The Overdose

Disclaimer: Stephenie Myers own all Twilight, and the characters

I just wanted to see what would happen it Bella and Edward met later in life

Song for the Chapter: Brighter Days by: Leeland

Uprising By: Muse

Chapter 1: A New Start


Today was a new day and I was starting a new job, but there was just one problem when I looked out my window. It wasn't the glorious view of the Tennessee Mountains that I had grown to love over the past four years but instead it was the raining view of Forks. I had just moved back home with my dad Charlie after four years of pharmacy school. Why? Why did I decide to come back home? Why not move to Jacksonville with mom and Phil? I owed it to Angela's dad; I told him that once I finished pharmacy school I would come back and take over his post at the hospital pharmacy. I met Angela when I moved to Forks almost ten years ago, when my mom and Phil moved to Jacksonville for his baseball career. We were both alike in the quiet department and hit it off as friends.

"Bells, it 7:30, you don't want to be late for the first day," Charlie yelled. "Have a good day; I'll be at the station if you need me." I heard him shut the door before I could say anything to him. Charlie was the chief of police to the good people of Forks for as long as I could remember.

I was almost ready all I needed to do was fix my long brown hair. I wanted to look nice since it was my first day or I would have just thrown it up into a ponytail. I was dressed professionally I had on black dress pants with a v-neck blue top and my white coat that had Dr. Swan on it. Of course it probably would have looked better if I had on heels, but then I laughed at myself. Good thing I worked in a hospital because if I did wear heels then I would be the patient. I didn't have the best balance in world and knew that it would better for me and anyone around me if I wore the flats. I gave up on hair and just put it up with a headband.

I hurried down the stairs and out the door to my beloved truck that I had left home while attending school. It was easier to fly to Tennessee, and then walk from my apartment to class and to work. I tried to start it but it wouldn't turnover, so I waited for a minute and tried again and it wouldn't start. I ended up grabbing my phone and calling Angela.

"Angela, its Bella my truck won't start I was wondering if your dad would come over and get me on his way," I asked her. I could hear her asking her dad, while I waited.

"Bella, he said that it was fine he is on his way over," Angela said in her quiet tone. "Do you need for him to take you home?"

"No, I'll call Charlie and he can swing by the hospital at the end of the day," I told her. "Thanks Angela."

While I waited for her dad I called Charlie at the station and told him what was going on. As I hung up the phone Angela's dad pulled up to the front of the house.


I had arrived at the hospital earlier than expected but I needed to get over the frustration that I had pinned up since yesterday. Mr. Webber told me that after 2 years of dedication that he was handing his post over to the chief of polices daughter. A job that I deserved and I worked hard at every day for two years. What did she know? I mean she hasn't lived in Forks going on four years and expects to be handed the head pharmacist job just after graduation. I hardly ever missed a day and when I did it was to go camping with my family and everyone knew that when Carlisle wasn't in I wouldn't be there as well. I decided to give her the benefit of a doubt because if I didn't, I wouldn't here the end of it from my parents. I wasn't worried that someone else would tell them but that they would know before it would even happen because of my lovely sister Alice.

I ran my hand through my bronze colored hair and took a deep breath. I knew that I would have to leave my car eventually and that now was a good time. I wanted to show Mr. Webber that he made the wrong choice, and got out of my car. As I entered the hospital I noticed that a couple of the techs were pulling into the parking lot.

I could hear everyone's thoughts as I walked through the ER, they were all thinking about the chief's daughter. From what I knew her she had moved here 10 years ago when her mom remarried, and after college moved to Tennessee to get her pharmacy degree. Did she even get her doctorate?

"Good morning, Dr. Cullen," the ER nurse said as I walked past the nurses' station.

I just smiled at her and she acted as if she fainted, and I knew why when I heard her mind.

Why is he still single?

He is the guy of my dreams, and my mind goes blank each time I see him.

All I could do was laugh until I saw Carlisle staring at me, giving me the father glare. Carlisle has "raised" me since I was changed in 1918.

"You're here awfully early," he said. "It doesn't' have anything to do with the fact that Charlie's daughter is coming in today does it."

"You know as while as I do that I deserved that position," I stated. "It down right not fair, and I'll make sure she understands that."

"Edward first of all that's not how Esme and myself raised you," Carlisle was upset at this point. "Secondly, you don't even know her so don't judge her until then and give her a chance."

After Carlisle said the last thing he walked off to continue checking on patients I guess. I didn't want to admit it but he was right. I was directing my anger at the innocent party without giving her a fair chance. As I unlocked the door, I agreed that I would be nice to her since this was her first day and take it one step at a time.


What was I going to do with Edward? The poor boy is the only one in the family who doesn't have a "mate" and it worries me. I thought about that as I pulled into the hospital parking lot a little after six in the morning to finish up a couple of charts. I've been the doctor here at Forks General Hospital for a little over two years when Dr. Crowe retired. As soon as I hit the nurses' station, I knew exactly what the buzz was about. Chief Swan's daughter Bella was back in Forks, and was going to be taking over as head pharmacist. I knew that Edward was upset about this. He has been a pharmacist here at the hospital for two years, and like any parent I thought that he deserved it.

"Good morning, Dr. Cullen," I heard Jessica say. She was one of the nurses standing around the station talking about Bella.

"Good morning, Jessica," I replied to her. "What's the gossip of the day?" I asked her already knowing that all the talk was about Bella.

"My best Friend from high school is coming back to take over the pharmacy," she said. After she said that she had that I shouldn't have said that look come across her face. "I'm sorry, Dr. Cullen. I know that Edward looked forward to getting that position."

"It's okay, Jessica," I told her reassuring. "Now back to our patients."

While I was sitting in my office working on the charts, I heard my phone ring. I knew before I even answered it who it would be without even looking.

"Yes, Alice," I spoke clearly. Alice was another member of my family, and she could see the future.

"Carlisle, its Edward you need to stop and talk to him before Mr. Webber and Bella arrive," she spoke in a hurry and worried tone.

"Alice calm down. I'm sure Edward's fine." I didn't know if that would help, but I knew she was right.

"Carlisle if you don't. Edward will make her understand that he should be the one in charge and not her. Carlisle it doesn't look good for either one of them."

She hung up the phone before I could respond. I knew that she was right and I had to talk to him. That's why nobody ever bet against Alice, because Alice was always right

I walked out of my office and saw Edward walking towards the pharmacy.

"You're here awfully early," I said. "It doesn't' have anything to do with the fact that Charlie's daughter is coming in today does it."

"You know as while as I do that I deserved that position," he stated. I knew that he was angry I could tell by the way he spoke. "It down right not fair, and I'll make sure she understands that."

"Edward first of all that's not how Esme and myself raised you," I was upset at this point. "Secondly, you don't even know her so don't judge her until then and give her a chance."

After I said that I started to walk towards the nurse's station to grab a few charts. I hoped that changed Alice's vision for at least today.

After looking at a couple of charts I decided to put the nurse's to work since they were still gossiping.

"Lauren, I need a CBC and chest x-ray on the patient in curtain 4," I stated to her. Once I started giving orders the rest of the nurses went in different directions looking for things to do. "Yes, could you also tell Cora that I will be there to stitch her up in ten minutes."

"Yes Dr, Cullen," Lauren answered and went to complete my requests.

Before I grabbed another chart, I saw Mr. Webber come through the doors. He wasn't alone today he had a girl with long brown hair, and brown eyes with him. I knew exactly who it was; it had to be Charlie's daughter.

"Please be smart and be good today Edward," I mumbled to myself.