Title: An old Bible verse: Blood is thicker than water. It is usually involved when explaining family relationships.

This is a "what if" from 'Cajun Spice.' It takes place directly after the arguement between Kurt and Rogue at the beginning of the episode.

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Kurt pushes past Rogue and continues towards the school. She doesn't follow, but instead turns and walks in the opposite direction. He knows she will probably just cut classes today.


Kurt feels a rush of anger at her lack of concern for obeying the rules. Rogue can't even be bothered to make an effort. When Rogue completes her work and eventually takes the test, she'll more than likely channel Scott or Jean or Dr. McCoy to help her. Why bother to work hard when the other personalities inside your head already have all the answers?

He feels angry for a few more minutes, and kicks an empty soda can lying on the sidewalk. He watches as it skitters into the street, then becomes crushed beneath the wheels of a passing car. Then it dawns on him. Kurt realizes with a jolt that Rogue no longer has those memories. The Professor has eliminated those personalities because they grew too numerous and had tried to possess Rogue.

A cold feeling washes over Kurt as he remembers standing with the New Recruits, trying to keep them safe, but at the same time praying with all his heart that Rogue wouldn't hurt or kill anyone, and that she wouldn't be killed herself.

He remembers Rogue's anger and her selfishness, so consumed by her own bitterness and hatred that she pushed their mother's petrified body off a cliff when given the opportunity to help her.

"Hey Kurt!"

He hears his name called as soon as he enters Bayville High School. He looks around to see Kitty, Sam, Amara and Bobby standing over by the water fountain. Sam waves him over.

"I was just saying how it sucks that this school doesn't have air-conditioning." Amara complains. Bobby nods vigorously in agreement.

"Yeah, I know. I have to, like, take a water bottle with me to class just to make sure I stay hydrated." Agrees Kitty. She begins digging around in her knapsack. "That reminds me, I should refill it."

Kurt remembers taking Rogue horseback riding for a surprise birthday present and how genuinely happy she looked. He remembers standing in the flower shop with Ororo, trying to decide what flowers Rogue would like best, in hope it would cheer up his younger sister. He remembers sitting at her beside for hours upon end, wondering if she would regain consciousness, and if she would be okay if she ever did.

Some of the water splashes out of the plastic bottle and onto Kurt's face. "Oops, sorry Kurt!" Kitty says apologetically.

"You're such a klutz." Sam says good-naturedly.

"I'm not a klutz!" Kitty squeals.

Kurt is grateful for the distraction, because some of the moisture on his face isn't from the water bottle.