I will not continue any of my unfinished stories on this channel. I've lost interest in all. It's not because of certain comments I've been getting, I just forgot most of the things I was going to write and I've just gotten bored. If anyone wants to continue them, go ahead. I won't delete any of the stories so if you do continue, you can still look at what I've written cause you probably forgot yourself.

The story I might continue will be SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE but it may be unlikely that I will. From what I planned that fanfic has only a few more chapters anyways, but I forgot most of what I wrote so if I do continue, sorry if some things are off. I'll read all that was posted, but anything I said that will be answered may not be answered.

Sorry, but it is what it is. I'll be writing my own stories from now on, no fan fiction. So, any plans I made for redoing the stories on this account are all gone.