"This is all your fucking fault Potter" Draco spat as they walked the long corridor down to what they felt like was their doom.

"My fault, how is it my fault?" Harry asked angrily, sparing a glare at the Slytherin.

"You shoved me over a desk!" Draco hissed angrily.

"You hit me!" Harry replied indignant.

"Well you grabbed my hair" Draco replied with as much dignity as he could.

"Because you fucking hit me!" Harry growled.

"You disarmed me" Draco growled back.

"What else was I supposed to do; you had your wand pointed at me!" Harry snapped.

"You insulted my parents" Draco said as if that made it right.

"Well you insult mine all the time, and now that you think about it, that's what started this. You insulted my parents first, making this all your fucking fault Malfoy"

The blonde glared "So, why do you care, your parents are . . . "

"Dead" Harry said chuckling humorously "Yeah, what was your first clue, all of Rita Skeeters shit articles about me."

"I . . . " Draco trailed off looking less sure of himself "Sorry, alright?"

"Wow, alert the Daily Prophet, Draco Malfoy, apologizing to Harry Potter." The emerald eyed boy said sarcastically.

"Look Potter, let's just . . . " Draco said, biting his lip in a subconscious habit of nervousness and uncertainty that Harry was surprised he even noticed. They had stopped walking now.

"Call a truce?" Harry asked, to which he got a curt nod.

"The wars over, this feud is pointless, we got off to a wrong start. We need to at least try to be civil if we're going to be spending three whole days, alone with each other."

Yes, the legendary Gryffindor Golden Boy and Slytherin Ice Prince had been sentenced to one of the cruelest punishments a Hogwarts student could get, at least for Harry and Draco, and no, it was not detention with Filch.

Since the war they had fought constantly, their fights being one of the only normal things they had after the battle at Hogwarts. They had been sent to McGonagall, again, and it being the third time that week, it was safe to say the Headmistress wasn't exactly ecstatic to see them.

The boys started to walk again, silence permeating the air around them as they continued down the corridor with the airs of a prisoner sent to Azkaban.

Too soon for their liking they reached a simple oak door with McGonagall standing sternly beside it.

"Potter, Malfoy" She greeted curtly "I just don't know what to do with you two. You are both seventeen, adults, and yet you are both behaving like you were in first year! I hope this works. Now, as you know, a house elf will be here to deliver you meals, and a bathroom is attached. I'm sorry to say that there is one bed, but you two can make amends I'm sure. If I were to transfigure you another bed, I'm afraid that it would return back to its original form after a while, very unpleasant were you to be sleeping on it. Now, I hope you two don't hurt each other two badly. Your wands please?" she said, holding out her hands.

With a great reluctance both teens held out their wands as instructed, which were quickly snatched, and vanished inside a dark purple robe. McGonagall opened the oak door, stepping aside, motioning for them to enter.

The two boys briefly shared a glance, desperation shining visibly in their eyes, before stepping inside.

"Please, behave" was the last thing McGonagall said before firmly closing the door, and sealing it with several spells.

Harry looked around at the mainly empty room, before walking to the deep blue cover clad bed and lying down, staring blankly up at the ceiling.

Draco stared at the sable haired boy for a few minutes before sitting on the bed next to him, leaning against the head board. The two sat in silence for nearly twenty minutes, letting their thoughts consume them.

Draco sighed, finally looking down at his companion, who rose emerald orbs up to meet the blonde's silver. "We can't sit in silence for three days Potter" Draco said duly.

Harry closed his eyes "Yeah" he said quietly "what do you propose we do?"

"Well we could . . . talk?"

"About?" Harry questioned in exasperation.

The Slytherin scowled "Well what do you usually talk to your little Gryffindorks about?"

Harry glared weakly at the name "We haven't really been talking lately"

Draco quirked an eyebrow in question, asking him to go on, "I just don't feel much like being the third wheel" Harry explained further.

Draco smirked "So they're finally together, Merlin Granger and Weasley were always so disgustingly obvious."

Harry nodded, smiling faintly. They lapsed back into silence. "So, what do you and the Slytherins usually talk about?" Harry questioned tentatively, breaking the silence.

Draco was silent "We really don't talk much anymore. It's mainly about pureblood alliances after the war now, arranged marriages, and such." He finally said.

"You have an arranged marriage?" Harry asked surprised.

"No" Draco began "I have a few people my family has . . . eagerly suggested, but I'm not required to."

"Who are they?" Harry asked, propping himself up on his elbows, genuinely curious.

"Astoria Greengrass, Pansy, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabinni, and a few other children of prestigious pureblooded family's, or just wealthy, popular people."

"You're bi?" Harry asked, shocked. He had known that the Wizarding World had no qualms with gay people, having discovered that when he had privately come out to Ron and Hermione, but he was still shocked at the prospect of the great Draco Malfoy, every Hogwarts girl's fantasy, being bi.

"Gay" Draco corrected offhandedly "My parents just try to get me to marry into the best families, regardless of their gender and my sexual orientation"

Harry stared "You know that you'd have half the female population crying if they knew"

Draco smirked lightly "Well, of course. Who wouldn't fall for me?"

Harry snorted, but couldn't help thinking that he was right. Despite their differences, he couldn't deny that Malfoy was very could looking; long, silver blonde hair that looked soft as silk, sophisticated, prominent features, captivating stormy grey eyes, and lithe, but toned body. Harry shook his head slightly, as if to physically expel the thoughts.

He looked back up to see Draco staring intensely at him, slightly unnerving him. "What?" Harry asked cautiously.

"Would you fall for me Potter" Draco asked softly, leaning toward the other boy.

Harry's eyes widened at the sudden proximity. "Mal- Malfoy?" Harry questioned.

"If we're ending this silly feud, you should really start calling me Draco, Harry"

"Okay, Draco" Harry said "So, what are your plans for after school" He asked hoping to distract the boy from his previous question.

The Slytherin smiled wryly, as if he knew what Harry was trying to do, but answered nonetheless. "Probably study with a potions master, since Severus died during the war, we were only halfway through training" he paused, clearing his throat at the sad memory, before continuing, "And then open my own apothecary, court someone I fancy, and eventually marry, take on all the Malfoy duties, and, I don't really know . . . " He trailed off, shrugging gracefully.

Harry nodded, feeling an odd emotion coiling in his stomach. Why did the thought of Malfoy courting someone seem to sit wrong with him? He looked back up to see Malfoy smirking at him, seeming to know exactly what he thought, but he couldn't, could he? Deciding he was being ridiculous he banished the feeling for latter thought and said, "If there's no windows, we don't have our wands, and neither of us have a watch, how are we supposed to know what time it is?"

Draco shrugged, "I guess we can always ask the house elves."

The two boys lapsed into silence again, continuing to stare at each other. Harry allowed some of his feelings to come back up again for further examination. So, he admitted Mal-, Draco, was very good looking and he had an uneasy feeling at the thought of him courting someone, and they both liked guys . . . Harry's stomach dropped at the obvious conclusion.

But he couldn't possibly like the blonde; they were together at the moment because of their constant fighting for Merlin's sake! But, as Harry continued to stare at the blonde, he couldn't help but follow the pink appendage that slipped out to lightly wet pale lips. Suddenly, the now tempting lips curved into a smirk as Draco lowly drawled "See something you like?"

To Harry's horror, before he could stop himself, he found himself saying "Yes"

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