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Chapter 1: One Night Stand

I found myself knocking on Roman's door late at night. If he wants something, I'll give it to him. I'm getting sick and tired of his little games. I just want to have a normal life with Damon. He opened it. His eyes were red, he had a beer bottle in his hands. When he saw me he immediately changed into regular clothes and came back in about three minutes.

"What are you doing here?" he asked raising one eyebrow.

"I came to give you what you want," I said. His lips curved into a smile and he took a step towards me.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." He pulled me to his chest and gave me a kiss. I so wanted to puke, but I knew I had to be strong. One night won't make a difference. I'm in love with Damon, something that will never change.

Roman took steps back, forcing me with him. He kicked the door closed and started with his fun. I played along with him, making him very happy.


I woke up under the covers in Roman's house. He laid behind me and his arm had hooked around my right side. My eyes grew wide, and mouth dropped open. I actually did it. How could this happen? I fell for it. I sat up gasping, holding the blanket still. Roman woke up and looked up at me. He stood on his knees on top of me. His hands slammed on the backboard of the bed next to my head. The arms bent and his nose was touching mine. His lips came to mine and opened. They gave me the sign to do the same. I did and his open mouth clasped on with mine. He did what ever he wanted with me for the next few hours.

"Roman. Please, I need a break. I gave you what you wanted," I said grabbing the covers. I wrapped myself and sat up.

"No, you done when I say you're done," he growled.

"I need to know for sure you'll give me the elixir. I didn't just do this to walk away with nothing. Damon is probably already worrying his mind out—"

"You told him you were coming?"

"No. But I've been gone for a long time. He has to be wondering."

He sighed. "Fine. Once more. I'll send you back with the elixir, and you come when I want you back."

I stared at him. "The deal was I would do it, there was nothing stated that it would be done again."

"Well, then no elixir. Just remember, I have some more of your blood. I can always make the potion again."

I growled. "Alright, one more today, and I go back home. Any other day you want I'll come back." He smiled at the thought and manifested an outfit on me.

It looked like a black and white bathing suit with ruffles. But it was hard, had a zipper, let my chest fall out the top, and didn't cover up much of the bottom. I wore stockings and high boots that went up to my thigh. All I did was stare, he's such a perv! I groaned. I was starting to rethink all of this, but I knew I had to. Damon and my relationship counts on this. I won't risk it, I won't let Damon die and live in the shadow land. He deserves better… Maybe I'll break up with him after I hand him the elixir.

Roman chained me to the bed and brought out a camera. "What are you doing?" I asked.


"I want to remember this forever," he said. After placing it on a stand and setting the timer, he crawled on the bed towards me. He went to my right side and faced the camera. With his left arm, he grabbed my chin and made my face face his. His lips stuck to mine and pulled away from them a few centimeters. He gave me the sign to look at the camera and I did. His tongue stuck out and played with mine. I knew I had to make him happy, I made it look like I wanted more. The red light went off and Roman started.

I played along, biting his lips… He turned his back to the camera and faced me. His arms stretched out with mine and he angled his face to see the camera. The arms brushed along mine and went to the middle where they met on my chest. Making it seem real, I groaned and moaned through it all. By now it's been at least half an hour and I was fully naked. Roman unchained me but still pinned me to the wall. His arms held mine tightly to the wall and they went to my shoulder. He started kissing down the middle of me starting from the forehead.

He went all the way down my entire body and I continued to fake scream, yell, moan, and groan. His hands circled around my chest and he made his way behind me. The hands grabbed my wrist and held them there. His mouth was pressed against my ear.

"Make me happy," he whispered.

I forced myself to smiled as he slowly released my wrist. I turned and went on with whatever for the next hourS. He made me keep going, and by the morning I was finished. Then he started laughing.


"Perfect." He went to the camera and shut it off.

I put on my clothes, glad I would even feel them again. "The elixir." He ran downstairs and back up carrying a purple power.

"Put this in the other elixir and he'll be fine right when it goes down his system." I smiled then ran away from the horror house with the powder. Finally I got home. I changed clothes and laid on my bed. I don't need to go to school today, I have more important things to handle.

I cuddled up with my blankets then realized I smell like Roman. I took a shower then sprayed my room with lavender spray. Then I inhaled deeply. Glad I got over with the first part… Now I have to decided what to do next… What will Damon's reaction be?

Hey, sorry for those who are grossed out for the rating M part. I am too, but I had to. Or else the chapter would've been useless.

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