A/N: This one is…too similar to my other L/Misa. I just wanted to right another one and had twisted my ankle running to class…and somehow that inspired the broken leg.

Theme: Seeking Solace

"This is the most terrible thing ever," Misa whined for the 1,957,324th time in the past hour.

"It's only a broken leg. It should heal in six t-"

"Shut up, Ryuzaki! That's too long for me!" the blonde model said. "Now I can't finish filming the movie, I can't model at all, and I just have to sit here and be bored."

"Misa, please," Light said. "If you're only going to complain then you can do that in your room, but it's a distraction here."

"You should be taking care of Misa Misa," she said, "because you love her so much."

"I don't have time to take care of you right now."

"Okay," she said like a disappointed child. After a few minutes of silence, she let out a long moan. When nobody responded, she did this again, only longer and more obnoxious. She repeated this process and was still ignored.

Misa let out a frustrated sigh and pushed herself up, taking her crutches and hobbling her way over to Light and L.

"Misa," Light said, about to command her to leave, but Misa ignored him and wrapped her arms around L, burying her face in his hair.

"You're so much better than Light," she murmured and then let go of him, only to lean down and kiss him on the cheek- or she would have, had he not moved to say something to her, resulting in her kissing him full on the mouth.

She jumped back, shrieking, "Ew, gross! Only Light can kiss me!" She turned to Light and wrapped her arms around him saying, "I was kidding, you're the only one for me…but Ryuzaki is a good kisser!"

She giggled maniacally as she grabbed her crutches and hopped back to the couch while L tried to get over the shock.

A/N: I am an L/Misa fangirl. That is obvious. This is the first fanfiction I have written where my computer said everything was correct.