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The Brave One

Chapter 34


June was at wit's end with trying to find information about her missing daughter.

She kept coming back empty-handed. Jim Gordon had never called and she hadn't found anything in her last visit at Arkham. Desperation and panic was starting to settle in.

There wasn't much word on the news about her daughter. However, she found that the Dark Knight had been more preoccupied with finding the Joker and Two Face, and not finding her daughter.

Some part of her was beginning to doubt that her daughter was still alive. It terrified her that she was beginning to lose hope.

Miss June Steller needed answers soon. The whole situation was driving her crazy.

At this point she was even desperate enough to beg for the Bat's help, for god's sake.

She cringed at the thought.

No. She would not crack. That's what Crane would want from her. It was probably his plan to drive her insane.

He wanted her to be too terrified to ever walk into the Asylum ever again, but she wasn't going to succumb to that.

No. Instead, she was going to march back into Arkham and act like nothing was wrong. If these criminals even sensed that she was breaking, they would definitely take it upon themselves to completely destroy her, almost like the Riddler had done when she had visited Arkham about two or three days ago.

Crane must have tipped him off on his plans, but she knew that Edward had just been playing her by saying that he knew where her daughter was.

He was lying. He had to have been lying.

Edward would never risk giving out information on the Scarecrow like that. He was smart enough to know that Jonathan wouldn't appreciate him snitching like that.

Besides, everyone knew that Edward was a liar and a cheat. The doctors would often mention that he would often lie about a lot of things, trying to pretend that he was superior.

Luckily, Miss Steller never really dealt with Edward that much. Now, Joker on the other hand…

She hated that she would have to deal with Joker again. Hopefully, he would be in solitary since he was just recently captured by Batman.

Joker wouldn't be causing too many problems now.

Miss Steller walked into Arkham with her uniform. She was ready to work again.

The other staff members stared at her sympathetically when she walked in, but she didn't really pay them any attention.

She had passed Crane's old cell, noticing that the dirty cell had been scrubbed clean from when she last saw it.

June remembered searching through his cell. The only thing that she could find was a piece of straw stuck on the pillow, reminding her that the cell had once belonged to Jonathan Crane.

It still didn't help in her investigation to find her missing daughter though.

Crane was smart. He wouldn't have left anything in his cell. She should have assumed that from the beginning.

She also remembered Crane's cell being dusty with dirt and grime. Thankfully, the janitor had finally cleaned it.

Miss Steller quickly made it to Mr. Sharp's office. The gold sign on his door read, "Warden Quincy Sharp".

Mr. Sharp was the man who ran the Asylum. June always thought the warden was a bit spineless though. The doctors would often say that he was very paranoid. She couldn't blame him. The Asylum always kept the staff on their toes.

She knocked on his door, hearing a faint "come in".

Quickly, she walked in and sat down in his comfy chair. Mr. Sharp had statues of himself within the large office. He also had a huge inviting fire-place. Quincy was always old-fashioned in his tastes.

"Ah, June. I wasn't expecting you to be coming in to work so soon." Sharp spoke, while noticing the uniform that she was wearing. "Are you sure you will be well enough to come in today?"

"Yes, sir. I will be just fine." She said sternly, getting annoyed with everyone's pity party.

"Good. You will be needed later in the Penitentiary today. Batman has brought in some inmates since the massive break out. The walls are still being repaired from Joker's escape attempt." Sharp cringed slightly. He really hated The Joker.

Miss Steller suddenly noticed that the Warden's office had already been quickly repaired from Joker's explosives. She thought that it was strange that he had decided to repair his office so quickly. It had only been a few days since Joker's break out. She could see that the hole in Sharp's grand office was already covered and fixed. Her boss was even more paranoid the she had thought.

"Thank you, sir." She spoke politely as she walked out of his office.

Her heels clacked against the hard floor as she head towards her office trying to organize her thoughts.

Unfortunately, her thoughts kept drifting back to her missing daughter.

Was her daughter still alive? Was she being tortured? She could only imagine the pain that she was going through.

Crane probably had her strapped on a table in some old abandoned warehouse in the Narrows. It was no doubt that he was experimenting on Samantha with his deadly fear toxin.

Why did he have to take her? Miss Steller questioned as she felt her anger boiling inside. Why couldn't he just take me?

Samantha did not deserve any of this.

She was innocent! Crane should have left her alone!

Her hands started to ball into tiny fists as she reached the Asylums elevator. She quickly got inside and mashed her finger hard on the down button.

She knew that she needed to calm down. Killer Croc was being moved into his cell down the basement.

Killer Croc was some monster with a rare skin disease that made him look like a giant crocodile. His real name was Waylon Jones, but no one ever calls him that. The doctors are still convinced that he is a human being even though he behaves like an animal. June still doesn't understand why the doctor's keep trying to interview him every morning.

June took deep breaths of air as she reached the basement. She was going to need all of her strength if she was going to handle Croc.

Her hands slowly started to relax as she spotted her friend Aaron Cash at the end of the hallway. He had his navy blue uniform on as he kept talking into the walkie-talkie in his hand. She quickly started to walk towards him, while still trying to stay calm.

When Cash finally noticed her coming, he was clearly surprised.

"June? What are you doing back here?" He asked in shock. "I thought you wouldn't be back for weeks."

"Well, staying home alone wasn't helping me much. So I decided to come back for work." She replied quickly, not wanting to get into a discussion about her daughter.

"I heard a rumor that you had looted around in Scarecrow's cell down in the Cell Block area." He said, looking questioningly at her.

The Riddler must have told Cash about her little trip into Crane's cell to look for clues.

Damn Bastard. She thought bitterly.

"Look, don't worry about it. I was looking for evidence." She quickly stated, wishing this conversation would end.

"I hope you're ok, June." He calmly replied, sensing her agitation.

"I am," She said with a slight hint of anger in her tone. "So, drop it."

"Ok." He said hastily as he noticed Killer Croc walking with the other guards down the hall. Croc's stomps on the floor had made the basement shake as he walked towards Miss Steller and Cash.

He came closer and closer, while Cash started to turn a little pale. However, instead of moving past them, Croc stopped right in front of Miss Steller and snarled like an animal. His body crouched down so that he would hit the ceiling.

"Heard ya lost your daughter," He taunted her while chuckling. "That's too bad. I was hoping that I would get to her. She would've made a nice snack."

He continued to laugh at her and Miss Steller felt the need to punch him square in the face, but she knew better. Croc was larger than her and had large fangs. There was no way that she could beat him in a fight. He would probably just take her hand off like he did to Cash during a break out attempt. Croc bit Cash's hand and swallowed it whole. Now Cash has to use a hook as a hand. Croc is truly a horrible monster.

"Move it!" Cash shouted as he pressed a button on a remote to Croc's shock collar.

An electric current flowed through Croc as he cried out in pain. After he quickly recovered, he started walking back to his cell down the corridor. The other guards swiftly followed behind him.

"Are you alright?" Cash nodded towards June, while still holding the remote tightly in his left hand. She saw that his face was still pale, but he also looked irritated.

"Yes." She said through her teeth, unable to control her rage.

Cash seemed satisfied with her answer as he started making his way down to Croc's cell.

Miss Steller's fists started to shake. Her anger kept rising the more she thought about Croc.

How dare him! She thought to herself as she grew angrier. She wanted to punch something.

Suddenly, she started to slam her fists into the wall of the building. She ruthlessly hit the wall again and again, smashing her tiny fists against the solid wall.

Her knuckles started to bleed, but she didn't pay any attention to it. She couldn't even feel the pain as she continued to hit the rough surface of the walls around her.

As she finally started to tire out, she pulled her right fist back to give one last punch.

Putting all the strength into it, she suddenly punched a small hole right through a hollow section of the wall.

Shocked by her actions, she quickly withdrew her hand from the hole.

What? Is this a hole? She examined as she tried to regain her own breath.

Miss Steller knew that Arkham was an old place, but for some reason the right side of the wall had felt almost like cardboard.

Carefully, she started to knock around the edges of the hole.

The sound seemed to give a loud echo, signaling that the wall was hollow and easily breakable.

Is there something hidden behind this wall? She questioned as she started at the damage that she made.

Miss Steller hastily took out her night stick from her side and started to quickly beat the wall in. It started to literally come apart like paper.

Once she had gotten rid of most of the wall, she poked her head slightly forward to see what she had found...

What she found was unbelievable...

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