatter as I leap onto the floor and smash my knee caps onto the pavement. I try not to cry as the pain goes up my legs and reach down for more of the Red Chakra that I had used earlier.

"What are you doing?" Luna asks, coming out from inside my jacket. I have been keeping her there all this time. This way she wouldn't fall off. "I can sense evil energy? What is that? Is that the Red Chakra you've been telling me about?"

I nod but I don't say anymore. I use the Red to make myself stronger and try not to pass out from the pain. The two demons from earlier jump out from the window and land on their hind legs, they take one look at my form and are about to attack. They don't when the front of the building explodes and the tall blond man from before walks out covered in dust. He smiles and teleports to where I am standing and smashes my head into the pavement. Luna runs away and hides under a nearby car, I can hear a sound of something cut air, and see Tuxedo Mask has sent another hail or roses at the juggernaut. The man flips over and even catches one of the roses, only to drop it as his hands start to bleed from the sharp spikes.

He glares at Tuxedo Mask and sends a bolt of lightning to the batman-wannabe and Tuxedo Mask pulls a Darth Vader and manages to deflect the energy by twirling his cane like some kind of windmill. The blond man does not relent and sends a hail of black shards at the bastard, and the guy literally covers himself with his cape like Spawn and deflects every last one of the sharp objects. He then opens his cape, pulls out his cane like a sword, and charges down into the fight towards the two demons.

I take this as my signal to switch myself with a nearby piece of broken building and smash the giant's head in. He bashes onto the ground and tries to get up but I kick him in the chest, making him groan in pain. I rear my feet back, put Chakra through it, and slam it into his kidney. He yells and flies into a nearby pole. I try not to cry as I feel the broken bits of my feet and limp towards him. Unlike the Youma, this thing is somewhat human. Meaning that he is probably a Noble of the Dark Kingdom. These guys are the big bosses and from what Luna has told me about the Nobles, they can be powerful if you aren't careful. I don't want to have to fight this guy in his full power, and I am pretty sure I can't take them when they are that way. Instead I have to keep at it and make sure it is weakened.

The Noble struggles to get up and grins manically. "Very, very strong," he says. "I could use a man like you in my army."

He stands up and I can see the wounds I have impacted on him start to fade away. He has some kind of healing factor like me, only his is much more instant. This isn't good. He leers at Tuxedo Mask who is taking care of the two weaker demons, and then has his eyes set on Ami and the Miko hiding behind nearby telephones polls.

"Strange company you keep though," he admits. "So human…"

"I am human," I say.

Trying to stay conscious. I am at my wits end. No Chakra. No bones left intact on my feet or fingers. All I have left is my natural reflexes and the Red. I can't use the Red. I could barely control it the last time. "Come and get me," I say, gesturing for him to attack. "I'll send you bastards back to the shit hole you crawled out of."

"I am an Earthling, idiot," he says. "It is the Moon Kingdom that needs to return to where it came from."

He does have a point. If the Dark Kingdom is really the Earth Army, I am probably fighting the wrong side. The problem is the correct sight is employing Youma and Youma aren't exactly friends of humanity. Had things been a bit different I could probably picture myself fighting with these guys against the Sailor Senshi, wherever the hell they might be. I look at Luna who is glaring at the man and shake my head.

"It doesn't matter," I finish. "I usually go with the losing one." I grin and switch myself with a falling brick. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

I create two clones and the three of us try and attack the man, but he manages to teleport behind us and turns one of my clones to smoke. He charges up energy bolts and hurls them at Ami and the Miko, causing my other clones to switch with the girls. This is what he wants because the next instant he has the two in his grasp and looks at me.

"Join me, or the two die," he says."I don't want to kill your precious girlfriends."

"I have nothing to do with him," the Miko says. "And my name is Rei!"

I don't understand why she just gave that piece of info away, but I don't care. I grit my teeth and pull out the Red. The Red Chakra starts to surround my feet and I feel my mind start to lose it. "Let them go, or else," I growl. "Or else I will kill you."

His eyes narrow. "I'd like to see you try." He sends a bolt of black electricity through the girls and the two scream. I scream as well and charge at him, only for a few shards to pierce my flesh. I don't care. I pull out 1/6th of the Red Chakra. I don't care if I lose my mind; I don't care if I black out and wake up to find nothing. I don't care if I lose every bit of my sanity I have as I take on the Red Chakra. I can't let the two die, I have dragged them into this, and I will get them out.

While the black energy surrounds them and they scream something amazing happens. Their foreheads start to glow with power and I look at my cat watch them in amazement. This is what I've been looking for. Without a doubt the expression on the cat's face tells me that I have found them. I have found the Sailor Senshi and they are going to die in the next few seconds.

Screaming and pulling out the rest of the diabolical energy I feel someth form in the back of my ass, and something else form in my gums. Fangs, sharp deadly fangs are coming out. I roar as my whisker marks get longer and feel my eyes change. They must be becoming sharper, much crueler, and much more powerful, because the next instant I feel like doing nothing but tearing this man in front of me apart. They have pushed me to this point. They have forced me to rely on an energy that I don't believe in using. A dark part of my body that I have always wanted to avoid. But now looking at the two girls who look at me with both fear and hope, I have to use it. I have to use it to kill this man, and I will not hesitate.

I blast through the air and spear him. Making him let go of the two girls he was holding, and even he looks surprised at my sheer speed. With my left hand that seems to be covered in red flames I smash it into his face and miss. The floor literally breaks from the impact and he vanishes and comes up from behind to stab me in the back. The power from my Red Chakra sends him tumbling away into the sky and I coil my muscles to pounce at him while he is up there.

Then something stabs me in the side and I see the two demons from earlier, both of them have a dozen or so thorns covering their critical points and I can see Tuxedo Mask on the side of the street bleeding heavily while he clutches his chest. The bastard tried to hold them off, but in the end he just didn't have the kind of power needed to keep at it.

I don't bullshit around and give the two a powerful hook of fists, sending the hurling through two different buildings. I turn around to see a giant black ruby spinning in the air and see the man holding it. He grins and sends it down towards the place I am standing and I meet the Ruby head on and smash my fist of power at it. Both my hand and the ruby break but I don't stop there. I jump onto the side of a building and push myself to meet the floating man in the sky.

He dodges me, and I create a Shadow Clone to finish him off. He manages to destroy it, but not before I have the time to make a kick to the back of his head, sending him falling into the ground, making a crater around him. The two demons from earlier have sent double long distance attacks at me. One with small senbon like needles and the other with wind bullets. Luckily I switch myself with something and they don't hit.

I feel so powerful. I feel so godlike and I am so addicted to this rush. I can destroy everyone and everything to the ground. I should have pulled out this power before. I should have surrendered to it. But then I see the shaking form of the girls who look at me with apprehension and see my reflection on a nearby busted car. I look like a monster.

I feel sick.

"Attack at once!" the man screams. "Now!"

They try and dog pile with their gravity defying moves and I turn around and roar my frustration. I am angry at myself, angry at these people, angry at Luna, and angry that I couldn't fight with my own strength. The roar sends their attack back at them and a part of the street is blasted to the side. I turn to see Usagi and her friends look at me with fear and run away, far away.

Tuxedo Mask is limping on his cane and is looking at me carefully. "What…are you?"

I don't know. This isn't something normal Ninjas can do. "Stay back!" I shout. I am losing control, my vision is turning red. "I am losing it."

My world starts to spin and I can feel the power try and take hold of my body. I try to fight in back but I've used too much. This thing is going to swallow me whole and I've fallen into its trap. Desperately I try to keep from attacking everything in sight and I see Ami and Rei walk out from a nearby pole.

"Uzumaki-san, what is happening?" Ami asks. "Your body is changing…"

"I don't think he's human," Rei says, "I don't know how to change him back."

I fall to my knees and try not to attack them. Every part of me wants to bathe in their blood. They continue to come forward and I continue to sink. I hate this. I hate feeling so helpless. But I have to make sure not to hurt them, I have to make sure to hurt myself, only by disabling my body can I make sure that I don't kill them.

As I try to suppress the power around me, the demons and the tall man teleport in front of me and perform something that makes me scream. I can feel my energy being drained and I try not to lose whatever power I have on my mind. These idiots are going to take away my human energy and only leave this evil power behind. Once that happens I am going to go out on a killing spree and turn everyone and everything to ash.

"Luna, I can't hold on!" I yell. "Run! Run before I kill you all!"

The Dark Kingdom laughs and continues to drain me, but then something happens. I look up to see the two girls from earlier swathed in blue and red light. It isn't just any blue and red light. It's like something out of the power rangers. They are literally basking in it and I can see powerful elements wrap around them as if it were clothing. Luna slams into the two girls and something comes out of her stomach. Or at least I hope it's her stomach.

Truth is two metal sticks came out of nowhere when she did a flip in the air.

The two girls catch it and Luna is telling them something and I can literally see the bones of everyone around me as the killing intent to murder everything in the area builds to the point where I feel like doing nothing but turning everyone into food. To sink my fangs into them and to rip their body parts to tiny segments, if only to swallow the entrails whole while I am doing this.

While I am feeling this the two enemies at my side have no idea and they continue as if it were business as usually to have someone like me pinned to the ground. They don't bother with the two girls and their attention is focused on me, but I can't help but see the strange aura that surrounds them. Ami is turning blue and she shouts something about makeup and her body is literally being wrapped around in spiral of blue water colored light. For an instant I think I see her naked, and then see the water wrap around her and clothe her in something that I will describe in just an instant.

I turn to the side and see the same thing has happened to Rei. Strange light has incased her body and she is wrapping herself in some kind of ringed fire. Her clothes are literally burned off. Her long dark hair cascades down to her back and the red energy turns into some kind of cloth. Star shaped ear rings start to appear on each lobe, and I can see delicate make up being applied to her face.

Both of the girls are now transforming more or less at the same rate and they both seem to wear identical tiaras on their head. Luna is jumping up and down in excitement and I can't help but feel like murdering the feline for ignoring me twitching on the ground. A jet of powerful energy comes off from their backs and I see that the clothes made of ice and fire are slowly turning into skirts and those skirts are joined by fukus.

Ami is wearing a blue styled fuku while Rei has one colored in red. They look at each other and measure themselves. Even as I feel myself become nothing but an animal I can't help but feel a horrible boner start to appear on my pants? The two girls are literally revealing everything to the world. I can even see a nipple or two through their clothes and I wonder if the Sailor Senshi were supposed to be mass scale perverts because no man their right mind would fight these two without feeling their penis harden like a steel rod.

"General Jedite, I think you should look behind you," one of the demons say. "We have trouble."

The General turns around and his face is priceless. He looks totally confused at his situation and even glowers, then curses. He says something about Warriors of the Moon Kingdom and charges Ami and Rei. The two demons look like they are about to follow but the Red Chakra around me morphs into a tail and wraps around the two. I stand up and try not to go berserk. Of course I fail the next instant when another tail comes from my back and takes a swipe at the two demons, almost cutting them in half.

They drop and I look ahead to see Ami and Rei fight the Jedite character. I go on all fours and charge at Jedite and he turns around and teleports. I fall on Rei and Ami and feel a set of breasts as my hands begin grabbing onto both pair, and let go as I feel Jedite's bolt of power come toward us. The bolt hits the two senshi and they are sent through a wall of a nearby building. I grown and crouch like some kind of beast with my two tails in the air and charge at Jedite.

Tuxedo Mask seems to have gotten better because he is leaping into the sky sending dozens of roses at the flying General, and I take that time to create a few clones to mimic my movements and make it more difficult for Jedite to take a chunk out of my flesh. Jedite smiles and opens some kind of portal and another few demons come out. Two of them are beautiful women with a snake bodies, while the other is an angel with green skin. The serpent goes after me, and rolls onto a ball and come out slashing like a maniac.

It literally flies into a pole and knocks itself out, and Tuxedo Mask has his hands full with the other demon. Jedite runs to the ground and charges me head on with a ball of black power. I create a wave of power with my tail and scream in agony as the power threatens to peel the skin off my ass. This power literally takes a chunk of the street off since the tail is like some kind of killing wave and Jedite is forced to use the rest of his power to block it. When the dust clears I see that his arms and legs have been smoked and he is gritting his teeth in pain.

"Give up, I can keep summoning more and more demons," he says. "I won't stop till you are dead. Ninja Senshi!"

I don't bother to correct him and run on all fours and pounce him into a nearby fountain. I try and drown him with my bare hands but feel something tug at my neck. I look up to see a General dressed in the same suit as Jedite and growl at him with hate. This general is even taller than Jedite and has long wavy brown hair growing down to his back.

Something like stars appear in my vision and I am blasted back through the street, as my red chakra surrounds and corrodes my body. I look at my hand and see the flesh on it is turning black .I can't keep this up. I look up at the passed out Jedite and the person carrying him. The tall man frowns and gestures for the demons to come, but they are both knocked out so he just looks at me, then the two Sailor Senshi who are groggily limping out from their slumber.

"Sailor Senshi," he says carefully. "It seems you have awakened." He smiles at them. It wasn't a kind smile. "I thought you were all dead, but it seems that you were just waiting, just as we have been waiting."

Ami and Rei look at each other, then look at me for instructions. The two carefully limp to where I am standing, and I try to ignore how fantastic they look in those uniforms. Ami has a slim body, while Rei is a bit more filled out. Both look proportional to some kind of cover girl model, and both have the legs to back it up. I can see up their skirts from my slightly crouched angle, and the two don't make a comment on that. Ami seems more tired than me and she leans against my shoulder, while Rei leans against my other shoulder. I may not like the Miko, but she looks dead tired and that transformation into a Senshi must have worn her out. Not to mention that being punched through a wall during a first transformation must have taken something out of them.

"You girls okay," I growl. "Can you still fight?"

Ami nods her head, but is still leaning. "Yes, I think we can," she turns to Rei. "Is that right?'

Rei grins. "What do you think? This bastard almost got my Shrine shut down."

The two, with a final effort, stand on their own two feet and Tuxedo Mask manages to leap to our side, only to fall to the ground clutching his chest, which is spewing blood onto the street floor. He looks up at us and smiles. "I am okay," he says. "Let me sleep for a second, I'll fight along with you later."

Then he passes out and I make a clone to get him out of the area. The guy has done enough for today. I look at the other General who has teleported Jedite out of the area and he frowns. "Jedite was a fool for underestimating you, Ninja." He smiles at the girls. "And he has forced the Sailor Scouts out. How idiotic the man can be, or how incompetent… I truly hope Queen Beryl puts him in his place."

He looks back at me who is now crouched on the ground like a predator. "Calm yourself, I am not here to fight." He smiles. "I am here to watch…someone very interesting has been asking about you."

Before I can say another word he looks at the sky and I can see that the final light of the Sun has gone down. The stars of the night align and I can see a small portal start to form near Tokyo Tower. A beam of green energy comes out of the portal and something floats down from it. Ami and Rei grab onto my shoulder, and I think they can also feel the terrible power this person General turns to me and shakes his head. "I don't know what you have done to wake the Guardian of Time from her slumber, but I pity you, Youma." Before I can ask what he meant by the Youma comment he disappears and leaves the demons behind.

Rei holds onto my shoulder an points to the person on top of Tokyo Tower. "I am not sure what that is, but I think it's after you." Great, another member of the Obvious Club. She looks worried. "I think you should run." Two crows come down from the sky and land on her shoulder. She talks with them, they chatter with her, and then fly off to see our new enemy.

"Ami, take Rei and Tux boy out of here," I tell her. She looks a bit wary. "Do it, I can take care of this."

"Are you certain?" she asks. "You look…almost dead."

I smile grimly." Thanks, I needed that."

She takes Rei, whose leg is busted and I get a good view of their matching rears as they leave. Ami has a slightly wider bottom while Rei's curves to the top. Both of them are top notch so I have no complaints on that department. Meanwhile Luna is by my side giving her usual speech about defeating the enemies of the Moon Kingdom. "I don't like this. I don't like this at all," she says. "I don't sense any evil energy but…what power!"

That power then fazes out and I cover my eyes as the top of Tokyo Tower blasts away and a figure teleports in front of us. The dust is still in the air so I can't get a view of that person, and I back away as a powerful sonic energy tries to trip me on my way out of a small drainage hole on the ground. The sonic energy is calming my Red Chakra and I can feel my power starting to vanish. Luna looks at me with dread, and sees that my power is slowly fading. She takes one look at the dust with the walking figure and runs like the coward she is. I actually grab a piece of rock from the ground and throw it at her, and it hits. Before I can laugh that I finally hit my cat, a blast of black spherical energy hits me on the chest and I am sent skidding through the street with my stitches opening up in full.

I slowly get up and try not to let the pain on both of my legs hold me down. I can't afford to be sloppy here, just like before this person is someone of immense power. They tend to be ruthless when it comes to do battle. The person is almost out of the ash and I can see green knee high boots. Then I see the leg and I can tell that is a girl. Then I see the girl's stomach and I can tell she is an attractive girl. Finally I can see the rest of her body as she steps out of the dust and my breath hitches.

I hate to say this. I really, really hate to say such cheesy lines but…She is a Kami.

I've never seen a Goddess before but if I had to put it into words, then she would fit the description. She stands nearly seven feet tall in height, has skin the color of dark chocolate, and has the body proportions of a fitness model. Her breasts are not overly big but given her size and ratio they would have to have been about the same volume as a pair of watermelons in full ripeness.

Unlike Ami and Rei who were a fuku designed for children, she wers one that was so tight that I could see both sets of her nipples. I try not to let my hard on show as I get a decent view of her panties, which are as dark green as the rest of her uniform. Her dazzling red orbs catch onto my view and she does not look amused that I am developing something very inappropriate in my pants. Fortunately she does not make a comment and just keeps stepping out of the dust to inspect the area.

Her pink lips part into a sigh and she glares at the area. "I've been searching for you for days," she taps her feet in annoyance. "Even when I broke your legs, you still managed to escape me, Youma."

"I don't know what you are talking about," I say, feeling weary. "We've never met before."

She smiles. "No, not you. I am talking about your other counterpart that tried to steal your body when you died. The one who tried to fly through the Gates of Time and Space to return to a Reality where it wasn't dead."

I don't know what to say to that. "Okay," I look at the area around me. "Well, I am me now."

She looks at me carefully. "Maybe, but I can't take that chance," she says. "You'll have to forgive me. I do what I must to protect our Universe from the enemies of Chaos."

I look at Luna who is glaring at the Evil Senshi and frown. "I think you are an enemy," I say. "Luna doesn't seem to like you."

The woman laughs and her expansive bosom bounces with each chuckle. "Luna can barely remember her own name, let alone me." Then she frowns. "Forgive me, but this is my job. I would give you an explanation, but it would be lost on you."

She points her large scepter at me and screams, "Pluto Deadly Scream!"

A giant black hole floats through the ground and smashes into my chest, I role to the floor and get up before she drops to the ground next to me, and kicks her long foot into my stomach. I fly into the air and crash into a power line, but not before being shocked from some currents. I manage to switch myself with a nearby shrapnel, and it manages to strike Pluto when she thought the shrapnel was me. I get up and run down the street and dodge more attacks from the girl and can't help but notice that the particles in the area are gathering to where she is. The girl is literally bending the world around her, and I really am curious what exactly she is. "Luna, is she an enemy?" I shout. "Should I fight her?"

"Yes, certainly!" she says. She jumps onto my shoulder as I run by her. "I don't recall any Sailor Pluto."

I grunt and leap to a nearby building, and flip over a large ball of energy. I then turn around as I see her teleport in front of us, and flip to the side and she uses her scepter as a spear. The scepter misses and then turns around in mid air and comes back to her. She latches onto it, spins it in her hand and then leaps into the sky to jab me in the back. I dodge it, and she kicks me full on by back, causing me to roll to the ground.

She doesn't give me the chance to get up and instead tries to stamp the spear into my gut as I am rolling, but Luna manages to jump off my shoulder and take a slash on her face. "Luna, let me kill him," she yells. "You are supposed to find Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is supposed to be your partner!"

"Liar," Luna shouts. "There is no Sailor Moon! There are four Sailor Senshi and two of them I already found." Thanks for taking the credit, Luna.

Pluto grimaces. "Oh, poor delusional Luna." She shakes her head. "I forget how you are in this point in time."

She looks at me and glares. "This is all your fault." She leers. "If Luna hadn't found you, things would be alright."

You mean Luna being beaten to death would have been a good thing? The universe works in mysterious ways. I dodge the attack she sends at me but I can't use any of my Chakra. I don't have any left and something about her is draining the Red Chakra from my body, it is as if she controls a black hole or a void, or something.

She teleports to my front and punches me in the face, getting me rolling on the ground again, and I stop and flip back when she tries to send another black sphere at my direction. I look around for anything I can use and see a rod nearby. I use it to block an attack she sends out and am flung back into a building. She chases me down building steps and I roll down it and hit my head on something. I feel like blacking out but I can't because she has used her scepter like a spear once again.

It misses and makes a hole on the wall and I use that hole to make my escape and she follows. Luckily there is no one left for me to be wary of since all the people have run away but I know that the cops will be here within five minutes. I need to finish this off now. This time the cops will come in greater numbers, and they will be armed to the teeth. The Senshi must realize this since she isn't in a rush to finish me off. She is much calmer, much more careful than the enemies from the Dark Kingdom. It is like she knows that she is going to win and this is just a delay of the inevitable. Too bad she has no idea who I am and what I am capable of since I defy the impossible and go beyond reason when it comes to fights.

"You are cornered," she says stepping up to the middle of the street. I can hear sirens ringing in the back but she doesn't seem bothered. "My apologies but I will have to correct my mistake. I was hoping that you could be spared your true fate."

"True fate, I ask?" What are you talking about?

"The demon inside of you will take you over," she says sadly. Her expansive breasts move from side to side as she does this. "That is your destiny. Still, I, Sailor Pluto, thank you for your effort in aiding Luna. Now with you gone she will be forced to find Sailor Moon and what should have come to pass will occur."

"But the Moon isn't a planet." I stand up with my shaky legs. "This doesn't make any sense. The Senshi are planet powered."

Pluto smiles. "Yes, that is correct." She points her gun/rod at me. "Sailor Moon is more than just what she appears, and when Luna finds her, the real battle will begin."

Moon, Sailor Moon. Luna didn't tell me anything about this Senshi. If Pluto is right and she does exist, what does it mean? Then what about the Moon Princess? Luna is searching for the Princess of the Moon and if Sailor Moon is the Guardian of the Moon…wouldn't she be the Princess I am supposed to find?

Pluto must have realized what I am thinking and nods her long elegant head. I have a hard time glaring at her, due to her soft smooth skin. Compared to my rough and battered ones I don't feel so handsome, not that I had a shot at comparing with her sheer beauty. "Good bye, Uzumaki Naruto." The beam is about to be thrown. "Farewell in the next world."

As I put my arms around my chest and wait for impact something intercepts the blast and I see hundreds of stars twirl in the night. I look to my right and see that her energy attack is being blocked by another energy attack, only this one is made up of a ring of stars that is coming from…another Senshi! This Senshi drops to the ground in front of me and I get a good look up her skirt to see racy orange panties.

She is wearing a fuku similar to Rei and Ami and I see that she has hair as blond as my own. It cascades down her back and down to her legs. It is wrapped around a large red ribbon and she is wearing heels similar to Sailor Mars.

I take a look at her long legs and try not to admire it too closely because they are a fine set and I can get lost in them. All thin and tall, sort of like Pluto only it looks like it belongs on a human being, not some half-Goddess like thing. She turns around and gives me a dazzling smile and I curse at the large glasses she wears that look like they belong on Tuxedo Mask.

Please don't tell me she is in league with that clown.

"Ho, ho! Defender of Justice! I have come to your aid." Damn it all! She better not start throwing plants!"I am Sailor V, and have come to your rescue."

She makes a pose and thrusts out her hips suggestively. My boner from seeing Sailor Pluto hardens even more and I resist the urge to jizz in my pants as I see her shapely rear press against her orange skirt. Instead I focus on her face and give her my own grin which she returns. This one is a lot friendlier than the other Sailor Senshi and I already feel like we have something in common. "You want some help, big boy?" Is she flirting with me? Nice. "That's a lot of woman you got there."

I look at Pluto who stands there and folds her long hands over her heaving bosom. "Leave now, before I am forced to beat you to the ground. You are expendable Venus." She pulls up her staff and points it at the new Senshi. "And tell Artemis to stop hiding."

Venus sighs and calls out a white cat who grouchily comes out from some rubble. Then the cat sees Luna and Luna starts to chase him. I try not to laugh at the scene and fail. It seems like the white kitten has a fear of my little old Luna. Makes sense in a twisted way. Luna makes me afraid sometimes, and she is 1/20 my size. I can't imagine the pure terror someone of her height must feel.

Luna catches the white cat and starts talking to it, and the white cat starts to cry until Luna starts smacking it with her palms and they both argue in full throttle. Meanwhile I look at Sailor V and try to get a better feeling for my situation. "Can you take her?" I ask. "You saw the fight."

Sailor V gives me a peace sign and thrusts out her hips again. I try not to stare, but she has a nice behind. "Just leave it to me, Sailor V," she says, then bends down to cup my face in her hands. "Can't let a cute guy like you die, not when I am the Sailor of Love and Justice." What do you know? Female Tuxedo Kamen. Only this one looks competent.

She takes a few steps to the much, much taller Sailor Pluto and folds her hands over her chest. Sailor Pluto is still folding her own arms around her chest and all that does is make her breasts press together showing off more nipple area. "So this is what you decide?" Pluto says, frowning. "Very well, I'll have to teach you something about being a warrior, girl."

Sailor V smiles and immediately charges the large breasted Senshi, knocking her onto the ground. The orange clad girl straddles the taller woman and starts hammering at her face. Pluto is shocked at first but slams her own fist to the girls face, sending her crashing through a telephone booth. V doesn't let this phase her and just stands up.

She dusts off some of the grime she got from sliding onto the floor and then frowns. She looks to her side. "Shit, cops," she says. She looks at me." You better get out of here."

I want to ask her how, but something drops behind me and I can feel a hand press on my back. "Don't worry, I have that covered." He gives me a thumbs up and I try not to punch the Tuxedo wearing asshole on the face. "There something you don't know about me." There is probably a whole list of things I would be happy not knowing. "Grab on."

Reluctantly I limp onto his back and cop cars start to surround us. Before I can ask what he is about to do I feel gravity start to mold and shift around him. The reality that held everything together in that small dense perimeter where he stood start to disappear and something powerful starts to flow out of this Tuxedo wearing freak. His cape starts to extend and his expression becomes serious. His mask starts to glow, and rose petals start to flow around us. It starts to spin and spin in a tornado, and the police cars are dumping out their officers by the boatloads as they come charging towards the hail of spinning petals.

Tuxedo Kamen bends his knees, coils all his power into his feet, grins at them, and blasts into the night sky. I try not to scream at this guy's idiocy since he is not jumping towards a building, but towards the Moon instead, but then frown when I realize that we are not dropping. In fact we continue to ascend into the air, and instead of slowing down we are moving faster and faster.

"You…you could have flown all along?" I gasp. "We were chased by police, chased by Youma, and had to chase a Youma in a bus…but you could have just flown all this time?"

Tuxedo Mask turns to me looking confused. "Of course not," he says. Then smiles. "But I can glide."

When we land. I am going to kick him in the nuts.

Eventually we all meet in the Hirikawa Shrine. Tuxedo Mask called a cab for the girls to head there, and floated me back to that location. It was terrifying flying in the night sky while a helicopter tried to gun us down, but somehow the roses he gave off managed to cover our tracks. One of these days I am going to learn how he does that. It is probably the gayest attack I have seen in my life, but it's damn useful.

"So, we've sold one mystery," Luna says. Sitting on Rei's dining room table."But this just leads us to more questions."

I nod. "She seems to think I am a demon." I pause. "Pretty sure I am not."

"But you could be," Luna admits. Then snorts. "But I doubt it. This is probably just a very clever tactic by the Dark Kingdom."

Mercury agrees. "It sounds like a good plan." She hands Rei the tea set. "What do you think Rei?"

"First off, I still don't buy all this Dark Kingdom bull crap, but I do believe in Youma." She pauses then points her finger at me." This one is most certainly a demon."

I glare at her. "I am a human," I say. "Just like you."

"Prove it!" she says, frowning. "I saw you do things no human could do and you gave off so much Youkai!

I don't answer.

"In any case, this new Dark Senshi is after you, Uzumaki," Luna says. "According to Artemis, he and Venus have been keeping tabs on her. Her only mission is your head." She frowns. "I still haven't forgiven Artemis for hiding Sailor Venus from me."

I scowl. "Sailor Venus was here all along, and that white cat-shit just let me fight the Youma on my own?" I ask. Luna nods. "You want me to skin him?"

Luna smiles. "Maybe I'll take you up on that offer." I don't like her smile.

Rei coughs. "Charming, I am so very concerned for your life. Would you like my help? Would you like me to dress up in that perverted uniform to help you fight the Dark Kingdom?" She does this in such a sweet voice that I have to control myself from punching her. "Seriously, you people have problems. I say we just let the Police take care of this."

"It's not that simple, Mars," Mercury says coldly. "The Police don't even believe in the existence of these creatures. They can't arrest something they don't think is a real threat."

While Ami and Rei argue about threats Luna walks to my lap. "Naruto, I've been thinking about your training. That is why I was at Central today."

"Weren't you at the arcade?"

"That's where Central is!"

I don't comment on that. " Naruto, that Kage Bunshin. I have analyzed everything you told me about it and I think you can use it for training."

I look at her with caution. "How?"

The cat grins. "Well, if you get the memories of each of those clones then if you were to make a hundred of them and they each trained…."



During our walk to school Ami and me run into a very unusual scene.

"Watch where ya go, punk!" a brown haired girl yells at Taro. I try not to smile at Taro's expression. He looks lost. Has no idea what to do. "Ya got eyes don't ya?"

The bastard frowns. "I do, now if you want to keep yours get out of my way, Yankee." Before Taro could get another word in a fist slams into his face and his gang immediately catch him. "The hell was that for?"

"I don't like da look on ya face, asshole," she sneers. She stands as tall as me, and probably weighs almost as much. This girl has serious balls. "Fight ma!"

Before the guys could get another word in the girl runs into the middle of the group of boys, who are all smaller than her and gives a furious round house kick. Ami gasps beside me seeing the girls long legs break the nose of several of Taro's friends and I whistle in appreciation when she jabs her left elbow into a really fat asshole's guts.

The guy doubles over and vomits his lunch and the girl takes his head and slams it into the vomit. She then looks up and grins at Taro who is ready to slam his fist into the back of the girl's head, but she sweeps past his arm and slams a fist into his stomach getting him toppled onto another opponent. She thin flips back and slams her long legs around and stabs with her feet. It makes impact on a tall guy's chest and he is slammed to the floor.

Then someone pulls out a switch blade and charges at her, and I decide to step in. I come in between the guy and the tall girl, and flip the guy over a nearby wall. The boy doesn't get up due to the hit on the skull I gave him before I let go and I turn to face the girl who is looking me up and down. She points to something behind me and I backhand one of Taro's goons onto a fence then turn to see the boys all gathering into their crowd.

"What the hell!" Taro says. "Gaijin, this bitch started it!"

I look back at the girl. "He has a point. Why did you do that?"

The girl gives me a shit eating grin. Her face is long, her neck is long, her chest is a lot bigger than a normal Japanese girl, and she has a fine set of legs. She gives me a lopsided grin and even touches my cheek. This gets a glare from Ami who is stepping close to us, and I frown. "You aren't answering me," I continue. "Why did you do that?"

Her grin widens. "….good question." She walks around me, assessing me up and down. "But ya know…ya look familiar." She stops and actually pinches my butt cheek. I put my hand on it and glare at the girl. Taro looks pissed too. Good Japanese girls aren't supposed to do that, and Taro is a man of etiquette. He's an embodiment of everything good and bad about them.

"Uzumaki-san," Ami says, grabbing my arm. "I think we should leave."

"Go, we'll take care of this Yankee, Gaijin," Taro says. His cold eyes look into my own. "We'll deal with you later." This guy has a serious problem. What the hell have I done to him?

The brunette smirks. She shifts her pony tail from side to side. "Ahh, ya are really gonna let a poor defenseless girl like ma alone wit dem punks?" She latches onto my arm. The brunette smells really nice at this distance. "Help ma out here."

Ami looks at Taro and bows to him. "We apologize for interrupting, but hitting a woman in public is not becoming of a Member of the Clan."

Taro looks at Ami in surprise; he blushes and mumbles something to his friends. They turn around and walk away, but not before Taro looks at Ami one last time. I don't like this. The way Taro is looking at the blunette. Sure I don't know much about Ami, but now that she is a Senshi I guess we are part of the same side.

"You know…" the brunette holding my shoulder says, rubbing my sensitive spot. "Ya kinda look like ma old sempai…" Her smile drops. "I hated him."

She gives me a hard punch to the stomach, laughs, and skips away to school.

"Are you okay?" Ami asks, lowering herself to my level.

I grin wryly, "I've been hit by buses, smashed through walls, and stomped on by demons." I smile. "What do you think?"

She sighs, and looks away. "I think you try too hard."

"And I think I don't try enough."

"You need help."

"Who'll help me?" I ask.

The girl pauses, her face turns slightly red, and she looks away. "I…" she mumbles.

"What? I didn't catch that?"

"I said…I would have helped you." Her blue eyes look back to my own. There is an emotion I can't decipher, but it's there. "If you let me that is."

"I-." I want to tell her that she can't. Not with someone like me. Me who is made of darkness, but there is a voice in my mind that is telling me to give her a chance. "I'm not sure I'm ready to trust anyone."

"You can try with me."


"Because I…I don't think you're evil, Naruto-san." Her face is burning. This is like Hinata all over again. Cute, but annoying. "Let me help you, and I promise…" She takes a deep breath. "I promise I'll never let you down!"

She closes her eyes, and waits for my response.

Do I take it? Do I accept it? Do I turn away?

What to do. What to DO. "One," I say with a sigh. "You've got one chance. That's it." I take her hand, which is extends, and allow her to pull me up. "Mizu-, I mean, Ami-san."

Her aquamarine eyes open wide at the use of her name, and then she does something I've never seen her do.

She smiles.

It's beautiful. "I'd like that."

I nod, and turn away. I take a few steps, and she takes a few behind me. I don't know what the future holds. Whether it's heaven or hell, chaos or salvation, but I do know this.

I've found friends. They may not be the best of them, and some of them are downright ridiculous (Tuxedo Kamen), but they are mine, and I have to protect them, not just because the fate of the world depends on it, but because I depend on it too.

"Ahh! I'm going to be late! Nooo" and as the voice of Usagi chimes through the air, while the bell rings, I can't help but smile.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing." I smile even wider. "Just thinking how you looked in that Senshi uniform…"




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