Warnings: Violence. Slash. Swearing. The usual.

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Love and Betrayal (A Destiel Story)

By Ravvyn Z. Requiem

Chapter 7

"They're Angels, Dean."

Dean took a moment to process what Castiel had just told him before turned to look at him in disbelief. "Wait... what?"

A soft sigh escaped the girl's lips as she looked out the window at the hordes of ghouls pressing in on the mansion's walls. Nathaniel stood on the wall, power humming around him. Just before she turned her gaze away, the Angel saw the flash of flame that incinerated dozens of the ghouls.

"Ramiel... why are you here? You were powerful - almost as strong as the Archangels themselves. Both of you had incredible standing in heaven," Castiel stood in awe of the seemingly young woman.

Ramiel sighed, sitting down and gripping her coffee cup with slender porcelain fingers. Her eyes flicked from Dean, who was still blinking with confusion, to Cas, who was regarding her with rapt attention. Silent still for another moment, she took a sip of the dark liquid before licking her lips and taking a small breath. "We followed Gabriel. Nate and I fell, and he found us, helping us find our Grace again. He... before..." she choked up a moment, fighting back the tears, "he wanted us to help you... He told us that before... y'know..." she gestured vaguely with her hands.

Dean looked at her sympathetically, Gabriel's death must have been hard for her and her brother. He was about to try to say something to comfort her, when Nathaniel returned to them. Miella turned and instantly bounded out of her chair to check and make sure her brother was okay. As she fussed, Nathaniel just stood calmly, clearly used to his sister's antics. Dean inhaled the scent of burnt flesh, ash and blood that was woven into the man's clothes. Finally, after a couple minute, the taller man took the young woman's hands. "Miella, that's enough. I'm fine. Their ranks are weakened. We should make our move as soon as possible."

"Our move? You guys are Angels for god's sake! Why can't you do it yourselves?" Dean burst out, jumping out of his chair.

Nathaniel and Ramiel looked at each other and sighed, "It's not that simple," the brother began, before Dean cut him off.

"It's never simple! You Angels... you never want to help-"

"Dean." Cas' voice was soft, yet commanding, and the hunter fell silent, "They cannot use their full power without attracting unwanted attention from...higher ups... in Heaven. After they disappeared, a massive search started. I assume Gabriel protected you from it with his power, am I correct?"

Both Angels nodded, and Ramiel took her turn to speak, "Now that he's dead, that magic does not protect us. We must be more cautious now than we were before."

"We can deal with the ghouls," Nathaniel continued in place of his sister, "and we will get you to the sucker. From there, we trust your judgement to know what to do."

Dean clapped his hands together and grinned, "Well, that's simple enough. Where's the closest cemetery?"

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