Pandora's Box


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 [Mar. 2, 02]


I can't imagine living my life without you now
Not ever having you around
We found our way out
Don't have to look back to realize how far we've come
There are million reasons
I'm looking up
I don't want this to end

You showed me faith is not blind
I don't need wings to help me fly
Miracles happen, once in a while
When you believe –

Myra, "Miracles Happen (When You Believe)",

From Disney's The Princess Diaries



            It's been three months since Harry died and Tom Riddle was defeated at Hogwarts. Life has pretty much resumed since then. April 27 is now a national memorial day for Harry. I'm sure he wouldn't really like it that much, but… people will always think of him as a hero, no matter what he wanted.

            Every 27 of the month, Ron and I go out and stare up at the stars by my bench in the gardens. I think Lavender once followed us, but Ron gently told her that this was our time, to say goodbye to Harry in our own way. Every month, we look up to the stars, find the brightest one and start to tell it about the past month. We only speak to that star – it's our Harry. Ron and I know that it's stupid to do that, but we feel that he's listening that way.

            Sirius took the news of Harry's death really hard. It took Madam Promfrey about a month and half just to get him to allow Ron and myself to visit, being Harry's best friends. We – the three of us – had a really long talk. Mostly about Hogwarts days, Harry, things the Marauder's used to do, Harry… but mostly Harry. We all miss him.

            The Institute of Magic is a really big hit – Ron, Oliver, Draco and I had to keep adding to our buildings, as there's hardly any room for all the new enrollments coming here! Minerva and I teach about six Transfiguration classes each, and it's really hard to keep track of all the students. We're also really busy, leaving the school usually in the middle of the night to attack the rogue Death Eaters. One thing that Harry was right about for so many years is that evil never truly leaves us. It's always around, closer than we realize. Tom Riddle showed Harry that there's evil in us, and evil we have to learn to cope with or completely forget. We can't ever succumb to it. Or we'll end up bitter and evil like Voldemort was.

            Oh! What happened to everyone after April 27? Lots. Ron kept his promise! He and Lavender are getting married in a month, in August. They wanted a breezy summer wedding, and Ginny and I think it'll be great. Ginny, Padma, Cho, Selene, Sarah Fawcett, Arabella and myself are bridesmaids, but it's Padma who is the Maid of Honor… I think Lavender thought that her dead best friend (dear Parvati Patil, may she rest in peace) would have liked that. So do I.

            Dean! My goodness, can you believe it? Since we came back from Hogwarts, Dean and Padma were seeing each other! Secretly! No one knew, and certainly not our resident Seer, Lavender! Were we all ever so surprised when Ron caught Dean and Padma making out in his charms room. It seems to be a good room. I remember when we found Sirius and Arabella there once. That was funny!

            Fleur went back home to Paris to check on her little sister, Gabrielle. Surprisingly, Remus seemed pretty sad at her departure. I sense a new relationship there too! Is it just me, or is this year filled with relationships? I guess it's expected, since we have everything to look forward to now.

            Anyway! Fleur said she'd be back in September for the newest student arrivals, but she's bringing Gabrielle. I can't blame her. Paris was hit pretty badly while we'd be in status. There's nothing really left, and it looks like one of those "the world is ending" muggle movies. Like, out of Armageddon or whatnot. Wasn't Owen Wilson or someone in that? Oh well, my knowledge on muggle movies have dropped considerably.

            You'd never guess this – Cho and Blaise are an item. Cho Chang and Blaise Zabini. Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Ok-ay there. That's the good news that they really care about each other. The bad news is that Cho got a letter a few days ago asking if she'd be a Professor at the Chin Academy of Magic in China. She accepted, so she and Blaise are moving at the end of August. Considering how much I disliked Cho during our Hogwarts days, I believe I'm going to miss her. Everyone grew to like one another – like a family would.

            Draco moved out of the school. He lives with Selene in his old manor. I popped over a couple of weeks ago and they gave me the grand tour. Malfoy Manor looks great now! Draco told me he and a few other workers removed all the Dark Arts stuff and dismantled it all, and then burnt the stuff. It's great to see that Draco wants nothing more with what his family has been known for, for hundreds of generations. I also think he's a bit sweet on Selene Sinistra. I remember the looks old Professor Sinistra gave him when he bowed and kissed Selene's hand at the spring ball we had in June. She looked ready to kill!

            I remember when Ron asked him what was between him and Ginny. The conversation went something like so:

            Ron: So, Draco. Do you like my sister or not? Are you playing her?

            Draco: Certainly not, Weasley. I admit that Ginny and I dated briefly at Hogwarts for a year or so, but it never really went that far. She was my closest friend and helped me leave the rule of my father. She was the one who helped me choose the light side.

            Ron: I see. So, that comment you said earlier, about what we would all do after we destroyed Voldemort… what was it? Oh, yes, 'I'd like to be wherever Ginny is' or something or the other.

            Draco: Oh, yeah, that. Well, I sort of promised Ginny that if she was ever in trouble, I'd be there to help, save or whatever. Like, you and Granger are brother-sister figures, right? Well, that's like Ginny and myself. I only care of her like a sister. So I watch out for her.

            Me: That's really sweet Draco. Punch?

            Draco: yes, thank you.

            That was really all, but it cleared up a lot. After that, the Weasley family was pretty close to Draco after that, and bestowed the best wishes to him. The funny thing is that Ginny and Draco are like, best friends. Really close – two peas in a pod, that's them. Pretty funny when you see them, but I think it's cute. So does Selene.

            As for Ginny… well, my fiery little redhead friend is engaged to power-sucking genius Seamus Finnigan! Can you believe that one? I couldn't. Oliver says I fainted and fell through my chair and onto the ground when I heard it. You see, Seamus has the same power as Rogue from X-Men so I find it hard to believe he's capable of kissing… touching… ew, don't want to go too far there… okay, mental picture… leave, leave, leave… OK!

            According to Ginny, everything's fine. He's learning to control his power really well, and I think that's great. He's got it much better than Rogue ever did, didn't he? Ha, ha… at least his true name isn't Marie.

            Mundungus left IoM a couple of months ago, around middle May. He said he was going to study under the true Mad-Eye Moody's instruction, and come back as a major Auror or something like that. The Old Crowd was pretty sad, but… I guess all good things come to an end. I certainly learned that.

            Neville is completely different. Since the Hogwarts thing, he's become much more confidant and such. He and Susan Bones (remember her? Hufflepuff, same year?) Are going out now. Neville has an apartment in this little village outside our school. It's pretty cool that people want to live close to us in this little tow. But besides that, I visit him sometimes. They actually make a really cute couple. Oliver found that hard to believe and nearly peed his pants laughing so hard. If he were on a broom, he'd have fallen off laughing and died laughing. Silly nutter.

            Percy is the new Minister of Magic in London. It's great that he's so enthusiastic to set up a government right away, and he's brilliant at politics and such. He and Penelope got married as soon as the first of May rolled around. Everyone was there, and the ceremony was beautiful.

            Fred and George left our school, and went to set up shop in the village outside IoM. I have no idea what the town is called; I'll have to get back to you on that. But whatever, they opened their first Weasley's Wizard Wheezes since Voldemort reigned. They're galleonaires, too. Already. Three months in business. They are both currently engaged beautiful fiancées, Fred + Angelina Johnson, and George + Alicia Spinnet. They met up with their old friend Lee from school and found out he's already married to Katie Bell! Wow, small world, huh? Three best friends with three best friends. Crazy.

            As for me, Oliver and I are doing great. We aren't married yet, but we're still in love as much as we were before. He finally bought be this gorgeous ring (not like I care) so I don't have this plastic toy ring anymore. But I put it aside for memories. I never realized it, but I wore it the whole time. Even when I died.

            Oh! When I died, I saw a lot, and I learnt a lot. I can't really write it down, because I couldn't explain it. Not at all, but I can say that if you ever thought dying wasn't peaceful, forget it, you're wrong. It's the most wonderful sensation in the world. It's… like everything good happening at once. Ever wanted to know what Heaven looks like? I asked Oliver that and he said he was looking at it; and he meant me! I was speechless. But then he said, "later," so I'll tell him one day what it's like to die.

            Anyway, enough of these morbid thoughts. I've got a secret, promise not to tell? Ginny and Lavender just preformed a special charm on me and guess what? I'm pregnant. Three weeks, actually. I haven't told Oliver yet, but I really hope he's going to be happy, because he's going to be a daddy! Ron is going to be the Godfather, no matter what. It Harry were alive… well… he's our unspoken Godfather.

            I was reading this muggle magazine when I came across this:

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. Zeus ordered Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship; to create her and he did, using water and earth. The gods endowed her with many talents; Aphrodite gave her beauty, Apollo music, Hermes persuasion, and so forth. Hence her name: Pandora, "all-gifted".

When Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus took vengeance by presenting Pandora to Epimetheus, Prometheus' brother. With her, Pandora had a jar, which she was not to open under any circumstance. Impelled by her natural curiosity, Pandora opened the jar, and all evil contained escaped and spread over the earth. She hastened to close the lid, but the whole contents of the jar had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom, and that was Hope.

            I realized that the children of the wizardring world were like Pandora – because of our abilities, we were given magic (the box). Then, our curiosity got the better of us, and we tested our limits (hence opening it). We let all this evil into our lives and wreck havoc on the muggles and wizards alike, but at the bottom was hope. And you know what? The Renaissance was that hope. Harry was that hope, because without Harry, think about how much evil would be around. Tons. So Harry was our hope, and our magic is Pandora's Box. Pretty interesting how you can incorporate Greek mythology to our daily lives, huh?

            Anyway, I'm going now. I have a transfiguration class to teach in ten. I'll write later! Hugs and Kisses,

            Hermione Granger


            "Hermione!" a voice called. Turning, Hermione watched Neville jog towards her. Ron was standing, holding her books as she unlocked her classroom.

            "Hey Neville," they greeted him. "How's Susan?"

            Neville blushed slightly, and then lowered his voice. "I err—found something back in Dumbledore's office, but forgot about it until now."

            Ron raised his eyebrows. They watched Neville open his jacket up, look both ways, and quickly thrust a piece of paper and envelope into Hermione's free hand.

            "It's addressed to Harry," whispered Neville. "I thought that you two should have it, you know, being his best friends and all." He then took one more look around and continued walking, as if he'd never stopped to talk.

            Confused, Hermione unlocked her classroom door and ushered Ron inside. Once she was sure that they were alone, she preformed a simple yet effective silencing charm on the room and locked the door.

            "Read it," urged Ron. He placed her books down and she nodded. Flipping it over, she read Dumbledore's loopy scrawl. Harry Potter was written in loopy letters on the front. On the back, the seal of Hogwarts was etched in wax.

            She took her wand and broke the seal, and opened the paper up. She skimmed the first line, looked up, and then read aloud as she walked around, finding a seat.

            My dear protégé, Harry Potter,

            It's been a long time since we have last spoken to one another, has it not? I know that one-day, you and your friends being as brilliant and strong as they are will escape that infernal hibernation ice cage that you were all locked into.

            I speak – write – to you now, knowing that someday you will read this. Perhaps not, but if that be the case, may it fall into the right hands. I wish not for any of Voldemort's, or Tom Riddle's, men to read this.

            It may not be something of importance, but to you it may be. I don't think Hogwarts will be around much longer. The walls are filled with the remnants of dark magic, and the vibe here is so thick that I choke when I teach classes. The walls groan with protest; it is only a matter of time before they collapse. They cannot stand much more power sinking into their foundation. Hogwarts will become non-existent soon, dear protégé.

            For I wish that you have the best of luck, the hope and courage to continue one. I am sure that there is another school out there that you will be in charge of – you were always a powerful one. To me, you reminded me so much of myself and Riddle when we were young.

            Harry, I watched your parents from when they were weak and young. I watched them grow into some of the most powerful wizards and witches I have taught and trained. Quite like yourself, Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley. You all showed wonderfully strong powers and resistance to evil. That is what kept you all together. Even if one of you were to die… that power would be there. That will to carry on will always be there. That is what makes you all so powerful.

            That will to keep going, that bravery, that courage and lack of selfishness (something that Mr. Weasley grew out of, bless him), is what made all three of you so powerful.

            I wished to tell you that in person, but my days grow short. If Riddle doesn't kill me personally, I will soon die of lack of magic. I am bonded to it, and once the goodness in it dries up, I am nothing. I can feel the powers being drained of me now, even as I write this. All of it goes to Riddle. He is a leech – sucking all the power up for him. Harry, I believe very much in you and I know that you will win the battle.

            For I know, and forever will believe, that good prevails over evil every time. Bless you, Harry Potter. For if it were not for you, there wouldn't be a world worth saving.

            Sincerely, Albus Dumbledore

            Hermione looked up at Ron. They were both speechless. So, Harry was Dumbledore's protégé? No wonder he always helped them when in trouble.

            Finally, the two sat in silence, basking in more memories. Hermione broke the silence with a dry sob. "The weight has finally hit home, Ron. They're gone."

            "I know," he whispered gruffly.

            "You know what day is it, right?" she asked.

            He nodded. She looked up, eyes rimmed with tears. "We'll read this letter to him. It's only fair."


            The night air of July was cool on Hermione's face as she stood by her bench. Ron stood with her, both their heads tilted back.

            "Three months," he murmured.

            "To the day," agreed Hermione, not removing her eyes from the shooting star she spotted. "Hard to believe it, huh?"

            "Yeah." He agreed, inhaling the scent of the cherry blossom a few feet away. He listened to the crickets in the distance sing their songs, the hoots of owls flying overhead to deliver messages, the whispering sounds of cattails down by the pond.

            They had finished reading the letter a couple of minutes ago, and now they just stood in silence, wishing nothing but the best for their lost friend.



            "Do you think it's possible that he's not dead?"

            The question rocked Ron so hard he lost his balance. He fell to the ground and Hermione fell to the ground beside him, staring into his sapphire eyes. They pleaded for an answer. Above them, the moon shone through a cloud that passed by, illuminating the surrounding area.

            Through the moonlight, it was as if pixies floated up through the air, creating a special dance, mesmerizing the two.

            "No," said Ron, so quietly. Hermione turned her head back to him. "I think he made it out." He turned to look questioningly at her. "Do you?"

            "Think he's dead?" she finished. A lone tear trailed down her cheek. "Never."

            They nodded at each other and continued to watch the dance in the moonlight. Another cloud passed over it, and the dancing stopped. An ominous hoot warned them that someone was near.

            A branch snapped – the two were instantly on their feet, wands out and eyes darting here and there.

            A shadow moved quickly out of the corner of their eyes, and they turned to face it. They couldn't see the figure, but only it's silhouette.

            Ron and Hermione shared a glance just said nothing. The silhouette's form changed; it was no longer that of a human's but of some animal. A low growl told them it were some sort of feline.

            Another look shared by Ron and Hermione confirmed what the other was thinking. They dared not say anything, but smiled at the silhouette. There was a skittering sound, and out of the bushes landing at Hermione's feet was a glasses frame; a bottle-cap glasses frame. She bent at the knees and retrieved the glasses, clutching them tightly to her chest.

            Looking up, the two watched the silhouette then mesh into the shadows before it disappeared all together.

            Hermione turned to Ron, and with a bright smile, said, "I'll never believe that Harry is dead. To me, he lives, and he knows it."

            Ron grinned back at the young woman and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Together, they walked back to the castle, thinking back without mourning on their best friend, and wondering what new adventures he was up to now.

            And wondering when they would be joining him.