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S T A G E - T W O




The sun softly entered as the moon calmly moved out; a day has yet to start again. People were mostly awake and walking to their perspective destinations by now. Everyone was in a peaceful trance.

In a big building of Notes, a group of boys were arguing about a certain topic.

"What do you mean we have to transfer you freak?" A raven haired boy furiously asked. He glared at the lad in front of him.

"Natsume, you see, the CEO wants it." The said lad sweat dropped. "You know that I can't talk back if it's Jin-jin." He explained to the enraged ebony-haired boy named 'Natsume'.

"But Tsubasa, you also know that we don't do things without getting something." The light brown haired guy butted in.A smile was playing on his lips.

"Shut up, Koko. You're not helping." The lad retorted and glared at the boy.

Tsubasa sighed exasperatedly. He is the manager here, for Pete's sake! Why should it be him explaining this thing? A manager is supposed to be the one who declines and accepts. So what the hell is this situation he's in?

"Although I think Tsubasa is right too. I mean, if it's the CEO then we can't do anything about it." Ruka commented which gave Tsubasa such delight. Suddenly, a flower appeared on Tsubasa's head. His body wiggled and gave the blond guy a tight hug.

"Oh Ruka, it's only you who understands me." Tsubasa chirped while Ruka turned white. Disgusted, he freed himself from Tsubasa. But Tsubasa insisted on hugging Ruka.

"I don't want to." All heads turned to the owner of the voice.

"Come on, Natsume!" Tsubasa hissed.

"Which part of 'I don't want to' can't you understand?" Natsume's eyes fired splinters at Tsubasa. Then he walked away and banged the door behind him. The others shook their heads.

"What a pain…" Tsubasa said, massaging his nape.

"Tell me, Tsubasa. Jin-jin really didn't say the reason to you?" The nearly bald man asked. He rubbed his chin with his index finger and thumb. "That's just odd."

"Actually, I find it odd too, Mochu." Tsubasa scratched his head. "I was wondering if Jin-jin heard of the rumor that the Metier's famous band 'The Strangers'—No, no. It's just impossible for Jin-jin to believe that."

"The Strangers?" The boy in his glasses furrowed his brows. "Isn't that the band that we watched yesterday?"

"Yes, Yuu. That band is a big threat, as what Jin-jin said." Tsubasa stated. He pouched his lips out. "There's a rumor about them. It says that the band members are studying in Gakuen Alice. It's the same school that Jin-jin wants everyone to study at, too."

"Is that so?" Ruka raised his brow. "The rumor wouldn't have started if there was no witness." The boys looked at Ruka, eyes opened wide.

"Maybe that's the reason after all!" They chorused. Ruka blinked, startled by the sudden outburst.

"W-we never know. We shouldn't jump conclusions." Ruka sweat dropped, waving his hands upfront.

"Doesn't matter, Ruka," Tsubasa grabbed Ruka's shoulders and looked at his eyes. "I'm counting on you."

"E-eh?" Ruka looked behind Tsubasa only to see Yuu, Koko, and Mochu nodding in agreement. "W-whaaat?"

"Natsume listens to you…" Somehow, Tsubasa thought."So if you'll tell him that The Strangers is in that school then he'll absolutely and immediately transfer there!" He exclaimed in glee.


"We're counting on you, Ruka!" The four of them chorused.

Ruka sighed and just nodded, admitting defeat. "Fine."



Alluring hazel brown eyes looked in front from her plate to the raven haired girl sitting perpendicularly. "Mayi, why? You look serious." Mikan furrowed her brows, worried by her friend's look.

"Eh? What is it, Mayi?" Anna cheerfully inquired.

"Mayi-chan?" Nonoko asked.

Hotaru lifted her head and heaved a sigh. "I've been bothered by the rumors about us."

"Eh? Oh! You mean that?" Mikan smiled. "Misaki-chan already settled that. She already told the witness to keep quiet."

"It's my fault for being so careless," Hotaru groaned. "If only I didn't remove my wig I—"

"Mouu, Mayiii~" Mikan cut Hotaru's sentence. She pouted. "It's not your fault that the wig tickles you."

Hotaru let out a tired groan. She'd been worrying about the guy who saw him last week when she removed her wig temporarily. The wig is really heavy and because she's not used to long hair, it's been tickling her to death. When she put the wig back she realized someone was watching her behind the gates of the school premises. The next day, the rumor came to her that The Strangers are studying here in disguise. They learned that the guy was a high school student. How the hell can I be so careless? She thought.

"Still, the students didn't stop looking for us." Hotaru said, hiding her guilt behind her gritted teeth.

"Well, no one will notice us!" Sumire laughed. "With this look? No one will dare to inquire us."

"Right, Pitchi-chii!" Anna and Nonoko chorused.

Although Mikan acted as if she wasn't worried,she was also taking notice of the things that might happen. Preparing for theworst is the best thing to do. She looked around her. Students were happily chatting with each other while eating their lunch. She smiled; students really love break time.

"Saa, let's dig up!" Mikan said as they all started eating their food.


"N-Natsume…" Ruka sweat dropped at his best friend who was sulking on the table. Natsume had a big lump on his head because when he walked out of the room and left Tsubasa (with Ruka and the others) he barged in Jinno's office. The CEO's office.

"He doesn't have to hit me with his clock," He groaned. "That oldie."

"W-well what do you expect? You suddenly yelled at him." Ruka laughed nervously while Natsume snapped his head and glared at him.

"I was just asking why he's forcing us to transfer!" Natsume annoyingly retorted.

Ruka sighed. "And?"

"And I told him that's bullshit," He crossed his arms over his chest.

"And?" Ruka asked, raising his brow.

"That's all!" Natsume gritted his teeth. Ruka tilted his head to left. "I—Fine, I told him that I'm not old and stupid like him to attend school."

Ruka shook his head in dismay. He then imagined the whole scenario in his mind.

"Oi, oldie! Why do you want us to transfer? That's bullshit! Besides, I'm not like you! I'm not old and stupid that I have to attend school! The same applies to my band mates!"

"Natsume, you have to be careful with your words with the CEO you know." Ruka scratched the back of his head and walked beside Natsume.

"I don't really like him." Natsume grunted.

"But I don't think he doesn't like you." Ruka said. Natsume's cheek twitched and he turned pale. Ruka narrowed his eyes. "Natsume-baka, I don't mean it that way! Aho!"

"I know but I can't help but feel disgusted." Natsume gulped.

"Anyway," Ruka started. "You should accept the fact that you'll attend school."

"And why's that?" Natsume raised his eyebrow.

"Because we'll find out if The Strangers are really studying in that school."


Mikan and Hotaru, after the break time, were tasked to clean the backyards of the school since they came late. After all it was Makihara-sensei, the hateful teacher of Mikan in Social Studies. Hotaru and Mikan sighed in unison as they started cleaning.

"Ne, Hota—Mayi," Mikan called. Hotaru looked at her. "If…it's nothing."

"Toya, you know that I don't like suspense. Tell me what's bothering you." Hotaru rolled her eyes as Mikan giggled.

"Well, I'm just wondering what will happen tomorrow." Mikan raised her head up and stared at the beautiful fluffy clouds.

Hotaru raised her eyebrow and tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

"I'm having this great feeling that tomorrow is going to be a nice and interesting day." Mikan beamed at Hotaru and laughed when she saw that Hotaru wasn't listening anymore.

'Everyday's beautiful and interesting because you're by my side.' Hotaru thought and smiled a little. 'Baka.'

Mikan bent down and picked up some rotten leaves from the dead Sakura tree. She looked sadly at the leaf in her hand. "They're transferring, eh?" She muttered. 'The Outsiders…'

She remembered her conversation with Youichi last , while Mikan and Hotaru were walking to the hallways, her brother Youichi called her.

Mikan flipped her ringing phone. "Hello?"

Nee-chan, have you heard? Jin-Jin is forcing The Outsiders to transfer in your school.

"What?" Mikan's eyes widened. "Are you sure about that, You-chan?"

How can I not be sure about this? The ruckus has been lingering around the office. And I just happened to see Natsume-nii enter Jin-jin's office.

"Alright, alright. Thanks You-chan."

No prob. Bye nee-chan!

With that, Mikan heaved a long sigh. 'Why would Jin-jin order those idiots to transfer here? Did he find out that we're studying here?' She shook her head. 'Impossible…'

"Toya, it's time for the next subject already. Let's go." Hotaru said, putting her hand on Mikan's shoulder.

"Ah, a-alright." Mikan replied, waking from her thoughts. She stood up and started walking with Hotaru.

"Really. If there's something bothering you, tell me." Hotaru worriedly said. Mikan just smiled and shook her head at her.

"It's nothing, Mayi." She assured.


Natsume's crimson red orbs stared at Ruka's cerulean eyes, widening. A smile was forming on Ruka's lips, amused by his friend's reaction. Natsume narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

"I can't be deceived," Natsume muttered but loud enough for Ruka.

Ruka laughed. "I'm serious, dude."

"Shut up," He glared at Ruka. "I know you."

"That's the answer Natsume," Ruka pulled his tongue out. "You know me. I won't lie about this. And I didn't say The Strangers band is in that school. We just need to confirm if they're in there."

"So you think we should really transfer." Natsume said in a serious tone.

Ruka nodded. "Jin-jin said they're a threat to us."

"Okay. We'll transfer." Natsume said as Ruka pursed his lips into a smile. "But on one condition."

Ruka growled. "What now, Natsume?"

"I want Aoi to transfer with us." Natsume smirked.

"Natsume-nii!" Natsume and Ruka looked back and saw a boy running towards them. The girls blushed at the sight of the boy. Then he stopped with his hands placed on his knees, catching his breath.

"Ruka," Natsume called but didn't take his eyes off the boy. "I also want this boy to transfer with us."

"Eh?" Ruka blinked and glanced at the boy. The boy lifted his head to his sempais with a question mark on top of his head. "Y-you…are you serious?"


Meanwhile, Mikan and the others were in their English class. Serina-sensei, their teacher, was teaching unfamiliar English words.

"This!" Mikan stood up and made her chair fall. "I'm so not feeling good."

The students looked at her with sweat drops while Serina's vein popped. "TOYA SAKURA! YOU'RE DISTURBING MY CLASS!"



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Baka: Stupid.

Aho: Idiot.

Nee-chan: Sister.

Nii: Brother.

Sempai/s: Elder.

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