Ichigo's Gay Stuff

One morning at Ichigo's house, Ichigo was down in his room enjoying gay porn. "Hmm hmm yeah that's good, Tom Cruise makes me hard!" Ichigo was done and he went out of his room to find Orihime naked on the floor. "Hey Ichigo give me a illegal child!" she yelled. Ichigo was gay so he refused. "I think naked woman make me cry. Naked men make me feel good!" he said. Orihime cried as Ichigo went outside to find Chad naked. Ichigo felt good because he liked unwrapped chocolate and asked to assault Chad in the butt. "Yes!" Chad said. "Yay." Ichigo said. Ichigo had sex with Chad in his butt which felt good using his sword which was big but fit instantly. He unleashed his super attack in Chad's butt which felt good. During the sex Chad said "Oh Ichigo your my sword feels good and is strong!". Once he was done he decided to walk to Soul Scociety for more gay stuff. His first stop was at where Renji lived. Ichigo knocked on the door and out came Renji. He was wearing a thong and said, "I've been waiting for you, you nice piece of ass!" "Aw man," said Ichigo "I haven't charged my sword powah." Renji said "No need. Why don't you come in and we can get busy?" Ichigo, without arguing, stepped right in and was a wild ride and strong vacuum.

After about 10 hours of gay stuff Ichigo left Renji's place with his clothes on switched up backwards and a cigar in his mouth. "Man that Renji sure can make me feel like a wanted piece of ass." claimed Ichigo. Ichigo really wanted to have more gay sex with someone for a very long time. He then went over to Byakura's place and knocked on the door. Byakura answered the door wearing a thong bikini. "What do you want, I'm going to be busy for a couple of hours I will be abusing Rukia." said Byakura. Ichigo responded "you know how much Rukia sucks there's no way she will have good sex with you considering how lame she is". "Hmm you're right" said Byakura. "Let's have gay sex using our powah" said Byakura. Ichigo happily said yes, and left with Byakura to his room. Byakura used his powah and nailed Ichigo over azillion times everywhere. Ichigo yelled in pleasure and shot his energy everywhere in Byakura's room which smelt like mascara. They did this all night and it was good. When they were done Ichigo left and kicked Rukia and she cried because she was left out since she sucked in a bad way.

Finally Ichigo came across Grimmjow shoving his weapon up his butt. Ichigo asked him why and Grimmjow said "it feels good in my butt. I'm gay!". Ichigo thought he was gay with how he homoerotically obsessed over him when they met those times. Ichigo asked Grimmjow for sex and he said yes. Grimmjow used his skull thing on Ichigo's sword and licked it. Ichigo shot his stuff on Grimmjow. Ichigo inserted his weapon into Grimmjow's opening really hard and fast which felt good. "Yeah your sword is tearing me up!" Grimmjow said. "Now I'm gonna unleash the powah!" Ichigo said. Then he shot his spirit stuff in Grimmjow and went to sleep with him. Ichigo got aids from this and died but nobody missed him besides Orihime but she's lame so who cares.

The End