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Never in my whole entire life had I been this excited for school. I woke up with a giddiness that a kid going to Disney World might have. Not even Emmett could get me this excited for school.

I put extra care into my appearance. I made sure my long wavy blonde hair was perfect. I put on a little more makeup then usual. Shit, yesterday after practice I even went to get a manicure and a bikini wax. I took yesterday as a green light and now I was ready to go. I chose to wear a nice push-up bra with matching underwear and instead of the normal polo shirt I wore a white button down shirt with a few of the buttons undone. I checked myself in the mirror and decided I was more than acceptable for school. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed an apple and left. I didn't have to pick up Alice today because she had an appointment and wouldn't be coming to school till later.

I sped off to school and parked next to Ms. Swan's hot Bentley. I sauntered into school eating my apple. The eyes of every person in the building were on me as I walked down the hall. The guys stared at me with open mouths and the girls stared at me with disgusted jealousy. I smiled at them while continuing to walk down the hall. There was no way Ms. Swan wouldn't be attracted to me. I was coming towards the staircase and I still hadn't seen her. What the fuck? I thought. I threw my apple in a nearby trashcan and walked up the stairs. As I was walking out of the stairwell I saw her. She was walking down a deserted hallway. She was in another pencil skirt that hugged her curves tightly. She has to know that wearing those is just asking to be hit on by the creepy male teachers here. I thought. She saw me and did a double take. Her eyes fell directly on my breasts, pushed up and slightly exposed by my shirt. She licked her lips. This is too easy. I thought. "Good morning Ms. Swan." I said sweetly. My voice seemed to break her out of her trance.

"Good morning Rosalie. You look, um, nice today." She said, her voice a little shaky.

'Thanks. So do you. You always look so good. Where do you get your clothes?" I asked.

"I, um, shop at Banana Republic." She said. She was looking at my breasts again and her face was getting redder by the second. It was the cutest thing I ever saw.

"Hmmm. Maybe we could go shopping sometime." I said and I grabbed the pen that was in her hand, making sure our hands touched. I wrote my number on the folder she was carrying. I leaned in and whispered in her ear: "Call me whenever you want. I'm always up for some fun." I pulled away and walked to homeroom, leaving a red faced Ms. Swan to watch my ass as I left. I smiled to myself. Now I just had to wait for her to come to me.

I sat in homeroom and listened to the boring announcements. Whenever she could, Ms. Swan looked at me and smiled. I had no idea what this meant but it made me nervous and excited. The bell rang and I slowly left the classroom. Ms. Swan just sat at her desk. She didn't look at me or say anything. I left the room a little disappointed.

Classes were boring and I could not get Ms. Swan out of mind. She was becoming an obsession. I went to lunch and sat with the two most annoying girls, Lauren and Jessica. Lauren and Jessica were both popular and pretty. We weren't friends just friendly. I could never tell them the stuff I tell Alice. They would use it against me. Lauren and Jessica were both clearly jealous of me. I was the most beautiful girl in school and Lauren had been trying to sink her teeth into Emmett before we were dating. Emmett had absolutely no interest in her but she threw herself at him any chance she got. Lauren and Jessica were both huge sluts.

I picked at my salad. I was not hungry at all. I listened to Lauren and Jessica yammer about something stupid. Who cares? God they are so annoying. I looked up from my salad and saw Ms. Swan walking towards my table. I instantly perked up. She stopped at my table and Lauren and Jessica immediately stopped talking. Their eager eyes turned towards me probably hoping I was going to get in trouble for something. "Rosalie can we talk about your college recommendation letter?" She asked very professionally.

"Sure." I said coolly. I threw out my lunch and followed Ms. Swan out of the cafeteria and into the elevator. I smiled inwardly when I remembered that my college recommendation letters were completed last year. The sexual tension in the elevator was intense. We went up to 4th floor and into Ms. Swan's empty classroom. My heart was racing like I had just run a marathon. It was dead quiet until I heard something clang on the floor. I looked down and saw an earring on the floor. It wasn't mine so I assumed it Ms. Swan's. "Here you dropped this." I said holding up the earring. I walked over to her, pushed her hair behind her ear and put the earring back in. Our faces were centimeters apart and I couldn't control myself. I kissed her. It was hard a little rough and full of passion. I felt her gasp into my mouth. She was obviously just as surprised as I was. She was kissing me back and not leaving anything out. Her lips were so soft and warm. I felt my insides melt.

All of the sudden she pulled away. I was completely confused until she gasped out, "Door!" I whipped around and saw the door wide open. Thank God no one was in it. I walked over towards the door, shut it and locked it. I turned around to Ms. Swan who was still out of breath, her chest heaving, her eyes full of lust. I walked over to where she was standing and pushed her up against the wall and kissed her roughly. She moaned as I pressed my body into hers. Our kisses were sloppy and rough. Her tongue was everywhere in mouth. She moved her mouth to my neck and began to kiss, lick and suck down to my chest. I was moaning quietly so no one would hear us and come in. I was getting extremely hot. I started grinding my hips into hers for some friction. She moaned quietly. She began to unbutton my top and take off my bra. Once it was all the way unbuttoned she threw it on the floor along with my bra. She gasped when she saw my breasts fully exposed. "Oh my God you're perfect." She whispered. She flicked my right nipple with her tongue and it instantly became hard. I moaned a little loudly but I really didn't care. She began to lick and suck my right nipple as I moaned. She directed her attention to my other nipple and assaulted it. Now I was soaked through my underwear. I grabbed her head off my breast and brought it up to my mouth and kissed her roughly. I brought her hand up into my skirt and to my soaked through underwear. She moaned into my mouth when she felt my underwear. Without breaking our kisses she walked us over to her desk and pushed me into a chair behind it. "Sit down." She gasped. I sat down on the chair. Ms. Swan was on her knees sucking and biting on the inside of my thighs. I didn't think it was possible but I got even wetter. My hands were in her hair exploring around. God she has great hair. I thought. She took off my underwear and threw it on the floor. I felt her tongue swirl around my clit and I almost lost my shit. It had been a while since I had sex. She nibbled and sucked at my clit. I was in fucking paradise. She put two fingers into my soaking pussy and I was dying. "Harder." I breathed out. She picked up her speed and added another finger. "Mmmm that's it Ms. Swan. Harder." I moaned out. She went faster and continued to suck my clit. I was moaning her name so loud someone had to hear me. I felt the hot coil in my lower abdomen get tighter and tighter. She curled her fingers and hit my g- spot. That is when I lost my shit. I came hard while moaning her name. I rode out my orgasm and Ms. Swan licked my pussy clean. Ms. Swan got up off her knees and picked up my clothes. She threw them at me and said, "The bell is going to ring in 5 min." I got dressed and watched Ms. Swan casually smoke a cigarette by the window. I walked over to her and she offered me the cigarette saying, "Cigarette after great sex." I took it and took puff. She watched me cough and sputter from the cigarette. "Its not for everyone." She said and took the cigarette out my hand and threw it out the window.

"Ms. Swan…"I started to say but she pressed her finger to my lips.

"Call me Bella." She said and kissed me gently. I felt warmth flow through my whole body.

"Ok." I said breathlessly.

"You should get to class." She said. I turned around and she slapped my ass. I walked to the door and unlocked it.

"See you later, Bella." I said with a wink and a smile. She smiled back at me. I walked out of her room and went straight to the bathroom to fix myself.

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